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April 21, 2017


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Angela-Southern USA

My favorite family time was spent just puttering around the house, all together. I love spring if for nothing else, the FLOWERS are back! As our new normal here in the Southern US spring is very short, with summer temps taking over earlier every year. I already have roses in full bloom, the tulips are long gone. Thanks for "acting the crazy lady" and taking those up close shots for us all to enjoy. How wonderful that the kiddos were on board for a family walk without the whine! (We're soon off to visit with our youngest at Uni.)Congrats on the socks! Man socks are challenging (for their usual dark colors and the fact they go on for-ever.) Good luck!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Good to be home with the family is it. I cherish those days. Exiting colours to see! What will be next? So curious. Those men usually choose blue's, grey's and black so I hope that Attic24 husband has a different taste but I think he's just like others. Buying clothing for my sons when little always depressed me, children with all those dull colours. They turned out being colour loving!Thank goodness.

Margaret Simpson

Lucy, you are an inspiration, your beautiful blogs, gorgeous photo's and blankets make my heart sing. Once again thank you for sharing. 🇦🇺🦋

Susan Smith

Oh, what a lovely long post. School holidays can be so full, but glad to hear you all enjoyed. Great photos & the down on knees photographing flowers sounds a lot like me, although I'm sure you get up easier than me.(giggle) Sounds as though you will still be busy once the kidlets are back at school & am wondering if you will let us in on a few of your new endeavours? Thanks for the pics of the lovely Dales countryside, bluebells & your rugs. Have a great weekend & take care.


Lovely post. I always enjoy reading your tales and am glad I'm not the only one who has to pull things out. Finished my spring garland for the door which along with my egg tree have been my homage to Easter. I'll try and attach a pic of the garland - started last year but finished Easter Saturday - long time in the to do box!! Maybe this year I'll do as much finishing as starting 😉.


It sounds like an absolutely brilliant break with some really great outings. I love the idea of being up on that crag at 9am, wonderful. Loads of scooting and skateboarding here, people are an absolute mass of bruises. CJ xx

Winwick Mum

Sometimes you need a not-doing-too-much holiday. We've had one of those too and at first I felt guilty about not rushing about on child-related activities but actually, we've had a great time! xx


I love reading your posts, thank you for sharing!! I started a Hydrangea baby blanket using just 3 colours for my baby due in September. I hope to have done 2 by then. I will send you a pic once completed. I love how neat the rows look such a pretty stitch.

Have a great day



Another gorgeous post thankyou x

L'Empreinte de l'Ange

Rainbow colors ?
I would like to understand all your post, but i catch "the spirit". Read you soon...


Red socks! Glad you had a good Easter and saw so much sand. Where we used to live at Weston super Mare it was mud after the sand!!!

Brenda Cupryna

my grown up son (possibly your age) still has the quilt I made for him.It is really in shreds but he wont part with it. he has newer ones I made but the first one is so special to him - don't know why , it was made with cotton polys so it think that is why it has disintegrated. he loves it as will your little ones




What a lovely catch up! We are alternating between throwing open the doors and windows, then having the house closed and heating on but because it's autumn down here in Kangarooland. The crocheted blankets have come out which I love. I just don't love the dreary weather that comes with it!

Leah Lynch

So glad to hear that you had such a lovely Easter Break! Thank you for sharing it with us. I always so look forward to your posts. They give me such encouragement!


What a lovely post. Glad you had a great Easter. Penny (Aust)

Sandra Wilmshurst

Hi, do you have a pattern for the hydrangea flowers on their own? I have just purchased your wool pack for the hydrangea stripe blanket. Many thanks, Sandra

Bev Bousselot

What gorgeous photos! It looks like you had a wonderful, relaxing Easter break!
It is full Spring here in Iowa in Midwest USA...trees blooming, flowers up, birds returning, such a beautiful time! I enjoy your posts so much! And now I order yarn from the wool warehouse...it is the best I have ever used! I am slowly working on the waves afghan...it is gorgeous, but takes a lot of time. Love the wonderful yarn colors and combinations. Thank you so very much for sharing your ideas!


I'll go orange for J's socks. 🍊


Oh, that walk up the mountain sounds daunting, but the views were beautiful. Have you tried decreasing the toes of your socks on your circular needle? I had so much trouble with the double pointed needles, I one day just tried it and it worked fabulously. Now I never use the double pointed needles except for the heel flap and heel turn. It made life so much easier.


So when the tide comes back in and covers the beach, is the water shallow? Our tide in Texas only changes 2feet I think:) love hearing how your family's pursuits are similar to ours!


It's been so good to catch up with your happenings. I have not been reading your posts for the last few months. I have just realised how much I have missed them.
There is a long train journey to be completed next week, and I shall enjoy whiling away the hours on the train, looking back and reading all your autumn and winter posts.
How are your energy levels after last year? Back to normal I hope?

jayne mcclenaghan

The more I read your blog the more I think you are turning into me. I also am not a keen shopper unless it's craft materials of course. I love to get out and about and enjoy nature. I don't have the kids but the dog loves simply being with me even if it means walking. This year I decided it would be a year of finishing projects but allowed to start a new blanket if a new baby in the way. Just working on a call the midwife using link and cram from style craft but already purchased the new colours for another blanket simply because I had bought the pattern last year so that would could as finishing a project surely

Jools Morgan-Jones

Looks like you've all had a fab time 😊 Richly deserved, Lucy, we all need unplanned fun sometimes xxx


What lovely days out, sometimes you need to recharge your batteries!

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