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May 17, 2017


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My local yarn shop has a number of balls of Seville (and the also seemingly discontinued jade) in stock if you'd like a further supply... I can't stand the colour myself (I'm a pinks/purples/blues girl) but I do agree the colour is needed. I've just had to do a rainbow baby blanket without orange!!!


What a lovely colorful post. Loving the gerberas, they are such a happy flower. I love how your mandala mats bring so much colour to your table.

After a long crocheted absence and my shoulder op in March, I gave gone back to crochet. Did a hole row of 152 stitches without a problem. So perhaps I will get my cardigan finished one day.


I can't believe how perfectly the yarn matches the flowers. A super colourfest! Love Von x


I love the colors... Wonderful

Angela-Southern USA

Sorry for your loss Lucy. Winging big hugs your way.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Color!! God's gift to brighten our world... and heart. Thank you for sharing~ Andrea xoxo


Dear Lucy, I would love to crochet. Could you recommend a good way to get started? Perhaps a kit along with one of your tutorials online that look so wonderful? Your love of color is a joy. Thank you for sharing.


I'm disappointed that the "zesty orange" is being discontinued. I love orange but finding a good one is difficult and the one in your picture is just the thing. I look for orange with enough depth and cheerfulness that is versatile to mix with all sorts of hues, without being too yellow or sour or too close to red so it can stand on its own merit.


I have a suggestion about the gerbera daisies. I used to have the same problem with them flopping over until I learned that you can put their stems inside a drinking straw. Sometimes you can find a clear/see-through drinking straw for this purpose, but any colour will do, as long as the straw is a good wide diameter. The straws will hold the stems rigid and you can just rinse them when the flowers are finished and use them over and over again. Love their cheerful colours, and the colours in your mandala!

Marilyn McLeod

Oh what fun and what beauty! Those daisies look so unreal because they are so perfect! I would also LOVE the pattern or where you found it, for the little coaster/doily under your first picture pitcher of daisies! Love the edging on that! My email is [email protected]. Love love love the mandalas and every time I want to start one, I go through the "but where will I put it?" question, and then I end up not making one. But they definitely ARE color therapy and I know I need some so I'll just go ahead and make one and place it somewhere I can see it every day! I even went and bought a bunch of colorful, gorgeous colors to use, but they have since gone on to other projects!


What a cheerful posy. Try adding a 2 pence piece to a vase of flowers, it keeps them perky. Love all the colours.


Beautiful Lucy. I hope your yarn arrived in time for the weekend. Gez xx

Jo Kneale

Somebody called your blog colour therapy... and that's exactly what it is! Love the flowers and the mandala. I really should give in and crochet one for myself.

Nicki Jones

How do I get the colour rows for the moorland blanket, please? I have the kit and have the first 60 rows but can't find the rest!

I'd appreciate if you'd send them to me.



Kath lang

Would love to know where you get your mandala charts from. Can you recommend a book/site


Just loving the intense colour-fest of your blog, Lucy, and looking forward to the next episode of your blankety life. I looked back at your May 15th post because I remembered that I had intended to pop a comment on to say, when you plant your seeds, add a few extra peas into the mix and then harvest them when they are just shoots about 6 inches long - pea shoots are just the most scrummy addition to a salad, sandwich or baguette, and are wonderful if you wilt them into a hot dish or add them to a stir fry. I don't bother about the peas I just love the shoots! You can buy them from supermarkets and I guess those ones are grown hydroponically. Of course, you may have already discovered them but, if not, give them a try.

Jane Garry

I'm soooooo excited for the new blanket!!! how am I going to sit still....... impossible!! I shall pop in to the Attic everyday just to see when the yarn arrives & if there are any sneak peeks!!!

I would love another seaside blanket, like you I love the sea, sand, coast etc, all those gorgeous colours.

from a very excited Jane xxxx


Always look forward to seeing your new blanket creations! I love my brightly coloured ripple one!


Those colours are beautiful. I love to make mandalas, all that colour and pattern! Can't wait to see yours all finished and hung up.

Susan Walter

A different tip to keeping Gerbera Daisys upright - as the flower heads are top heavy:
1] if the stems are skinny, insert them into a drinking straw.
2] if the stems are too thick for a drinking straw, cut the straws open only on 1 side & insert the Gerb stem, wrapping the straw around the stem as best as you can.



Lucy thank you for sharing with us. I would also love the coaster pattern under the jug of gerberas.


Lucy, I go to your blog for my color therapy! The daisy-yarn combo shot brought a big smile to my face. I play with color vicariously through you. Thanks for the cheery morning wake-up.

Angela-Southern USA

Color therapy indeed and just what I needed! You know, those mandalas can become a blanket?... I have a very colorful one now on the back of my sofa (more than 6 feet across) I just love it. Speaking of blankets, I'm about four feet into another round one now (which it's not the best time to work on one here, it's getting fairly hot, but I just couldn't resist.)Enjoy the color play!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Susan Smith

What pretty gerberas! Look forward to seeing what you come up with for your next blanket. I'm after a blanket fix at the moment too, but want to do another mixed stitch one, which I enjoyed, though my cupcake rug was lovely to work on as well. Probably more rhythmic, but now I need a brain teaser. I'm using the leftovers from it (cupcake) to do a cushion. Take care.

Di Jackson

Hello, love reading your blog - a top tip to keep your gerberas standing upright is to put 2x pennies into the vase of water along with the flowers - either 1p or 2p will do, it really does work and keeps the stems straight! Love the bright colours you use in your work and the walking photos and stories are quite inspiring - keep it up! Di

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