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March 10, 2017


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Frances Kwinecki

Every time I check in on your blog you take me away to your piece of paridise. Thanks! Your so talented too!

Kate Sanderson

Wish I lived near the sea. Canada is such a huge country, sigh.


Ooh love Heysham, but I've never been at Crocus time.
I am awed every time to stand on the very stone that the headland is made of and wonder how many feet it has taken to so wear the stone away like that.
Happy blogaversory.


I love a nice relaxing view-
I love to blog pretty flowers at WhimsyandCosy blog.

Karen Ness

Thanks for the inspiration. I am off to Heysham this week to see the crocuses
I only live 10 minutes away but don't go often enough

Karen Ness

Thanks for the inspiration. I am off to Heysham this week to see the crocuses
I only live 10 minutes away but don't go often enough


I can't believe Little B is seven years old! So nice when the husband suggests a get away! How nice you live so close to the sea. We live three hours away from a lake, but it's north, and they get a lot of lake effect snow, so we only go there in the summer. And only once, if that. The lake looks as big as the ocean. I'll be going to the real ices in a few days. Girl trip! Have a good week.

Cindy Bee

Ali Dufty

Your precious 'stolen moments' sound perfect . What a lovely , unspoilt little corner you found . Wishing you quite a few more memorable Mondays!! :))


Love this post. There is indeed something special about the sea! I have the. Pleasure of living on a beautiful island and am able to see the sea everyday which I do try too - I feel my day hasn't been complete if I don't!

Marie Pentland

Your post did my heart good Lucy. It reminded me of a wonderful day spent at Heysham Head about 60 years ago. A great start to my day. Thank you!!

Margaret Simpson

What a wonderful way to send a Monday. As always beautiful photos. Thank you Lucy for sharing your special time. 💐💐🇦🇺

Sue Ogden

Always a good place to give the dogs a run when we've got off the ferry from the Isle Of Man, next time you go there, find the little cafe by the beach, Half Moon Bay cafe!


Such a treat when the men we love surprise us like that!


Oh my goodness, what a perfectly wonderful day you had! The scenery is just gorgeous.\
This post has inspired me to go get my husband and we are going to go do SOMETHING to restore our souls.


Sounds fabulous. Next time, put little b in after school club and I'll come pick him up, he can play with the two littlies we babysit for on a Monday x


What a treat! Unplanned, spontaneous outings are the best.


How beautiful, spontaneous days out leave the best memories <3


You could have nipped across to the Isle of Man and visited your crochet followers over here! Not in a 6 hour slot though!!! Never realised the real Heysham was so lovely we only see the port!


What a lovely picture with an old church and the sea in the background. A lovely place and a delightful post. Maybe you should go into tourism as well, Lucy!!


Hi Lucy, What a fantastic post, I live at the other end of the beach at Hest Bank, Morecambe Bay is so beautiful. Never the same, the views across to the Lakeland fells are ever changing, I stand in awe sometimes, especially at this time of year when the snow is on the mountain tops in the distance. Having moved here 21 years ago from The Midlands I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. xx Ps I loved the glimpse at your lovely colourful crocheted topxxxx

Teresa Kasner

What a wonderful day for you and J to go exploring and get out and about. I enjoyed seeing the scenery you saw. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Sounds like a great day, made special by J who is not spontaneous.

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Fabulous blog post! ❤ I feel so inspired to have a spontaneous day out! I live by the sea 🌊 (which I adore as I'm sure you understand 😉)...so for me maybe I'd head inland somewhere! ❤😊😊 Thanks for sharing... 😊


One of these days you must get on an Isle of Man ferry from Heysham.
You won't regret it. Sue

Maureen V Champion


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