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May 10, 2017


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Pauline Warke

Could you please do a tutorial for the leaves for the hydrangea flowers. Loving crocheting the hydrangea blanket.

Vivian Costa Manso

the a idea of a scarf, is very good. Flowers on the neck all winter!


We have been eating asparagus, too (here in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada), as my cousins tend to eat seasonally (as I prefer to do). They clean off the spikes on the sides, cut off the bottom couple of inches, thencut the spears more or less in half. Layer in an electric steamer with the ends on the bottom layers, flower heads on the top and steam for about ten minutes. Perfect every time!

When I had an old glass coffee percolator I liked putting about three or four inches of water in the bottom, then standing the asparagus spears in that. Put it on the stove and the simmering water cooked the bottoms and the steam cooked the tops; another perfect result! Iève never tried it with eggs or cheese, though, but will keep those suggestions in mind.

I nearly forgot: my cousin takes the lower couple of inches that he's cut off and peels them; we eat them raw by the handful and they are slightly sweetish and amazingly deliciousd. So much so that we are calling it 'asparagus candy'. :-)

As to the Hydrangea flowers, I like the idea of cushion, garland AND wreath (you may have to make a LOT of flowers LOL). The shawl idea sounfds lovely, too. In fact, you could crochet a rectangular or square shawl using the gydrangea pattern, then stitch a flower over its matching colour stripe near one or more edges.

Ièm thinking that a narrow summer scarf could be done similarly using the Hydrangea stitch: either begin with a long chain so the scarf has longitudinal stripes or else begin with a short chain (say about three inches or so) and using the Hydrangea stitch, make sections approximately square. When done, stitch a flower in the centre of the squares for the lower sections.

Ah well, no end to ideas, is there? I'm currently using up a wee portion of my stash but am looking forward to eventually trying some of these Hydrangea Dreams . . .

I haven't posted a photo of the Hydrangea Blanket that my friend J is now finishing (as I've moved away), but will do so as soon as I have a good picture.

Thanks again for all your lovely and very well-written patterns, Lucy. A new level of addiction . . .

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Do both!! 😉😊💕

gloria g. Walls

yum yum......but I'm looking for that pattern.....love your work and Thank bag..........gloria g. Wellborn, FL

nadine G

A bientôt de te lire pour les explications des fleurs d'hortensia.


What about a skinny scarf? (I love the idea just above, too, a summery garland.) Then you can wear Spring all winter long! Your asparagus photos have inspired me to look for asparagus in the market! Thank you, Lucy.


I love asparagus season! You can't beat fresh, english asparagus <3

Holley Downs

Would love to see a wreath! But everything you do is beautiful! Looking forward to the tutorial!


A cushion would be beautiful! But I think the shawl idea is great! 😊

Janette Surtees

My friend gave me some asparagus from her allotment tonight. It is divine. Love your hydrangea flowers. A cushion would be lovely. Always such a joy to read your writing Lucy. Thank you.


Your lunch looks delicious! Sounds like you had a lovely day! I'm looking forward to your hydrangea flower tutorial, I think I'm going to make a garland with them. Thanks for sharing your talent, you are a gem!!


Did you know fresh asparagus can be eaten raw as a salad? Cut thinly and serve with a dressing made with some lemon juice and olive oil salt pepper. Enjoy!

Susan Smith

My, that sounds a good way to do them. I usually steam mine & will only eat it fresh in our asparagus season here in Oz, never imported stuff. I'm lucky in that we have extensive asparagus fields in our area, which I should photograph in September & post on my blog. I think a hydrangea wreath would look lovely & should try some of the flowers myself once you put up the pattern. Thanks. Take care.


Both! and a Shawl. ;-)


Mmmm!! We had our first asparagus of the season last week and it was lush!!


Mmmmm! I like mine bundled up, wrapped in smoked streaky bacon and baked in the oven for about 20 minutes. Those little flowers look very cute :)


Asparagus - yum! I steam it until just tender and then dip the spears into soft-boiled eggs. Asparagus soldiers.


Mmm, the asparagus is divine at the moment isn't it. I have a good bed of it down at the allotment and I'll keep picking until midsummer's day. By which time everyone except me will declare that they're completely fed up with it. How is that possible?! I shall eat it all myself if needs be. And I'll definitely try it your way, that sounds perfect. CJ xx


Was going to pick our first asparagus from the garden today, but it's under snow again! Perhaps I can cut and cook it tomorrow before it thaws and wilts :(

Leah Lynch

What a yummy post! Hydrangeas and asparagus!

Angela-Southern USA

It does look de-lish! Either the cushion or wreath sounds lovely, I look forward to seeing what you decide. I just finished a summer wreath for my door (As you know I keep the same base cover but re-do the flowers for the seasons). This time pink and yellow roses in position (like a clock) from 11 to 6 with a butterfly at 11.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Asparagus <3 I'm lucky to live in the land of the green and white gold. I think those little flowers deserve both a wreath and a cushion Lucy, they're way to cute.

Margaret Simpson

Love asparagus, sounds a delicious way to cook it. I will be following you cooking details! I think a cushion of hydrangeas would be beautiful, but I also like Ariene's idea of a shawl. 💕


I had asparagus from my friends allotment, picked this morning. Had them with poached eggs. Yummy! Have tried to sow seeds , but they are not coming up, but will persevere!

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