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July 11, 2017


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Lynette Duncan

Here's another correction- under "Aspen", it should read "saffron, sherbet, lavender". I thought I was losing my mind!


Dear Lucy,

I'm Dany and 42 years old. I' sorry My english is Not good. I write you in german. So sorry.

Handarbeiten sind meine Leidenschaft. Seit sehr vielen Jahren lese ich begeistert deine Seite. Sehr gerne würde ich einige deiner Anleitungen übernehmen und auf meiner Seite ins deutsche übersetzen. Natürlich nur mit deiner Erlaubnis und immer mit dem Vermerk auf Attic24. Wenn du damit einverstanden wärst, wäre das super.
Vielleicht magst du mir ja schreiben. Ich würde mich sehr freuen. Ganz liebe Grüße



A colour correction - Under "Meadow" fifth line should read "magenta shrimp wisteria meadow.

Jeani Mitchell

Will we need to purchase more yarn for the joining round? Since it took almost two weeks to get my initial order, it would be helpful (to me) to know in advance so I can order the additional yarn. Thanks!


Sorry, another correction! Under Clematis: The second row in the chart should be Wisteria, Turqoise, Spring Green, Clematis, NOT Clematis, Turq, SG, Clematis. :)


Absolutely delicious colours - almost edible :) Thank you for taking the time to share all those colour changes! The finished blanket will be a beautiful work of art. Xx

Sarah Jones

Dear Lucy have just read your posts on this new blanket. It is the project that will keep me going over the rest of the summer. This afternoon I ordered a list of colours. In the meantime I will crochet some neat harmony granny squares
to get me back into the swing of all the lovely colours. Love and a virtual hug from mexx Weather here in the west Midlands is sunny and warm if a bit windy.

Yvonne Palm

Hi Lucy,

I love love this blanket! Please post round 4 very soon, I am both quick end eager to crochet on this blanket. I have made almost all of your blankets by now and love them all. But there is something special about this one, it is so joyful somehow. Thank you so much for sharing so generously with us! Hugs


great colors! I would love to try something like this but I haven't gotten the hang of crocheting my ends in as I go yet. But I'm still practicing and learning. Thanks for sharing!


So lovely. Your work is so inspiring, it never fails to lift my spirits. As for hay fever, try taking your antihistamines at bedtime instead of in the morning. (if chlorpheniramine 4mg take 3 tabs or cetirizine 10mg 1 tab. I don't know what the trade names are in the UK but in canada they are Chlor-tri-po-lon and Reactine respectively.) usually most grogginess happens while you are sleeping and the meds work for 24 hours. I worked in pharmacy for 23 years and this worked for many of our patients. Also, having pretty severe allergies myself, it's the only way I get through. Good luck!

Wedding Pixie

Just love these designs...just fab!

Susan Smith

Lovely Lucy. I understand how you must be feeling, as although I don't particularly suffer with hayfever, mine is sinus & I have days when my specs give me merry hell. They feel like a ten ton weight on my nose & I keep taking them off, but then need them to read, sew & lots of things in general. Great seeing some of those new colours working in with the squares. Enjoy & take care.


I have barely started round two so you are fast enough for me.


Good morning Lucy, I love the progress you have made and never say "sorry." Life, and burns happen. I myself fell down the stairs last morning, slowing my life down considerably for the next while.

Lots of time for hooky time I suppose :-)

Love the photo with the sun streaming in... beautiful!

Take care of you ~ Arlene


<3 <3 <3

Angela-Southern USA

I'm with you there with the hay fever, may our heads clear soon! Love seeing all the colorful squares grow. Sorry to hear about the burn, such pain with a burn, if not too serious aloe really helps, I usually break a leaf off and split it open and band-aid the whole thing to the affected area (or just spread the liquid on). Feel better soon!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


They are indeed delicious. Sorry you've been feeling woozy. Summer is supposed to be a bit of a slower time though I think, so try and look after yourself. I always struggle with my energy levels on hotter days. I hope you're feeling more yourself very soon. CJ xx


Thank you again for a lovely pattern and for all the work organizing the colors! Love your designs!

mrs. smythe

My mother dropped an iron on her leg when I was a little girl. I remember it mainly because she had a mark in the shape of the iron plate on her leg until it healed. Burns are so painful! I hope you're feeling better and are comforted by the fact that there is someone else, at least, on the planet who has dropped an iron on themselves. And thank you for such a deliciously colorful post! Just the thing to cheer me on this rainy New England morning.

Esther Albors

Amazing! I am looking forward to trying this project. I will definitely work on it after I finish my Hydrangea blanket. Thank you, Lucy!


Aah Lucy, you just made my day! Summer Harmony idea has been making me happy since I saw Part One. Your photos are fantastic, your tables are excellent and the whole feel of it is thrilling me to bits!! My original pack, in my cupboard, is screaming at me to start. What a great project to lift my spirits. Thank you so much for sharing so generously, as usual. Xxxx


Amazing! they make my head spin!

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