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March 15, 2017


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As a massive fan of hydrangeas generally (I have five large shrubs of them in my tiny garden!), I am loving the new colour pack, and am thinking that might be my next big blanket project. I cannot crochet (only granny squares!), but I love to knit and the knitted feather and fan (otherwise known as shale) pattern is very similar to your lovely ripple pattern. Bring it on! Thank you for keeping us inspired. x


Oh dear! I will be buying the kit for the hydrangea blanket. It will look good with the cupcake, cottage and coast! I gave the moorland one to my daughter who greatly admired it! I am seriously addicted to crochet blankets! But I thank you for introducing me to them!

Maria João Machado

So, so pretty colors!!

mrs. smythe

Still trying to wrap my head around mushroom and how it changes so much depending on its setting. Fascinating color! I'd love to see you write a bit about acrylic vs. wool and your preferences for fiber. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the subject.


Lovely Lucy thank you love Jenny from Cornwall xx

Julie Caisey

I use to work in a craft shop that sold the Stylecraft Special DK. Our wool shelves were square boxes in which nine balls could be on show, and and so often in a spare moment I would re-arrange the colours, which gave others ideas of what went well together


ailsa busby

Thank you for your wonderful post. Your posts are always something to look forward to and are becoming one of my favourite reads.
Although I don't crochet (I know, please forgive) I find your use of colour inspiring.


Lucy--this is maybe a silly question, but have you told us before how you do your pegs? I always enjoy seeing them but have never tried creating them! :)

Susan Oliver

Love all the colours Lucy I cant wait to see your new Hydrangeas Blanket when it is finished. You have a wonderful eye for colour matching I just love the colours of my cosy stripe blanket.

Cathy Frye

Thank you for showing us how the new colors compare mixed in with the current colors. It helps a lot to see them side by side!


The new colors look fabulous! Thanks for showing us how they fit in with the existing colors!

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Oooh, such nice colours! Gorgeous colour filled post- thank you 😊❤❤❤


What is needed is a proper pretty pink that has some depth while not being garish or so faded it is insipid. Not so sweet that is is sickly either. The greens are still not right either, which as one of my favourite colours is disappointing. The range has many colours but mostly they are not quite 'nice' enough. Which is a great shame and very frustrating really. When they are all jumbled up together they do become acceptable and some get either toned down or enlivened by their more upbeat neighbours.

Yellow is a lovely colour but very hard to dye up apparently. The buttermilk is lovely and my favourite of the new range. I have seen the colours already on another blog post and the peach seemed a little more subtle in the picture there. I quite like it though. I am not sure why it takes so long to add colours to the range. They should also remove a few in my opinion. The eggshell blue was disappointing and very washed out looking, a shame as I was looking forward to it.

I generally find the range of colours in yarn just not there. I think it is because mostly producers cater for knitters and looking at podcasts etc., they seem to favour really rather sombre and limited colours of neutrals and naturals while eschewing more colourful options. Hopefully with the popularity of crochet on the rise that is changing. Embroidery floss offers several hundred colours by comparison.

Susan Smith

Lovely colours & well done for keeping Mum for so long. I love looking at colour palettes & when a big hardware chain was closing down,(in Oz) I picked up a wonderful lot of paint colour charts & now wished I'd also grabbed the single paint chips as well, so I could play. The hydrangea blanket is looking good. Thanks for the sneak peek. I've more hydrangea fabric I'm hoping to use soon. Take care.

Anne Kennerley

The new colours are pretty and the Hydrangea blanket is tempting. I've just finished Moorland Blanket no.2 and about to start a third with the left-overs.Kind regards from Staffordshire.

Angela-Southern USA

Wonderful colors! Just in time for spring/ Easter. The blanket is coming along beautifully.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Gorgeous new colours, I love how you've put them together with the existing ones. I'd spend a lot of time playing with them too I think if I had all the pegs. So much possibility! CJ xx

Patricia Carini

So beautifull! As all what you do..
Thanks for all your posts ...
Patricia (France)

Rowena Corlett

Really like the new clolouis especially the buttermilk. Unlike you Lucy I adore yellows. My husband has asked were the yellow for the gorse is in the moorland blanket! As I am so loving doing the moorland perhaps I will do a second and include a bit of yellow! Look forward to seeing the new colours in the flesh, although you have done a great job with your peg combos!


So excited to start hooking this one. Beautiful colors (as always), and the pattern looks squishy soft.


Beautiful new colors. Admire your ability to keep quiet about this. Very glad your advice convinced me to try this yarn. Looking forward to new blanket. Between you and Christine (Winwick Mum) I stay very busy.


The new colors are gorgeous! So is your hydrangea blanket! Oh my, it's incredibly tranquil and happy looking. I love the textured look of the blanket, too.


Oh, my, you've been quit since august? I deeply respect you from now on, 8 months of silence, wow. Love all three though I don't like acryl as much as I love cotton. On to next week!

Cathy B

I love your new blanket!
Really like the new colours, esp vintage peach :)
Can you persuade Stylecraft to offer these pretty colours in a wool mix yarn???


Really liking the mushroom colour ❤️ Great blanket too!

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