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May 16, 2017


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Silly Little Sheep

I love bluebells, too. It is like for a couple of weeks in a year the forrest becomes a mystery fairytale place.


What wonderful photos of bluebells, my favourites after snowdrops. I've just published a wee post on my blog about my battle between English and Spanish bluebells. They are so similar it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference.



Actually I was walking in your Blue Bell neighborhood (Bolton Abbey) three weeks ago (bank holiday weekend) thinking of you. :-)
We've never met, but I have seen your posts earlier years and this year I actually was in Yorkshire for the blooming season.
Loved them! Thinking they just might be able to get to grow around my own area (southernmost Sweden) since the other plants are very similar (like all the wild garlic etc).


How absolutely stunning!


I think it is the iridescent part of the colour that doesn't come across on camera, my father in law and took photos and and you just don't get that haze the naked eye can see. Still stunning though.


I find the beauty of flowers so hard to photograph, you really want to show off the gorgeousness you are seeing and just can't seem to capture it. Thanks for sharing!


I really resonated with your comment about 'why do I feel compelled to document the beauty?' I get some gentle ribbing from my family every time we go on a walk and I am clicking away with photos. I think it is about wanting to capture the moment, before it gets away. After all, flowers do have a limited life span. And it's about sharing with others - so, thank you, and keep it up!


Lucy, this is a lovely post. Is there a link to a pattern for the doily/coaster under your posy? It is so pretty! Thank you for sharing the loveliness. Have a beautiful afternoon!


Ah, SO gorgeous. My computer screensaver is a "Forest Theme" - changing every few minutes for my entertainment. One of them is a forest full of lavender Bluebells. Makes weekday cube dwelling tolerable. Here in California our best equivalent is the native blue Lupine which are now abundant in the wild. We'll be seeing lots of them on our hike tonight here:


Thanks for sharing all the beauty and fun on your side of the planet. Hugs from Kimmy


Loving your bluebells, Lucy and all the lovely photos you share with us....

Lifts the spirits!

Angela-Southern USA

It's magical! I can understand wanting to capture and share the moment. I wished our woods were filled with bluebells. Have a great day!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Arlene Freeman

Thank you for sharing! I have a few Virginia Bluebells in my flower garden, but they are just coming up, quite a while from blooming, so I appreciate the preview.


The bluebells from the allotment look like Spanish ones which will hybridise with ours and the should be destroyed or at least all flowers removed before opening so that bees cannot cross pollinate

Our own bluebells are a fantastic blue carpet in woodlands

Holley Downs

Just want to say Thank You for sharing the beauty of your countryside!

Annette - My Rose Valley

I know the feeling. I also know the feeling of frustration of not being able to capture the beauty the way I see it through my camera lens... You did a great job. I can TOTALLY understand you loosing your breath of beauty overwhelmness. Is that even a word, I wonder... I don;t have bluebells like that and I'm thankful you are sharing yours. Explicit!
My Rose Valley


I went on a bluebell walk two weeks ago and the intense blue was almost purple. The dappled light coming through the beech trees was fantastic. I love our country!!


How beautiful, Lucy!! And I, like Mary above, see afghan colors too! :-) Blessings~ Andrea


Most of us will never see the beauty of the Bluebells so I am glad you show them to us. I do the same with the flowers in my garden.

Spike Deane

I look forward to your bluebell post. I do miss blue bell woods and your images are lovely. I'm trying to create a little dell of my own here in Australia as I live in Canberra where it is cold enough for bulbs.

Teresa Kasner

Thank you for sharing your masses of Bluebells in your forest. We have one little plant in our yard which I've been enjoying so much. Loved the image of the sun slanting through the flowers.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Diane Yeomans

I wish I could express how much I enjoy your blog! Thank you so much for lifting me up and delighting me with your pics and thoughts.

P.S. My place is pretty too - I live in Amish country, PA...but I did live in England for 3 1/2 years and miss it very very much!!

Susan Smith

Love your bluebell pics. As we can only get the Spanish ones to buy here in Oz to grow, I always drool over the "bluebell woods" photos that you post. Thank you!!!!
Take care.

Margaret Simpson

Thank you Lucy for sharing your beautiful area. I love bluebells too. Bring back many Happy memories. 🦋🌈


They're gorgeous aren't they, and how lovely to have found some pink ones too, they're so pretty. I remember going to pick bluebells when I was little and coming back with enough for two or three jugs. Wonderful. CJ xx


Lovely pics but a shame to pick wild flowers regardless of the law ...

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