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July 05, 2017


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Hi Lucy
Long time no comments....although I have been reading.
Been rather ill for about 3 years with depression and haven't posted on my own blog.
But I'm slowly peering out from under my dark cloud and your wonderful socks have inspired me....I received some Debbie Bliss sock yarn and 2.5 DPN's for Christmas from The Fluff-a-torium.....and I'm sitting in bed reading more of you and knitting a test square...what have you done?
Thank-you! And thanks for happy, colourful posts xxx

Design A Sock

What they are not saying is that knitting a sock perhaps has the greatest warmth factor - nothing makes a gift more personalized and useful and lovable than a pair of hand-knitted socks no matter how clumsy the final output might be. Also, a great way to connect with someone when he or she is not there - slipping on the gifted knitted socks.


My husband loves hand-knit socks. He spent his entire career wearing a dark navy blue uniform with black socks. In retirement he wants socks that are very colorful but still "manly" so I use a lot of Opal and Regia plus some indie-dyed sock yarns. For me, I want the subtle, solid, dark socks! :-)

Edith Manners

Hi, Looking forward to seeing how your blanket works out. Could do with one today as it's windy,raining and snowing around both islands here in New Zealand this week. Yes, its school holidays as well.

Fantastic socks everyone is knitting up for family members. I have my name to do a sock class early next month. At present knitting a shawl at our local K'n'N group.

I mainly weave wraps,covers,runners,scarves etc.
Pleased to hear you are enjoying your summer and yes your fingernails are looking great.

Thanks for sharing with us Lucy.



I can get away with various shades of green but believe it or not the orange striped ones are from the yarn he picked out himself at Yarndale!!

I posted the following conversation to the Winwick Sockalong knit and natter group in March...

Conversation in our house this evening...
Me: Have you packed ready for tomorrow? (We are off on our monthly week at my folks)
Himself: Yes... well everything except socks and they're drying in there on the table.
Me: The ones I made?
HImself: Yes, I don't like any of the others now, (lifts trousers to show that he's also wearing another pair of his hand-knitted socks) so I want to take the knitted ones with me. Once you've got hand knitted socks the ordinary ones are no good anymore!
Me: (massive smile) Best get knitting you some more then.
Himself: Pleeeease!

Now I always have a pair on the needles for him and a pair on the other needles for me.
Love O. xx

Denise McGrand

Hi Lucy I have never knitted socks or crocheted a square but am so inspired by your blog I will be attempting both soon. Wool for the blanket is being ordered as I write. (Mr M was so inspired)


My Kiwi niece Izzy is getting married in December, so I decided to send her and her husband to be something knitted. She has always loved every shade of hot and sugary pink, so I spent out on some gorgeous French mohair and silk from our local mohair farm, colour 'rose sorbet' and just knitted her a big loose wrap, acres of loose garter stitch, mindless and delicious to knit. Decided to knit her chap some patterned socks, and asked her what colours he liked, she said she didn't really know, he always just wore brown, grey, navy... So I got two shades of the latest Fabel shades, a gradient woody brown stripe and a more random grey print, a bit like your 'Elegant', called Silver Fox, and used them together in a simple Fair Isle saw-tooth sort of pattern. The varying changes in the yarns coming out in the pattern made them more interesting to knit, despite the rather dreary colours. But then I just put a band of the raspberry pink around the top, before the ribbing, to remind him of Izzy; it won't show under trousers but he can fold the ribbing over it if he wants!

My DH will go some way on colour, even for sweaters, as long as it's quite dark, and I think like a lot of men he'll sometimes go for a good solid bright red, especially for socks. I did start a Fabel chilli red print pair for him once and he rather baulked at their fanciness, so I finished them and sent them to a gay friend who has no such qualms!

Funny things men, aren't they...


I saw the post and thought, oh, it's about socks which I don't do but I read it and thoroughly enjoyed it!
J's socks are lovely, all of them are lovely! The daffodil yarn has me especially intrigued - I can't wait to see that! Thank you for a lovely post, as always, no matter what the topic.


Absolutely beautiful post!

Sharron West

Hi Lucy, have you tried crocheting socks? I had a great success with this free pattern - http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/survival-socks. Yours are fab BTW :-)

Jenny Higgs

Yeah for socks, I am a committed crocheter but have recently discovered knitting socks, it's the only thing I can knit!

