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July 05, 2017


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I love your man socks! I think the second pair are totally manly enough but my hubby would absolutely wear colourful stripes so my view may be skewed a little lol

Bunches of Yarn

Hi: I've used Regia, Opal, Plymouth, Paton's Kroy, Knit One crochet too's Ty-Dy, and Cascade's printed. All of these are sock yarns. My least favourite was Plymouth's for it was like knitting with jute, very stiff. The softest has been Ty-Dy's. The most durable are Regia's and Opal's. Have knitted over a dozen socks for DH, and for sons; only one pair of women's. Husband has 11 pairs and rotates them daily. Had been washing them in Woolite laundry detergent until I read the label and it contains enzymes--silly, because enzymes eat protein and wool is protein. I've switched to shampoo which is awesome. I always air dry them. Husband is now wearing the wool socks this summer and says they are more comfortable than cotton.
Love your page! Blessings, ^__^

Teresa Kasner

I'm in awe of your cable socks and your man socks! I have some sock yarn but have not attained the necessary OOMPH to begin them. But each time I see yours I get close.. lol! I just posted our 4th of July parade photos.. you're invited to come see! Enjoy your summer! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Lots of socks made for my lovely husband who wears only handmade socks. Have written about them on my blog https://pixiemumblog.wordpress.com/ and recorded details on my Ravelry page Knellergal.

At present I'm working with RICO Superba Tweed, on first sock, have to decrease for toes and do left handed Kitchener stitch. Not so keen on greys and black but yarn was a donation and DH likes it.


Oops, forgot to say Yay for your pretty shiny nails! Plus your foray into cables and that different heel flap. I'm with you I don't want to get too complicated when knitting a sock, I like nice smooth stockinette on my feet. Since you're open to forays, have you thought of trying toe up socks, or Magic Loop? Both very fast and easy.


Congratulations on beginning your knitted Man Sock travels. Soon your husband will have his own knitted Sock Drawer. I've been knitting socks for myself for about 15 years, mostly using Fleece Artist and Handmaiden yarn because of the colors and the BFL yarn base. Then went on to Opal and Regia. Both of those are so hardwearing and that's what Man Socks need. Somewhere during that time my husband wanted me to knit socks for him. I just checked his sock drawer and he has 16 pairs of knitted socks and they are striped, tonal colored, or solid and each has either predominately blue, or green or autumn colors. These colors, he said, go with clothes. All these are still looking good, mostly because of the hardwearing yarn. The only failure was a pair of pretty socks I knit with Hand Maiden Casbah, which has a bit of cashmere in it, and must be washed in cold water. Somehow they didn't get to me to add to my handwash pile of socks and instead went into his clothes basket and washed on warm and put in the dryer. Yikes! Child size, felted socks resulted. Now that we both have so many knitted socks I wash them in the machine on delicate with gentle soap and hang them to dry.


Such lovely socks you knitted, Lucy. My man will only wear a very specific (super thick) sock that is store bought. In fact, he buys his shoes a half size too large so that he can wear 2 pair of these socks at the same time. I do the same when hiking, and it does make one feel as though they are walking on air.

I knit socks for myself and relatives. I've also participated in sock charities through my employer. Last year we donated backpacks and lunch bags for school kids instead. I crocheted 3 different ones which was fun. I'm more of a knitter, but every time I get out my hooks, I tell myself, "You should do this more often!" Crochet projects do seem to be finished MUCH sooner than the knitted ones. Thanks for sharing your lovely creations with us. Hugs from Kimmy ♥♥♥


I've knit quite a few pairs of socks for my husband and he takes part in triathlons in bright (think highlighter pen) green socks that he chose for me to knit for him


My brother surprised me earlier in the year when he took a pair i was knitting for myself (we have the same shoe size). They were made with Sirdar Heart and Sole and had a bright fucshia stripe in them! I was teasing him, saying 'do you want them?'...he surprised me by saying yes...apparently, fucshia 'isn't pink'? :-) West Yorkshire Spinners do some lovely 'manly' colours in their Signature 4 ply 'birds' range? And...your hubby might surprise you Lucy...wave the occasional stripy yarn under his nose...I think men secretly yearn for some colour! :-)

Trish Annie Stevens

I started a pair of socks for one of my sons with size 10 feet. As it was supposed to be a surprise, I didn't ask him about colours, and chose a dark grey lang yarn, as I was worried he might not like bright socks. I gave up when I got to the heel, as it was just so difficult to see what I was doing and I kept making mistakes. When I told him about it he said he would much prefer bright stripy socks (!), so will give it another go sometime...


