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July 19, 2017


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Elisa Bobbiesi

Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your blog. It is so inspiring to me and gives me joy on days that are difficult. I have added you to my favorites bar, but I can't seem to subscribe. When I click that button it just sends me to a page with a bunch of code that makes no sense. Maybe it's just my computer, but if you have any suggestions on another way I can subscribe that would be great. Also if you get a chance I would honored if you visited my new blog: https://olivewild.blogspot.com (It's only a week old) so I'm still learning how to do it. It is called One Beautiful Thing and it is my challenge to take a photo of one good/beautiful thing every day. You were one of my inspirations for me to actually start mine! Thanks for what you do! :)

Lynn Butler

Hello Lucy! I so appreciate you taking the time to share your creative process. It is fascinating to see how you mix and select your colors. Especially to me an "A" type matchy match type of girl at heart. Lol! But I'm so much better than I was. Color selection and practice really do expand the horizons! But I must confess...it's so much easier to just follow your color selections than to create my own. I know I will like the finished project and my favorite thing to do is "make it". So thank you very much!


Thank You so much Lucy! This is awesome!


Lucy that is a nice blanket.


Thank you Jenny I will start with the first 102 tomorrow then see how i go from there could take me a while but am determined to see the blanket finished one day, next year perhaps!!

Jenny Turner

Hi Denise, you need to follow each chart in order, do all 102 round 1s, then all 102 round 2s and so on. The reference to previous rounds is to help you identify the squares you need to pick and batch up for the next round. Hope that makes sense and us helpful? Lucy, when can we expect instructions for the final part, just itching to finish it?


Oh help I am such a novice I now have three tables in front of me all different at the beginning but each 6 ending with the same color. DDo I follow chat 3 round 5 or wait for 6 before I get going??


Hi, have I missed it, but where are the joining instructions for the summer harmony. No worries if you are still working on them… It's a beautiful pattern- number 4 of your designs for me. xxxx


You're the best with these colors!
Always a colorful world! love it!
Thansk for charing, Lucy!


I only have 50g of each colour left, is it enough to make this blanket!?! Or should I just buy more wool 😂

Jennifer Keast

I'm loving the look of this blanket and can't wait to send for the yarn. Meanwhile I'm sooooo enjoying the vintage feel of the hydrangea!!

Hanne Abrahamsen


Hanne Abrahamsen

just one word: WONDERFUL !!! :-)

Susan Conklin

I so admire the way you combine luscious creativity with awesome organization; inspiring!


Will finally be starting round 3 this weekend, just a bit behind. Thank you Lucy for another great pattern and great yarn from Woolwarehouse.


I love seeing them all piled up together. They are going to make such a happy, sunshiney blanket.


WoW! Stunning Lucy without a doubt! Can't wait to see it irl. The colours are a feast for the senses. Enjoy the journey ♥♥♥


Wonderful early morning reading Lucy.Your colours bringing the sunshine thats missing on this grey day.
With the help of a book, hook and spare ball of wool the lessons have started I have managed a chain and slip stitch. Your beautiful wool selection is winking from its new box but I will try to be patient lots more practice needed first.

Suzana Behmer

Lucy, you are really a colour genius!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tess Vowels



Dear Lucy,
I love all your crochet posts!!! So inspiring and cheerful:)
I wonder how you do with all the loose ends you get in a project like this? When do you take care of them? I tend to leave my yarn ends hanging for far too long, but with a blanket like this one it could easily be disasterous with a nightmare weaving-in-yarn-ends- session...

Angela-Southern USA

Such wonderful eye candy! Seeing all those colors has my hands itching to crochet something. lol BTW I've just now finished my ninth pair of socks for the year (all but one pair are shortie socks, too hot here for many long woolen socks).xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Viola from Colourcrochetlove

What a beautiful blanket this will be! I love playing with colours, as well. When I made a blanket from tiny squares my 11 year old daughter loved to choose the colours and we spent happy hours playing with yarn balls. Viola

Eleanor MacLean

Such beautiful colours!

Crafty Cath

I know I shouldn't have favourites.....but I really love the colours in this blanket & can't wait to get started....I can't wait to see your finished creation. you are clever :)

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