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March 15, 2017


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Very beautiful yarn shades, its hard to differentiate the colours

purity mbogo

i love the colours and the quality looks awesome. where can i get this?

Gris fleur

Will we be able to buy the yarn but not the kit ?

Virginia Schleich

Hi! I just found your blog and love it! I crocheted a blanket using Stylecraft DK and absolutely love the yarn! I am in the process of crocheting a temperature blanket with it also. I I love what you did with wrapping the yarn around clothespins. I think I am going to do that. It will make it so much easier to see the colors and choose for a project. Thank you for a great idea <3


I'm with Wynne. Been wondering if all is well in your world.


Hope you're okay, Lucy, as it's a couple of weeks since you posted.


Hurrah! Been waiting for a soft yellow for the range. Planning starts now!

Sheila R

I am so looking forward to the Hydrangea pattern being released! It will be a real stash buster for me as I already have (if I have guessed the colours correctly from your photo) full balls of 11 of the colours so will only have to buy 4 including the two new colours. Can't wait to see those and will probably have to get a ball of buttermilk just because. Don't need another blanket but that never stops us does it?


They look quite blah in the first picture but put them in with other colours and i love them

Kathy Mitman

I just found your site. Love the color explanation and inspiration. I would like to subscribe but am having trouble with the link. Would you be able to help?

Caroline Crane

Thank you for your colour posts - most inspiring and useful for someone not "colour blind" as such - but the colour equivalent of being tone deaf in the sound department!!


Love all your little yarn pegs. I think I have about 32 of the Stylecraft colours but am slowly building up the range of them in my stash. Jean

Silly Little Sheep

Those are very interesting colours. I wasn't sure about them (I prefer richer fuller colours) but when you arrange them nicely with similar shades I can see how they fit into the already existing range. I love the pegs :)


Thank you Lucy for yet another interesting post about colour! I always revel in your lovely photos of yarn pegs and flowers, and read and re-read your posts with great enjoyment.

I love the new Stylecraft shades, all three of them have a definite place in the range. My favourite is the mushroom, because it looks amazingly versatile. After seeing your flowers though, I have a great urge to do a peony blanket!

Thanks for inspiring me to think more about colour themes, I look at things slightly differently since I started following your blog. Long may you continue 🌷🌷🌷


What gorgeous colours! The Vintage Peach was my favourite before I even knew you had suggested it! It is a perfect shade <3


I have to agree with Katie about the colours never being quite nice enough​ and in fact some are downright gross. Putting them together in a blanket improves the look of them but individually just look like cheap acrylic. I think​ Lucy photographs them in a flattering light.


Love the new colours. There's something so scrummy about seeing the yarn samples on pegs, isn't there?! :-)


Love the new colours and didn't realise how long they take to come to the public. About halfway through my Moorland blanket and enjoying the colours.

Winifred Waite

Very nice additions to the colour range. Love the pegs it's such a good idea yet so simple.


Love the new colors, but love your color pegs even more! Brilliant! I have SO much trouble with color--I'm just not one of those people who can visualize colors that work together, so I am going to keep this post handy to refer to. Thank you for sharing! I just ordered some blues and purples, including Storm Blue and Parma Violet. It will be my first experience with Stylecraft Special DK as I live in the US and am not aware of any stockists here, so I had to order from the UK. Can't wait to get started!


I can't believe it's two years since storm blue, sage and palma violet. The new colours are scrumptious. They work so well together. I loved seeing them arranged in palettes, thank you for that. I can't wait to see them in real life. Well done on keeping it under your hat for so long! Your hydrangea blanket has a beautiful texture.


Oh Lucy, they are divine!
I look forward to attic24 posts and l.o.v.e your ccrocheting
I'll be in the U.K. Next week, visiting from Australia!
Our wool shops are far and few between, and I love to look and feel first!
Buying some Stylecraft Special DK is on my list to bring back home, couldd you recommend any wool shops around Cambridge area?


Love the softness of these new colours.
Note to DeLynn: Lucy has put a link to the yarn pegs just under the second photo on this post. Keep meaning to do some pegs but I'd have to buy more yarn! Oh dear!


Beautiful new colors! I, too, am not a fan of yellow but I love it in that last selection of colors you showed us. I love the peach and especially the mushroom!

Ali Dufty

Nom nom , drooling over the new yarn shades , all very pretty ( particularly the mushroom , that has a lottttttt of potential !!! )looking forward to when they become available .
New blankie taking shape very nicely too :)

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