I've made the same grey striped socks as you for my husband, after his work made grey socks only part of his dress code (he's a district nurse!). I also made him a couple of pairs in Countess Ablaze greys. I also gave him the run of my West Yorkshire Spinners stash, and he surprised me by picking out the Wood Pigeon. I had to smile through gritted teeth, as I had that one earmarked for myself! The first pair I made for him were with a Zauberball 6-ply. Gorgeous yarn, but he plumped for dark blue and brown :( They're immortalised on Ravelry as 'Dull as Ditchwater Socks' ;)


I was spurred on by your earlier posts, and a link to Christine's blog, and I decided to knit a pair of socks each for my son and d-i-l as part of their Christmas prezzies last year. I chose Regia Pairfect yarn, it is beautifully soft and has a foolproof answer for matching the stripes. I'm a knitter/crocheter of many years but, strangely, had never bothered with adult socks before. It is so cathartic. The socks were brilliant and very well received, and I crafted personalised boxes to put them in. I love the sock colours you choose - if J wants any more you might point him towards Regia Pairfect colour "Gentleman", I can promise it looks lovely when knitted up.


Man-socks would crush my will to live not because of the blah colors (or not only because of that) but also because I am constantly shocked at just how damn big men's feet are. I mean, you look at them and they don't look like Little Tich too obviously, right? Then you start making a sock and realize it's a half-mile to the end of the toe, and you start eyeballing that bottle of vodka with wistfulness ...

You have far greater sitzfleisch than I would in your shoes.

Linda from Boston

Knitting socks is my obsession. Knitting cables and fancy stitches is not for me cuz some people do not appreciate the time and determination it takes to make a pair like that. They tell me they mistakenly put bleach on them; lost one; the dog got them, etc. Little do they know how it hurts me to the core when they don't take care of them. I hate knitting a pair in black!! So boring and hard to see stitches in the evening. I made one pair, and no more. Enough ranting!! Your socks are wonderful.

Sarah. Hampshire, UK

So many wonderful things in this post, firstly congratulations on the super duper finger nails well done you, secondly the socks are fab-u-lous and I'm sure that you are underplaying your cabling ability, thirdly whoever designed the Marie Curie colourway was inspired. Take care of yourself and those fingernails Lucy. Hugs from Hampshire xox


Amazing! The charity i am part of has been accepted as one of the charities to benefit from Christines wonderful sock line this year. We are all so excited and i will be trying my hardest to donate a pair of socks as well. Thank you for donating.

Angela-Southern USA

Love all the socks, well done on the cables AND the man socks! I just started my eighth pair for the year and the next pair will be man socks, sadly in grey (wish me luck).Love Christie's tutorial! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I made my hubby a pair of socks in King Cole Zig-Zag. Can't remember the name but they're bluey, purpley gorgeousness. Bought the yarn for me but he bagsied it! He's usually a black or even blacker sock man so I was surprised he went for this.
Well done on the nail front - they look good. Two pairs of socks for the sock line sent off the other day. Now a pair for me...


The socks look lovely and how nice is it that your husband requested a pair! My man isn't very interested in my yarny activities either, but he requested that I crochet him a little monkey that he can hang on his motorcycle. Of course I'm making him one - dutyful wife that I am! ;)
I'm sorry that I can't knit, otherwise I would donate a pair as well! :)


Oh my, those nails! Wow, you did it! My brothers loved the stripy denim coloured sheep wool sock yarn. I didn't made it to the end if it was grey. They had those huge feet so it would let me die of boredom if it was plain.
Oh,part 3. Love it.

Annette Schuiling

I saw your nails straight away. Well done


I've made Man Socks in dusty denimy blue and in browny-green colours. Both have gone down well with my father who is not an ostentatious dresser AT ALL.

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