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May 11, 2017


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emie olwage

You are a inspiration for all crochet lovers!


I like drawing my yarn from the center of the ball of wool, but I have been having an awful time finding the end with the Stylecraft balls of wool. Any suggestions???
Currently working on the Cottage Ripple.


Pleasing little flower design. So lovely and makes me want to make DIY with your share of steps. I buy material online and start making my own version of your designs. Thank you!


Takes my breath away. Very very cool stuff!

Carla Rollins

I love your colors so much as I ran across a Hydrangea Blanket post of yours and was totally smitten, I ordered it. Now to remember how to crochet - it has been years. My yarn pack arrived just the other day - it is so lovely, beautifully packaged and sent ever so promptly. I feel as though I have been given a gift. Thank you. I'll be tuning in often.


Thank you very much for the lovely pattern :)


I'm crazy but I'd love to see what kind of blanket you could make with these. Or maybe just a pillow since a blanket done with these teensy flowers would be nuts. I love postage stamp quilts and this gives me the same vibe.


A flower cushion would be nice


http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/-kissing-ball- How about this? A big, flowery ball!


I love the hydrangea flowers. Have made the yarn bag have just finished the coast blanket and now making the same pattern but in purples and pinks for my granddaughter.


Lovely. My blanket kit arrived this week and now, I am also looking forward to making these sweet flowers. Thank you so much. Maybe on a cushion. So exciting!

Martha Fewell

I love reading your blog and have made two of your blankets so far, just finishing the cosy blanket now. I would love to read your blog posts as soon as they come out but there seems to be something wrong w your subscribe page. It only shows up in html on my phone and tablet.

Can you check that or add me to you post list? I don't want to miss a word of what you have to say.

Martha Fewell
[email protected]

Lindsay Bascombe

Thank you for doing this pattern. I am new to crochet and nearly finished a blanket, so will use my left overs to make these flowers. Lindsay


I love this! Thanks so much for sharing. :) :) :) This is my next yarn project.


I'd love to see a cushion, a lovely, co-ordinating way to use up some of the left over wool from any blankets.

Judie Loveday

Love your work. I've made a Moorland blanket, and am working on the Hydrangea blanket for a friend's daughter. They just found out it will be a girl. I'd love to make a wreath or garland to go with the blanket. I will have lots of odds and ends to use up!


Just started the ripple blanket but hydrangea is in my stash. Will certainly make those flowers too. Have also started knitting my first pair of socks! I am totally hooked...no pun intended!


Gorgeous colors and lovely flowers. Thanks so much for the pattern and you inspiration.


So cute, thanks.


How about joining them to make a wrap?


I love this tutorial as I want to make my next wreath with hydrangea flowers. I just received a gorgeous plant from my son for Mother's Day and my Birthday combined! So I'll definitely be making these. Thank you for telling us how!


Lucy your work so beautiful, I love it all. You usually post if your patterns are done either UK or US, but this one you didnt. Can you please tell me which one you used for the flowers.

deborah cherry

Must do blanket first


Of course they will end up as one of your beautiful wreaths!!!!😁 Without a doubt!!!!!

Brenda Cupryna

what very pretty little flower colours. I cab see you making one of those wreaths with them

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