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July 29, 2017


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Bonnie Brocklehurst

Hi Lucy

I love this harmony blanket but would love to do it like the original Harmony with random placement of the squares, just looking for suggestions on how to do this,
Thank you for all of your beautiful patterns and Stylecraft yarn, I am on love, your first harmony blanket was my first crochet project, I learned so much from your tutorials,

Thank you, Bonnie from Newfoundland


love this and it is my first proper crochet project but i am a little stuck on the joining. i am just finishing off round 5 and looking ahead to the joining and have looked at the joining method on the original harmony
pattern . i can see that was joined in vertical strips and this is horizontal but i can see how this works but what i am struggling with is the colour change for round 6 as the colours are difffernt in round 6 in the summer harmony but the same in the original - not quite sure how to tackle that.


This is very lovely. Just wondering if when you are doing each round of colour; do you alternately turn your square? So that for each round the stitches are made in a different direction? The idea being to help keep the square, "squarer"? I hope that makes sense.

Judy D

In love with this blanket. I have just started joining the first row! Thankyou do much for the CAL you are an inspiration.

Lynn Butler

I agree with Laurie. I would love to se J's graphic print on a card or a canvass. Such a stunning visual! Way to go J! Of course your blanket is stunning! I love the colors and the feeling of warmth I get from it. You out did yourself!


Slow but sure the this beauty is coming along. Now tho' you have added yet more inspiration. The hearts are just lovely and the strawberries so yummy,I had to resort to eating a bowlful of fresh ones whilsts reading .

Esta Efstathiadis

I'm assuming you didn't use one colour to join all the pieces but a variety to match the tones of the squares or am I mistaken?

D. Schwartz

Absolutely love your blanket. Gorgeous colors- reminds me of a walk in a flower garden. Thank you for all the pictures.


Wow, this blanket is absolutely amazing. You have a wonderful gift for colour placement and it has been theraputic just watching this blanket grow. Thank you. x

ps loving J's input too!


This blanket is so, so beautiful - congratulations!


This blanket is lovely - beautiful colors - wonderful design! Thank you for sharing your work with us all!


Another beautiful blanket in the works. You come up with such cheery posts and projects. :)

Diane Scanzaroli

Wow! You are a genius and a true artist! It's amazing.

Nancy Gill

I just saw this for the first time. all I can say is WOW. The color just blow me away. It makes my heart sing.

Laura Gabriela Martin Del Campo Sescosse

Just beautiful!

Brenda calder

Love this one...it is as beautiful as all the others...just wondering if you can rate your blankets with a star rating or similar as to level of difficulty...I as I am fairly new to crochet and don't want to tackle something that is out of my league as a beginner....the colours,designs are just stunning...thank you for the lovely work you do...


Wow indeed! This blanket is breathtaking. The colors are so rich and wonderful - how could you not feel something good welling up inside as you look at it?! I could sit under this blanket for hours (days?) just staring at all of the different color combinations. Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial in such detailed steps. I am truly blown away by this blanket!


Swoonworthy indeed, and let me second that wowsers on your hubby's graphics wizardry! I love all of your blankets, but I think I just might love this one the best of all. I am simply blown away by the colors!

Miriam Robbins

Beautiful! I can't decide which I like best...the beautiful finished color wash, J's incredible computer image, or the lovely tan you're sporting in the pics (I'm completely jealous, as I don't tan well, and I hate heat...we're having temps in the 90s and 100s Fahrenheit here).

Iris Techel

Absolutely wonderful. This is summer!


It's just wonderful. I might just take the plunge and give it a go 😊😊😊
Karen x

mrs. smythe

Absolutely amazing! The perfect blend of randomness and order.

Angela-Southern USA

It's gorgeous Lucy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done as always.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Of course you could just design it all on the computer anyway. But where is the fun or connection with doing that? I saw a knitting designer talking about their processes on a podcast recently and do you know, they don't go near any yarn from start to finish - all maths and computers (eek). Then it goes over to a draft knitter and they get to see it for the first time.

So, although it took you a long time, it's worth its while and the colours are human-ly blended with all the subtlety that can have. I did want you to do a random blanket as I don't much like order in things (it looks artificial to me). However, this is soft and pretty and almost dappled in the synergy of of the interwoven and linked colours so it gets a big thumbs up.

Jenny Jones

Truly wonderful and fabulous and you are so generous with your sharing. Thank you :)

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