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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 14, 2017


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Angeles Huerta

Hola Lucy, muchas felicidades por tu blog. A mí me gusta mucho todo cuanto publicas; tejido, flores, paisajes, todo. A mí también me gusta mucho tejer; no lo hago porque vivo en un lugar bastante, pero bastante cálido. Así que, aunque no lo hago, cuando menos disfruto ver tus fabulosos trabajos. Saludos desde México

Michelle Forbes

Here is to the next nine years Lucy, does it feel that long?
What an inspiration you are to us all. I particularly love the little snatches of your family life that you share and the lovely photos that accompany them. I always feel as if I am having a chat with a very good friend,
when I sit down with my cuppa to read your blog (which I usually save until everything else I need/ have to do are out of the way - note the female guilt!!!). I for one really appreciate all the hard work that must go into making your blog, blogs this good don't just happen. Keep them comimg.... Please....


Susan Jackson

Happiest of blog-i-versaries dear Lucy!! I feel so fortunate to have found your blog when I restarted crocheting after a hiatus of - oh nevermind - years :)
Wishing you many more years of blog love and happiness!!

Your colors make me so very happy, and I've been doing all sorts of "Lucy" projects for my little daughter who has many health challenges and they make her smile <3 <3 .
At the moment we are working on the log cabin blanket - she loves all the bright colors. She's not a fan of the sunny granny colors though and is making me change things up. At first I was very skeptical, but I think she's done well so far - I shall share as we go on.
Thank you so much for your inspirations and joy and sharing the loveliness of Yorkshire and of course the fab patterns xx

Sarah Hughes

I love your blogs, I share your love of nature, flowers, colours and creativity, you inspire me to make the most of it, fantastic that you have been blogging for 9 years hope you enjoy the next as much.xx

Jo Kneale

9 years is a good number! Well done & keep going!

And word count is addictive. I got hooked on seeing how many I'd done for the book. (Did I tell you my book's out?)

Blogging has opened a whole world up for me. Thank you for being a part of that x


Love you, Lucy. Congrats! :)


Congratulations! I have been reading your blog for around 5 years and recommend it to folks frequently. And, wow, 64 tutorials?!!!! That is absolutely amazing! Thanks for all you do!

Kathy Kraetsch

10 years Oh My! Thank you for being here! I enjoy your blog very much. Wishing you encouragement and peace 😀


I have followed you for several of those nine years and I love everything you have shared. You are generous with your crochet tutorials and knowledge but you are also generous with your feelings and your life and I really appreciate that. Thank you!


Congratulations and happy 9° Anniversary.
I really enjoy your blog.
Kate in France


Congratulations Lucy and thank you so much for sharing your colourful crochet world with us. Your posts always brighten up my day!

Catherine Pritchard

Congratulations on your blog's anniversary. Your photos, musings and tutorials bring a lot of joy to us all. Life would be a lot poorer without a peep into the Attic every now and again.


Very happy anniversary!! I have enjoyed your blog for several years, your joy for life, love of colour and your wooly creations got me thru many hours of a very boring job I used to do!! Nothing like a shot of the Attic to keep you going.


Congratulations! I have only found your blog fairly recently but I hope to continue to enjoy your posts for a long time <3


I found your blog whilst living in a (cold, damp, squashed!) mobile home with 2 small children and a very stressed husband, as we tried to renovate an old, damp, crumbling house, whilst vainly trying to reassure ourselves that we hadn't bitten off more than we could chew... After the kids were in bed and desperate for a bit of solitude and escapism, and needing desperately to make something (my sewing machine was in storage), I would lock myself away in the 'bedroom' (read 6" bigger all round than a small double mattress) and go online and try to teach myself how to crochet. Which is how I found the Attic, and all your wonderful, light filled, colour charged, woolly delights. Not to mention cake and flowers... I really needed all that positivity at the time and my gratitude at learning how to crochet and the delight it has brought me since, as well as the pleasure of reading all your posts, is immense - thank you for all that you do Lucy!


Congratulations & thank you for your great blogs. You are a very generous person sharing your life & wonderful tutorials with us all around the world. Just think how many blankets have been made! I look forward to opening your blog, finding a new post and reading about how you are and what you have been up to. Please keep it up. Love,Monica


Thank you Lucy for everything you share, and happy blogiversary! it's not only important for you, is a source of pleasure to all of us!There have been some moments, when I became a mother, that crocheting wasn't possible at all.Sleeping very few hours,babies that were glued to me...and there was always a moment for your blog,even if I couldn't crochet,at least I could feast my eyes with your happy coloured projects, your mary janes,flowers...thank you and please keep on writing!Kisses and Eskerrik asko

Jean Parker

Happy Anniversary, I really enjoy your blog 😀


Happy Anniversary, Lucy. I so enjoy your blogs and and have learned so much from you. I, too, am lucky enough to live in this wonderful county of Yorkshire but you have brought it alive to so many people all over the world. What joy you bring with your patterns and blogs and, perhaps most of all, with your uncanny and very talented ability to mix colours so meaningfully. THANK YOU!


happy blogging!

Lynn Butler

Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary! Nine years of blogging is quite an accomplishment. I've been a reader for 6 yrs now and can't believe it myself! You have inspired me in so many ways with your love of life, color and flowers. I take more time to appreciate my neighborhood walks and be thankful for all our bright, sunny hot days here in Southern California. I must confess there's many a time I wish we could switch so I could enjoy your grey, cold and moody weather.

I learned to crochet from my Grandmothers when Avocado green, Burnt orange and Goldenrod yellow were THE colors! LOl! In my mind, crochet and those colors were forever linked together until I came across your blog and discovered all your gorgeous color uses. Crochet became new again, not outdated.

I haven't had the chance to meet you, but I hope to one day. You have such a welcoming way of reaching out with your writing! You are like a friend. I have to confess that I think of you especially when I see something Spotty Dotty that is so YOU! Lol!

Here's to many many more happy years of Bloggin!



Congratulations, Lucy! Finding your blog five years ago changed my life in really important ways. I started to appreciate my own life much more when I saw the way you approached yours. I now feel so much more comfortable in my chosen life as a mother, wife and homemaker because I see how valuable this kind of work really is. You make a happy and comfortable home for your family and that is so important. I have enjoyed seeing your family grow up these past few years and I'm looking forward to whatever the future holds for all of you.

Eva Meyer

Thank you, Lucy, for all these years of Inspiration, Colour and sharing your thoughts with us! All the best for the next nine years!

Greetings from Germany



I am pleased to hear that this blog is a creative 'free-ing' priceless space for you. Thank you for your beautiful pictures and colour that really lift my day and moods. If you knew how therapeutic that is when life seems SO grey, that to is priceless. Thank you Lucy. Your colour work inspires and informs my patchwork combinations. Slowly learning.


Hello Lucy, I have been following your blog for several years now and have told many people I know about it who also now follow you. Because of your blog I organised our annual holiday around (and attended) the first Yarndale. I love your writing, your crochet makes (have bought some of your kits and made some of your makes) and I love all of your creativity...I find it very inspiring.
I read with interest about your trips down to the south coast as it's an area we know well as we have friends and have therefore had many visits and holidays in Lyme Regis ourselves.
I hope you continue to write and enjoy your life in Atticland as I know I will continue to enjoy it. Congratulations on all of your hooky achievements. 😊❤️

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