My OH is also disinterested in yarny pursuits but has a pair of hand knits in drops fabel forest long print. My FIL has a pair in beige, yes just beige, they were hard work. Although fabel is one of the economical yarns it washes and wears well, we have several pairs.

My son (aged 8) has just declared he only wants hand-knit socks as he is still growing he will have to make do with commercial yarn, he has a black and orange pair, his cub pack colours, a pair in Lana grossa blue and green but his favourites are in West Yorkshire spinners mallard, he also wants some in owl and his next pair are in king Cole wizard.

I had better get on with my yarndale socks

Best wishes

Henriet Ferguson

I once knitted socks for my husband with a local Dutch brown/grey/white mix of machine-wash wool. They turned out rather thick, but they do get some use in winter in boots!
Query: What do you do with your left over bits of stripey yarn? Knit eggwarmers or what?

Winwick Mum

I love your cable socks, those colours are just gorgeous, and I bet you'll have J in striped socks before too long. Opal do a nice brown striped yarn, I believe ... ;) I've just finished my pair of socks in the Marie Curie yarn and they look fab - thanks so much for using your yarn for the Yarndale Sock Line, they're going to be much appreciated! xx


Love the socks. I knit socks for my twentysomething son and he is happy to wear colourful socks ,not yellows or pinks but at work he was told by one manager not to wear student socks! He is still very proud to show off socks made by his Mum and now works for a company which embraces colours!


Love your nails, Lucy! And the socks. I've made socks years ago and have the first of a pair on the needles now, but haven't touched them for a few months. In my 20s, living off the beaten track and wearing work boots for comfort, safety and durability, I did the math and created my own pattern for socks made with rug yarn. Thick yarn and very warm, also much faster to knit. It worked so well. I hope I still have that pattern, but have no idea.

I loved the unique heel pattern on the first pair of socks and the cables, too. I've done cables before, so don't find them too daunting. I just need to focus on which set of stitches goes behind and which goes in front.

I'm downloading that pattern for future use. Thanks for sharing the link.

Take care, and have fun with the knitting as well as the crochet; I'm so looking forward to Part 3 of the blanket! Love those colours. ~ Linne


Extra nice job on the socks.....yours and his......but honestly the first thing I noticed about that photo was how beautiful your nails are!! All grown out, filed and polished...they look smashing. Good job on you for that! (socks are lovely too).


Mr JK always dismissed handknit socks until I made him a pair and then he realised just how cosy and comfy they were and was always a grateful recipient. I refused to knit black (his colour of choice for work) so his was weekend socks - bright stripes and mock colourwork. You might look at the Regia Pair Perfect (or something like that) which has broad stripes of colour on the leg and a more sober foot colour. So he can hide the colour inside his trouser leg and have the dark blue/grey foot on show! :) xx


My OH is 75 and he loves the socks I knit for him.The brighter the better!!!Come on J ,go for it !


Lucy I have always wanted to knit and even bought myself a book, but have never made the time. Your sock goodness may be enough to push me over to the dark side haha!

Oh, and your nails look fabulous Girl!


Brilliant man socks Lucy, and well done on knitting with grey, never thought I'd see the day. I can see why J loves them, they're very luxurious. I do so love handmade socks, but oh, the fiddliness of all the pointy needles. My partner's mother and her mother and sister used to handknit all the family's socks. Gloves as well - imagine knitting glove fingers! One of these days I really must conquer socks. CJ xx


Fantastic socks. Must get to grips with Christine's socks - I have downloaded the pattern but I have so many yarny projects on the go that I haven't time at the moment.


I have knitted countless pairs of socks for my husband and he just loves them. I last gave him a pair of socks for Christmas, using this lovely Hand dyed yarn:
You can see a photo of the socks here (scroll down a bit):

So I use colourfull yarn, but it helps, if black is part of the colourways. A few highlights don't hurt, though.

Cheryl Scarrott

My husband wears knitted socks all the time and loves them the brighter the better, even though he's 68! Each time he's at the doctor's or the hospital, the nurses and doctors comment on how great they are, and he proudly tells them that his wife makes them all.


For mens socks I usually knit in a variety of blues. Then they won't stick out when they wear jeans. You could find some really awesomely variegated blue sock yarn for your husband.

Susan Smith

Ooh, love the cable socks & my sock knitting efforts have not been good & just at the moment we've been super busy, so when things settle a bit I'm going to have another try. Thanks for this great post and take care.

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