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April 07, 2017


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Hi Lucy,

I was wondering if you had a chart for your Hydrangea Blanket? I've just been gifted the gorgeous pack and I usually work from charts. Or if somebody has written the charts for you?


Jane fraser

How do I post photo please

Carol Millard

Lucy, I just love all your blanket designs. Waiting for the Woodland colour pack, should arrive soon. I'm not sure whether to do the colours random or as you have done them with brighter colours at one end. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
Happy hooking, Carol


Mine is wavey
what have I done wrong

Constance Lee

You are so gifted by God in creating wonderful works of crocheting art :)


I am making this beautiful blanket but i have reduced the length of the chain to 82 (multiple of 4 plus 2) but this only because I want it to lie across the bottom of my bed. I don't have many more rows to go lol, I am from Crowle in North Lincolnshire xx


Stunning will have a go at this


I'm struggling with starting row 3 and getting it right, any advice would be appreciated.


You are by far my most favorite crochet blog to dream! The colors are stunning! I'm allergic to wool so would love to have the option of color packs in cotton. I can match the colors myself but that's a tough one to get perfect. Any chance of requesting that?

Elizabeth Smillie

HI Lucy, I love your new Hydrangea blanket and the new colours, can't wait to start. I have just finished the Cupcake and it is beautiful, I was going to give it away but selfishness kicked in and I am keeping it. I have not been crocheting long and this may sound a stupid question but sometimes when you look at the blanket both sides look the same ....so what side is the right side? The little bit of yarn tail from the starting chain should that be on the left or right side of the blanket when you are looking at it?. Just to let you know I live in York so I am going to give Wooleys a visit because it just looks wonderful. Thank you for reading this

Deborah Camp

The Hydrangea blanket is fab-also love the Hydrangea Flower Wreath! Is that been posted yet? Don't want to miss it
Deborah from Vancouver Island


Love your patterns and color choices. Today I have given the beautiful moorland blanket to a friend starting chemo-therapy. I had given the cottage done with Cosy stripe pattern to my daughter's mother in law a couple of years ago for the same reason. These blankets are so soft and comforting. They give a great deal of love. Thank you for the yarn and patterns to make these comforting afghans.

gloria g. Walls

Got my yarn yesterday and couldn't wait to start...like I thought, I have a real problem changing colors....how to hold, how to connect the new color........I watched your you tube tutorial, but I just love this and want it to turn out beautiful.....had to convert some terms, but got that. I too love your color sense........can't wait to finish this and start another.......this yarn is yummy......crochets nicely. Thank you for sharing this and the Wool Warehouse. Their prices were wonderful and shipping was very swift....I'm in the US........again thanks. And any help with change of colors........but I will continue to do what I'm doing, trying real hard and loving every moment of this......Thanks again for sharing all this.......have been following you for years.......gloria g. in north Florida


My hydrangea yarn pack arrived today!
All the way from the other side of the world to little me in Australia- it's my birthday tomorrow, happy birthday me! 💕

Paula Kolarik

Lucy, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for such a fantastic, easy peasy, fast growing, beautiful pattern! I love all of your patterns and have made several blankets from them! My favorite was the cosy stripe but now that I am working on the hydrangea pattern I believe it's now my favorite pattern with the cosy stripe running a close 2nd to it!! Have a wonderful & colorful day Lucy! :)


Such a stunning pattern! I love the little blossoms that appear in each row, and a completely yummy color palette! I've ordered my yarn pack! Wondering: are there instructions for sizing the blanket up/down in the printed pattern? Thanks for another gorgeous project!


Lucy, I've been here quite a lot lately, but haven't left any comments. I've been staying in the States with a friend since last November and have been refreshing her knowledge of knitting and crochet. (I have been absent from my blogs for quite a long time, but am feeling ready to resume, and I hope that will be soon.)

I'll be posting one of these days with pictures, but am not sure yet when I will do thatl When I do, though, I would like to re-post this post of yours, if that's ok with you.

My friend has been working on a Cosy Stripe blanket using nine colours. She is pretty excited, too, and has also been reading many of your older posts.

I was ecwen more excited when I saw the Hydrangea blanket pattern and you are right, it's definitely easy enough for a beginner. So I purchased balls of three colours (well, I bought the yarn before I saw that the patter was up, then tried it to see if it would work) and have been working on what promises to be a very elegant blanket. When I return to BC in two weeks, my friend will be taking over this blanket and finishing it. We will Skype if she has any problems with it, so all should be well.

I can't thank you enough for your patterns; they are extremely well writen and easy to follow. I have a yar stash in my storage units (no surprise there!) and now I know what I will be doing with some of it, as I long for a blanket pile of my own.

I've had some ideas for other uses, too, and I'll let you know when I get around to trying them out.

I originally found you through Selma of the Eclectic Home and Life blog and I have talked about you and your work to many people since. I wish all this had been available back when I was working for Lewiscraft (a Canadian craft supply chain that is now out of business). My customers would have been thrilled, I think, as yarn was our mainstay.

Anyway, this is becoming a book (I'm quite bad for that) and I'll stop now. Warm hugs to you and I'm already looking forward to your next project.

I have to say I am also impressed by your crocheted basket and am making one for my friend to keep her blanket projects in. I'll be posting about that, too.

Take care of yourself and keep those photos from your walks and garden coming; I love my vicarious online life! ~ Linne


Oh wow! Those colors are amazing together. Absolutely stunning!


Waiting on my Yarn Pack for this blanket! It's beautiful and I love how well you matched the yarn to the flowers! I've loved all your patterns but this is the first one I've purchased the yarn pack for! Can't wait for it to get here so I can get started!

Maria João Machado

So, so gorgeous!!

Jane Hansford

Now in a quandary! Just finishing the border on my sunny log cabin and have to decide whether to start on the Hydrangea or Harmony blanket. Will probably end up doing both as I can then take the Harmony with me when the Hydrangea gets too bulky. Thank you as always Lucy for making crocheting such fun!


Yippee, My pack arrived here today in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Can't wait to start, so love the colours.


What size hook do you recommend using for the pattern? I've purchased it & it arrived today, but I can't seem to find the recommended sizes (other than "use a larger one for the first two rows.") Thank you! I'm really looking forward to making this, it's absolutely gorgeous.


Oh Lucy, you've done it again! Your blanket is absolutely beautiful. I can't stop looking at this gorgeous colour combo and the fact that hydrangeas are one of my faves is just the icing on the cake. I am going to have to make myself one of these blankets and soon! It's getting cold here in NZ so it's the perfect time to start another blanket project. Thank you, yet again, for being such a fabulous inspiration.


Happy Easter, Lucy, to you and your family. Wishing you a great day and much happiness.

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