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June 28, 2017


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Marion Jones

Just catching up with your lovely blogs on a very rainy afternoon in Wales. Really enjoying your sunny photos and hadn't noticed how hard it was raining.


I know what you mean about the school run. When I dropped my youngest off at his high school, (he often drove, but this was the last day and I did for some reason), I realized I was dropping my last child off to school for the last time, it wouldn't happen again, and that was after about 28 years of doing so. It was a shock and I did get choked up. He laughed and said, are you having a mom type moment and gave me a hug (which is rather rare for an 18 year old). :)

Maxine Lesbirel

I loved your comment about the school run, it certainly does take over your life and our lives are ruled by it!!! I have four children and there are two quite big gaps and I will have had at least one in our local primary school for twenty years when the last one leaves - currently 6 to go!!!


Thank you for sharing your little bit of the planet with the rest of us. Beautiful countryside. The colors and the landscape are so inspiring. You have a lovely view of the world.


Dear Lucy, it was strange hearing that you love being 4 days a week together with your husband.. the most part of my friends think that just 2 days are enough! You are a very nice couple which is the receipt?
thanks for your pictures I would like living there!
ciao! Laura from Italy


What a lovely post :) The english summer is so fleeting, I wish I'd had time to really enjoy it before it was over and we were caught in drizzle again. I was sure I was going to make some Elderflower cordial this year and when I went to pick them, they we all gone :( Where does the time go?

Kim Hood

Lovely post - I enjoy your walks vicariously as a sprained ankle has curtailed my walking for a while. Fortunately I had already collected some elderflowers and made one batch of cordial after reading your blog. I need to make much more next year!


From someone in the Midwest of the USA I adore your blogs about your nature walks and mountain hikes in your lovely area. PLEASE continue to share as it is a way to escape the city and return to some bucolic scenery I so desperately crave. The skies, the water, the trees, the fields, valleys, stone walls and vistas are just breathtaking. Thank you.

Roslyn Hill

Glamping at Acorn Ponds

Roslyn Hill

I pop by Attic24 occasionally for a snippet of the moors and dales. I am a Yorkshire lass now living in beautiful Shropshire.Your fabulous photography never fails to bring back my childhood camping days Lucy.
I have injured my calf muscle and I have to keep the weight off my leg for a while, so I have taken the opportunity to indulge in my Freeform Moorland Blanket.
I am finishing off wavy edges and making my way around the sides with a few scrumbles left to do. I will come back and post a picture when completed.
We are busy with our adults only glamping site, and now I think of it, it would be just your kind of thing Lucy , for one of your long weekends!!! ( lots of exclamation marks, as I think it would tick lots of your boxes!!!) we have planted a woodland, dug out a wildlife pond and we have three secluded glamping areas, all with their own quirky kitchens ,BBQ and fire pit. We have a quaint gypsy wagon, a bell Tent and a very unusual silo cabin. Our latest project is a 1974 safari little caravan. I think you might like my craft hut on wheels too Lucy!!

Dora Berenyi

If you are obsessed with mosses Lucy then you must read A Signature of all Things by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's all about a woman who studies moss. It's rather a strange kind of book but interesting and different.

Carolyn Allison

I got a good laugh when I heard about your "heat wave" of 26! I live on the gulf coast of Texas and by the time you factor in the heat index due to the humidity, it is a sweltering 40 degrees here. If you ever get a chance to visit here, I would suggest skipping summer. Love your blog!

Fi Sharp

Aw I so understand what you mean about collecting flowers on the longest day 💕 What a lovely post, it really made me smile. Seeing the Dales is just beautiful and one of our favourite places to visit, so feeling a little envious lol but thank you so much for sharing :) xx

Aleta Randall

Stunning photos Lucy and you are so eloquent I can almost smell the summer air from Sydney in winter.


Oh! Lucy.
They were literally the words I spoke out loud when I looked at the first photo.
Those BEAUTIFUL Yorkshire dales, how I love them. 💕
Such a special part of the world, and where my mother and her family was from.

Little Quiltsong

So enjoyed your post today with all the nature pics and stories. You have a way of finding beauty in so many areas - such a delight. Thank you, Lucy!


