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June 22, 2017


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I am color-challenged, but I learned that I can just come to your site and see what colors you're working with and happily copy you. I love your blanket already. Thank you so much for the inspiration and your wonderful eye for color. From Wyoming, USA.


Making blankets is my most favourite thing to do so I can completely understand where you're coming from Lucy, I used your method when I made my violet meadow blanket but my centers were little cog wheels not squares and I had so much fun with it. Once I get some of my many wips out of the way I will be making a summer harmony blanket too although by then it will probably have to be an Autumn or even winter harmony blanket haha have a great weekend. :) xx


About this darning business: one can do it with the hook. Simply thread the yarn ends through one leg of the top Vs of each stitch half way around the first round. That's my way of getting round my darn-o-loathia.


Just finished my second Moorland CAL blanket and am wondering what to do next! Now I know! Thanks for this new blanket. I've made several of your blankets and have a good stash of left over yarn so I think I might be using yarn for,your new blanket!

Annette - My Rose Valley

Color me happy... it sure is the best of therapies. Great project and you're being so tactic about the process. It looks like a really happy crowd of squares. Enjoy the journey.


Oh no! Another blanket to add to the list. I am so slow and still doing the hydrangea blanket with two more in the wings. Oh well at least its winter here and I will eventually catch up. Thanks for your inspiration.

Eleanor MacLean

You inspire me every day!


Love this! Thank you so much. Love all your designs. Finished a Harmony blanket in the fall and have a Cupcake almost done. This looks like the next one up. 😊

Crafty Cath

Always look forward to your posts. Love the colours, can't wait to complete my unfinished blankets (only 4 to go...) before I can start this one!? No room for anymore yarn at the mo. The cat likes it too :)


Ooh, a new summer picnic blanket, lovely. I'm a big fan of outdoor blankets as well, they're so nice to pop in the car / bag for lounging on down by the river or at the beach. I shall enjoy watching it take shape. CJ xx


oooh this looks wonderful but I have to admit I shuddered a bit at the thought of all those ends! even doing them as you go must feel like you do more darning than crocheting...


Beautiful colours!

winifred waite

Glad that your crocheting is good therapy for you. Love the colours!


End-darning is one of the reasons why I love the non-clustered granny squares, the one of just solid double crochets (treble for you). You can crochet over the ends as you go with those, and never have to work in a single one. :-)

Beth in Maryland

What fun! I can't wait to see Round 3!


Lucy, could you please edit a picture to show exactly how you snip the darns. Thanks!


Dear dear Lucy, you are the best doctor in the world!
Loooove your therapy!
Take care


I absolutely love these colours. Also, that you're doing a granny square blanket again. Pure inspiration!


Lovely! So happy to see you playing with the colors again. :) This week I ordered the original colors from WoolWearhouse, and I'm going to try the Granny Stripe blanket. I've never crocheted before, but you have inspired me!


I'm so with you on this, the colour play, the ticking off of a round at a time, even snip and darn as you go. Hooky perfection!

S x

Jean the Creative Pixie

This is a perfect summer crochet project. Jean x

Bex Crowell

This is just wonderful Lucy. Thank you! I am working on several blankets at the same time which I don't think is a great idea! But I can't seem to finish one before diving into another... oh well, this one I'll save for the near future... love it to pieces!


I think that round 1 and round 2 are reversed on your PDF


Love the tip about grouping squares together in the yarn for the next round. I'll definitely be using that for future projects!. I used to bag all my little piles up! Thanks ever so much! :)

Barbara Seiver

I love your colour lay-out. It's like "crochet as Sudoko", no 2 colours in the same sextet. Now we can argue that crochet helps keep our brains working! Thanks for enduring the sun to show us your plan.

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