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March 09, 2017


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Connie Fryrear

Are there complete instructions for the ripple 2 blanket which you discussed in September of 2011. I love the pattern and colors. I have the color list.
It would be nice to have the order of colors and the number of rows for each as they occur in the blanket. Thanks so much!

Arlline Nash

Oh dear. Lucy, I'm sorry to be a bother here...I regret saying anything about the paper flowers. Is there any way to delete that comment. Lia IS supremely talented and she should gets the credits, all of them. Not me.

Arline Nash

Quietly commenting. Late, but happily so. I've been following you , your happy hooking and your delicious colorways for ages. You bring me heart joy with each post. Today, finding this post, late, was so perfect I can only believe it to be providential. I needed to see this post today. That magazine! I don't have a copy, though I'd love to! I saw it and took a quick gander at it at work, right after it arrived. I LOVE Molly Makes!!! The thing that delighted my heart today is that... my work was with Lia Griffith! Lia is my sister and I spent the last year plus working with her. And...(shyly) I made/invented those crepe paper flowers! I retired this last month and am feeling a bit droopy...grief mixed with exhaustion, perhaps...this post was a blessed infusion into my tired soul. THANK YOU!!! Thank you for this and for being exactly you.

Carol Derbis

Hi, Friend!
I know you don't know me - and no doubt never will - but when I read your blog, I feel as if I'm visiting with a friend - and can almost taste that cuppa tea (or coffee for me, please!).
I'm wondering if you can help me out. I was just looking through my Ravelry Queue and hoping to see the Mandala for Yarndale -2014 that was in my favorites - and only Number 2 in my queue. But now it says "no longer available!" I'm devastated! I just love that Mandala and think it would look just lovely on my living room wall....except now I can't get this pattern? Is it available anywhere? - PLEASE!????
Love your patterns...and hubby and I just love your "blooming cushion" - which was such a joy to hook! But now I need that Mandala for Yarndale - and can't get it?
Please tell me that it is available somewhere. Once again your keen sense of color combinations in that Mandala are just so awesome and the stitch-work impeccable!
Thank you, Lucy, for all of the inspiration and joy that your bring into the lives of so many of us!

Claudia Garcia

You are an absolutely beautiful lady outside and in!!!

Michele De La Cruz

Hi Lucy, first off I love your blog and appreciate you and sharing your gift with the world. I would love to order the comic relief magazine except I live overseas and the tablet I am using I cannot download on, it's my daughter's and she uses it for her studies, is it possible to order the magazine from the store itself? Is there one I could contact you could recommend that may ship over seas? I'm on ravelry also. Thank you again for sharing and inspiring.


Your scarf is super and I love the Springy colours. There are so many great projects in the Crafternoon magazine it is difficult to decide which to do first.


Gorgeous scarf, I shall have to get the crafternoon magazine and have a look at these lovely ideas!


Such a good cause, hope that it does very well.

Karen Greenfield

You are cuter than a bug's ear! That teeny photo on your blog (which I've read since before Little B was born) doesn't do you justice! The scarf is also good but you outshine it for sure. It's been many years since I was in the North of England and I love seeing your photos and hearing about your children and life. Hope you won't get tired of blogging. Very truly yours, Karen

Angela-Southern USA

A fantastic scarf for a fantastic cause! Well done Lucy! Have a great weekend.

Leah Lynch

Lucy you and your scarf are looking lovely!


Lovely scarf Lucy, it really is. And for a great cause, no doubt the magazine will do brilliantly. CJ xx


Peggy ?? What four letter words ??

Teresa Kasner

I love your skinny minnie scarf and you look adorable modeling it.. seeing it on you is the only way to get a good idea of how it really looks! How cool to be included in such a special project! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I ordered a copy of Craftanoon a few of weeks ago and as soon as it arrived I immediately went stash diving - a week and half later I had 3 scarves in 3 colour ways!! Your pattern is addictive and very versatile.

Annie C

Yeayyyyyy! I was hoping to find a way to get this publication in the U.S. Going to download from iTunes to my iPad forthwith!


Love the scarf. Just a personal note......please don't start using four-letter words in your posts. U seem like a gentle soul ......so keep your writing gentle please. The world is so filled w hard stuff...... keep your blog a place to gently land after a hard day. Thank you.


Love the scarf and I hope I can get a copy f the magazine.


As soon as I heard about this your contribution to the Crafternoon publication I dispatched DH to buy a copy. Loved the scarf, also the other crafts look interesting as well.

Thank you for your time and energy to do this, do hope you are feeling better.


Your skinny minnie scarf looks great. I love the colours. I didn't know about this magazine so thanks for sharing.


I love the idea of a long skinny scarf and it looks terrific on you and especially with your lovely corduroy coat. Job well done! I will be ordering some of this yarn very soon.


You are beautiful! And I love the scarf! Happy spring scarf!


Lucy, your new scarf looks fabulous on you - especially with your coat. When I saw the Stylecraft Boutique yarn for the first time last year, it was love at first sight. I ordered a bunch of colors from Deramores.com and Loveknitting.com. Here's what I made so far using one of the colors you used in your scarf:



Then I went on to complete a cardigan using another Stylecraft yarn which unfortunately, has been discontinued:


I don't know why they would discontinue the "Breeze" yarn because it came in the most gorgeous heathered colors and holds it's shape perfectly. So easy to knit with too. Perhaps Stylecraft is planning another line of heathered or tonal cotton blend yarn to take its place. I hope so because the solid colors don't do much for me - at least by themselves. Combining them as you do, does redeem the solid colors in a GREAT way, though. Love everything you create! Hugs from Kimmy

Winwick Mum

You would think that by the time you want to choose spring-like colours for your wardrobe then you wouldn't need a scarf, but this year you absolutely do! Those colours and that scarf are perfect for bridging the gap between needing to bury every exposed part of yourself in layers and being able to enjoy the sunshine - with your coat on, of course! :-) xx

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