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July 12, 2017


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Brenda Cupryna

I wondered if that was a west Yorkshire Spinner yarn as I am sock knitting too with one of their very similar yarns. Think I will have to add to my stash!!

Kathryn Ashe

I had to look up "punnet" in the dictionary. Punnet: a small, light basket or other container for fruits or vegetables.

Camilla Sjölander

It is so nice to read about your walks. I always start to plan visiting UK and Yorkshire when you write about them.
I recently finished my version of cottage blanket, if you want to see it I wrote about it in my new blog (it is in swedish but google translate maybe will help you).

Best wishes for you and your family, and I hope you will continue to have a great summer.


Wishing Little B a very speedy recovery! Hugs from Bosnia


I'm just wondering if that sweet little rabbit creature on your mantle is going to be the creative project at Yarndale this year? as I noticed the woolly sheep made an unobtrusive appearance there last year before they were officially launched!

mrs. smythe

Hoping Little B is feeling much better and that that the surgery is a complete success this time. As an aside, I love your beaded flip flops in the Harmony blanket pic. So fun!


Beautiful photos Lucy makes me quite home-sick, there is nothing like an English summer.
trust little B will soon be enjoying his holidays.
I am very excited as my Summer Harmony Blanket wool arrived yesterday such beautiful colours, how prompt the wool warehouse are.
Now all I have to do is learn to crochet !!


Love your photos and stories on your travels. Makes me think of beautiful Yorkshire.
I don't crotchet but my aged mum does and loves what you make.
Your blog reminds me that with all the troubles in Europe at the moment - England still has some wonderful untouched places.
Having been born in UK and live in Australia - your photos are a constant reminder
Home is always home. Thanks!


Do you still get to spend time in your Connievan? Havent seen any updates on your cute little caravan.

monica bermann

Praying for little B.´s thumb. He ´ll be fine. And a hug for you and your hard moments. Kisses from Argentina


Wishing Little B a successful and speedy recovery.
Love all your pictures, and your latest blanket...what can I say. It's almost too delightful to be true.
Jacquie xxx

Angela-Southern USA

First and foremost, sending L.B. wishes for a speedy and successful recovery. We've had a very wet summer this year but we're not complaining after last years drought. The reservoir looks like a great find! The socks are coming along beautifully,and such cheerful colors! I've turned the heel on my latest pair. Speaking of flip-flops I saw on-line where someone took only the soles of a pair and poked holes along the edges at the sides and around the heel and crocheted them into a pair of sandals, now my youngest wants a pair. lol The blanket is looking lovely!!! Have a great weekend Lucy!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Eleonora from coastal crochet

Just gorgeous photos as always Lucy... love the unusual clouds and the size of that strawberry -WOW! Yes, thank goodness for yarn and crochet... :) xx


Wow, those strawberries are gigantic! And it's funny that you call dessert "Pudding", I never heard that before! :)
Big hug from Austria! :)

Claire B. (Bingley)

If you visit Grimwith Reservoir again, let me recommend the Cafe at nearby Stump Cross Caverns. Massive home made scones, banana bread, carrot cake etc :-) The Coldstones Cut Viewpoint at nearby Greenhow Quarry, also worth a visit. The big swirling metal signs tell you how far you are from major cities around the world.

Janette Surtees

Such a delight Lucy, reading your posts. Lifts the spirits - your descriptions of countryside, landscape, weather, family life, food, and of course crochet. Praying for a speedy recovery for little B's hand. Thank you.


Love the photos; you make me feel as though I'd been there myself, Lucy. I'll keep Little B on my prayer list for a while. Wishing him (and you and the rest of the family) all the best. Beautiful blanket; wish I was working on one just now. And the daffodil socks are so sweet, too. I remember when we had pheasants in this area, but I haven't seen one for a long time. Too many people, I suspect. How nice that you collect feathers and take cloud pictures as I do the same. I'm especially partial to raven and crow feathers, and eagles' too. Nice to see you are having some good days and enjoying summer. Picnics are lovely, aren't they? stay well, Lucy. Warm hugs to you. ~ Linne


Sending Little B many healing vibes! X Chy


Best wishes for a very speedy recovery for little B!

Laura Gabriela

Love reading your blog, Lucy.


Lovely pictures - sounds like you are determined to make the most of July. Hope Little B recovers OK. You mentioned hayfever in a previous post and I meant to comment to say that we dread the summer months and being outdoors - 3 of us suffer badly from it, and antihistamines make us feel almost as bad. So this year we have ditched the Piriton etc. in favour of Prevalin Plus - no drugs in it, and you just squirt it up your nose in the morning and again at lunchtime - it is AMAZING although it does feel a bit weird at first. It has been quite a revelation!

Teresa Kasner

Lucy, I did not know that Little B had to have hand surgery! I'm so sorry! I hope it all gets sorted out and he's able to use his hands comfortably. Your new blanket colors are eye-popping and wonderful. I'm glad to see you enjoying your project. I also enjoyed the countryside views, too. Enjoy your Summer! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Susan Smith

Hugs to Little B & hope it's gone well this time. Did you notice that one of your clouds in first sky photo actually looks like a feather? Tea-time picnics have never been my hubby's thing either, but lunch, yes. Not far from you is another place you may like near Timble, also with 2 reservoirs (Fewston & Swinstey), with walks, although we didn't go very far as it started to rain & our coats were in the car,so a mad dash back & to picnic in a shelter, which are provided near the car park. Thanks for the lovely post & yummy Yorkshire pics. I think I'll pop a couple of feathers I've found into a nice container too. Take care.


Thank you Lucy lovely post ,always enjoy your colourful journey hope little B is on the mend ,lovely blanky. to cuddle up in take care love Jenny xx

Margaret Simpson

Lucy, you always make me happy when I read your blogs. Yorkshire has a place in my heart. Lots of very happy memories of my childhood spent there. Thank for 'jogging' my memories. 😊🇦🇺

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