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April 21, 2017


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Sounds like you all had a wonderful Easter. Hope the warmer weather returns here (South Coast) and finally gets to you.

Know what you mean about St Annes at low water. The years we spent at Weston-Super-Mare with the sea (Severn estuary) miles away. You couldn't walk to it. The sand went all ripply, then it turned into estuarine mud. Yuk! You just had to wait for the tide to turn, and the resulting onshore wind.

BTW - it's 'toeing' the line, not 'towing'. As in lining up along a line on the ground. From old sailing days when crew members would 'toe the line' of a plank on the deck.


As always Lucy, a wonderful post, you are so inspiring, with your enthusiasm for all you do, I have been working through your archives, and get completely lost in them, it seems you love the things I love too, your children sound adorable, and what a lovely mum you are to them, enjoy them while you can, my baby is 46, and eldest 54 oh to be back to the baby/toddler days. I'm hoping when I next visit addingham to see my youngest I shall get to meet you, last time I was there it was half term I was so disappointed. Keep well and smiling, and entertaining us with your blogs if you have time x


What a great idea! I love your blog. Keep doing such a good work. And your pics are really beautiful :)

gloria g. Walls

yes, love everything about what you do, where you go and the little people.......I'm re living my own life, and getting to see it all.....but I worked out and seems I missed a lot....so that's where you come in.......love everything you do.....now that my little people are big people.....they have there own lives and mine is not that important........to them.......so enjoy every moment, it doesn't last that long......my baby will be 40 in July.....oh how I miss this time.......gloria g. in Florida


Thank for the wonderful post. I'm in Australia, the bit were it gets quiet cold and the weather has now turned properly cold, so the warm jackets and jumpers are getting turn.
I was so excited today as my kit for the Hydrangea Blanket arrived in the mail today. I have spent the evening gazing at the beautiful colours. I am so looking forward to starting it.

Laura Gabriela Martin Del Campo Sescosse

Love your blog!!!

Lynn Butler

So wonderful to find a Lucy post! It's always a treat for me. Lovely pics, happy flowers and color, color, color! Sometimes the unplanned, unstructured holiday is the best. So glad you enjoyed yours. I didn't get my Easter decor out either this year. I kept thinking I had so much time to do and then....it was over. Oh well, there's always next year and my decorations will seem like new.

Happy sock knitting! I think the reason I love yarn is because it doesn't matter if I make a mistake and need to rip back. The yarn can be reused. It's not like when I cut 1 front and 3 backs in my very expensive silk fabric. I bought new fabric but never did finish that dress! I was too mad at myself. With yarn I just lose my time, but I am learning. Since I love knitting and crochet, it doesn't matter if I rip back.

Can't wait for your sock news. Lynn


That explains why I didn't spot you at your favourite cafe in West Bay last week! Glad you had a relaxing time. I did too and am nearly up to the third section of the Moorland. It was wonderful to see the sun on the weekend before Easter but it was almost too warm for blanket making. Back to 8 degrees today in Winchester which is much more conducive. Thanks for sharing your Easter exploits!


I am guessing J has gone for orange!

Cathy B

I love those blanket dens! Your little one will have fond memories of those blankets when he's older I'm sure :) your house looks so cosy with the fire going too. I bet kitty just loves it too. What a lovely colourful home. Don't work too hard! You make me feel very lazy!


I love reading about your outings and other than a family wedding our Easter were very much around the home too. This was so nice for a change. Von x


I am really enjoying doing the Hydrangea blanket.x!

Lynne Gill

ST Annes! HA! I spent my honeymoon there - a long weekend at my sister's bungalow! (We were both in the Navy and had little annual leave left.) I can't say we saw much of the beach!

Ans SOCKS!!! Because of you and your first pair I am about (today!) to begin my very first pair having been across to Winwick Mum and joined her sock along, never knitted a sock, haven't knitted for 30 odd years and NEVER used DPNs or circulars - it's been a HUGE learning curve! But I am so enthralled by your socks that I have been drivelling on about wanting to knot them for over a year. So NOW I AM!!!!

Lovely post, it just does everyone good to take time out and not be constrained by previous routines. So pleased you al had a lovely time.


I love your writing style Lucy and share your appreciation for mini chocolate eggs. I have a crocheted mini Easter basket hanging on a hook in my entrance hallway. It was full of mini eggs when I put it there but after a few days I discovered they were all gone! Empty basket! I keep replacing the mini eggs and they keep disappearing. It isn't me eating them (true! I am lactose intolerant) but the culprit hasn't owned up yet. It's all a bit of fun (detective work too - who needs a mystery novel?) and it is nice to read that you are enjoying your 'holiday at home' this Easter break.


I love your posts so much. They are simply the best.


I love your blogs Lucy, I always feel like I have received an e-mail from a good friend, thank you.

Gillian McM

Wonderful blog post! About socks: ever since I started knitting them toe-up I have found them so much easier. You can measure the foot part on your or someone else's foot as you go, to make sure it's going to fit, and then just keep knitting upwards till you run out of yarn. Turning the heel from bottom to top this way is also easier, I find.


I am super excited for my little lady to be old enough to draw with chalks at the front of the house! I ate 2kg of chocolate- I did the same as you, dotting them throughout the house. Turns out it was a v bad idea for me 😆


Love those tulips! I'll bet they smelled wonderful, all fruity and sweet!

Eleanor MacLean

Beautiful pictures and such wonderful descriptions! I feel that spring has come at last when I read your blog. (Cold, wet and windy here, alas!)


I love how you are not precious about your blankets and they are so well used and loved by all the family. The pictures of St Anne's made me smile and brought back memories of building castles on that beach dressed in jumpers and wellies while on our summer holidays!

Teresa Kasner

What a nice glorious post of happy family and happy you. I enjoyed all the images and the story along with them. We are in our caravan at the Oregon Coast right now.. and after a perfectly sunny day yesterday we awoke to the caravan rocking and rain beginning.. it's a gale outside! The waves are breaking just 100 feet away from our door! But I love it and am going to crochet today. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Ok, love the solid granny squares blanket! They look like diagonal granny squares. Is there such a thing? I don't know how to describe it. How do you join granny squares?

I used your granny row for my temperature blanket and LOVE it. I need to block and finish it out.

eileen clarke

Love your posts and photos keep the magic going brings home to expats


However long your posts are they are always a joy to read Lucy. I love hearing about both your family days out and the crafty things you are up to. I love the pictures of your blankets in use, I am currently working towards creating a stash of blankets for use here at home, although I always get sidetracked making blankets for other people. This years blankets are mine though, I love the idea of my daughter making use of them as she grows just as your little people do.

Karen X to

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