Such a lovely catch up Lucy. It's always wonderful to hear your news and see your beautiful photos.
Can't wait to see more of that cheery blanket as it develops.
Jacquie xxx

Jo Kneale

As always, I feel beautifully hygge reading your posts! I'm not on the blog very much at the moment, between work and writing, but I love catching up. I approve heartily of your new blanket, love the pictures of your days and evenings out, I am ABSOLUTELY jealous of your 4 day weekends and I can't wait to see you again at Yarndale!
It's raining at the moment so summer seems a long way away. I'm hoping the weather breaks back to beautiful sunshine soon!

And... btw.... how is Connievan doing?


Nice to read your story full of happiness.
I hope this comment will reach you , because the last ones I wrote didn't shown up.
I hardly can refuse to order the new harmony blanket , but Í'm still working on the hydrangea , which I crochet in double size.
Happy summertime!


What absolutely *stunning* pictures & commentary, Lucy! A visit to your blog is always such a treat.

Enjoy those 4-day weekends! :) My husband has 5 weeks vacation coming every year & finds it difficult to take a week at a time, due to all the issues & problems that are waiting for him when he gets back to work. So for the last several years he's taken every Friday off for the last 5 months of each year. We're not vacationers but rather "stay"cationers, so the 3-day weekends suit us just fine.

Blessings upon your new day~Andrea

Pamela Wilson

Dear Lucy thanks as always for sharing your lovely pictures and chat with us. It really makes a great start to my day. X


Lucy, I have so many thoughts tumbling through my head just now . . . I love seeing all your country and village photos! I think my favourite is of the woodland walk close by the river. I have walked in similar sites and it makes me so nostalgic! But in a good way. :-)

I'm wondering if you have ever read this poem (it's an old classic, so I expect you have); just in case you haven't, I'm including a link: http://www.vanyamelda.com/poetry/what_%20is_so_rare_as_a_day_in_june.html

And I checked just to be sure; mange-tout seem to be the same as what we in Canada call snow peas (the sort that you eat whole, pods and all). If you are interested, here is a link explaining the three types of peas. I didn't know that sugar snap peas are a cross between snow peas and garden, or English, peas: http://www.thekitchn.com/whats-the-difference-between-snow-peas-sugar-snap-peas-and-english-peas-ingredient-intelligence-205118

If you want flowers, consider planting some climbing nasturtiums; they (and the regular nasturtiums) are edible, flowers and leaves - they are spicy in a way similar to garden cress and I like them in salads and sandwiches, as well as nibbling on them while in the garden. Mine were planted in early June, but are a couple of inches high already and I'm restraining myself from 'taste-testing' them too soon.

Have a wonderful summer, Lucy. I'm glad to see you sounding cheerful, but I know from my own experience it's an up-and-down road, that one. Lots of time outdoors is very healing, I've found, especially when I get time around trees. Take care of yourself. You are remembered dd

I'm glad for you that J now has a three day work week; wouldn't it be nice if everyone could have that? Then there would be enough jobs for everyone and people would have proper lives as well as jobs. Ah, well . . . one can dream . . .

I love the sheep, too, and the moorland photos (always!), but even more the pictures of your projects. This latest one is intriguing.

I'm glad to hear you sounding more cheerful, but I know from my own experience that this road is up-and-down for a while. Spending time outdoors, especially near trees, is what's helped me the most.

You are remembered daily, Lucy, with love and blessings sent your way. Have a good summer. ~ Linne

Susan Smith

Wow, that was such a lovely post & now I have that lump in my throat, with all those gorgeous photos of Bolton Abbey, the Dales & canal at Skipton. I've many pics & memories of time spent there, especially last year when we had short trip on one of those narrowboats, but didn't manage to see Skipton Castle from the canal due to work on a landslip. Oh the good times we have when we visit. Here you are ready for some harvesting on your allotment & I'm just thinking of what to plant (soon)in my new raised beds. It is still winter here & only expected to reach 11deg today. Chilly!! Thanks again Lucy for your wonderful blog. Enjoy your summer vacation days & take care.


What a nice post! It felt like a mini vacation reading it. I have a small vegetable garden, too, and I love to check it out first thing each morning. Rather a miracle.


Glorious pictures! I want to eat at your house! I'd love to visit this are and see all that beauty for myself!

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