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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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February 28, 2017


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Polly Macleod

What a lovely post Lucy. I semi hibernate in winter too. I hope your family issues were solved all right. That breakfast looks delicious, you're spot on about breakfasts on holiday, so good, and the croissant -mm absolute favourites of mine, we have the same breakfast likes :-) Your studio looks lovely.


It's taken me two years, but I have finally finished a crochet ripple scarf using your neat ripple pattern. I have linked to your pattern from my blog. Thank you for writing such comprehensive patterns that even a newcomer to crochet can achieve such lovely things.



The coming home is always the best part. I get so weepy in airports - for myself and for other people - something about the goodbyes and the hellos being so emotional.
I just love your studio. I aspire to make my craft room as neat and tidy and inspiring as yours!

Lindsey Toms

That breakfast does look amazing :) I have enjoyed reading your interview and making some of your blankets. I love the beach, having lived by the coast for years and having our four children born and grow up in the West Country. But Yorkshire is beautiful too. At the moment we live about as far away from the coast as one can get in the UK and we have a cottage in Wales, but still the coast draws us and thankfully we have family living close to it :)

A Lucy Fan


It's International Women’s Day today and you reach out across the world to so many people through your blog. May I share this with you.

An Affirmation of Faith

We believe in the goodness and value of women,
in our strength and health,
in our capacity to cry,
in our capacity to sustain each other instead of being rivals,
in our capacity to respond to the demands of children
and carry the weight of daily life,
in our openness and desire to continue working,
in our spiritual and earthly being,
full of life – birth, death and resurrection.

We affirm the history of women
as the history of humanity.
We are gatherers of fruits,
peasants, farmers, sewers, workers,
mothers, scientists, doctors, housewives and economists.

We give our life, we are hidden workers,
without wages at home and breadwinners in society.
We recognise this diversity and versatility.
We rejoice in our intuition and our thinking.
We confess our faults and fragility,
because we have accepted violence and injustice
in relationships between men and women.

We expect a future of faith and hope,
working for the day to come in which we and all our sisters
will no longer have to adapt to a stereotype
because we will be free
to express ourselves as we are
and we will be free
to share in all the benefits of human life and work.

We hope for a time of peace,
when violence will disappear
and men and women can love and be loved,
and the work and riches of our world can be justly shared.

Written by women of the Presbyterian Church in Colombia.


Having spent most of 2016 backwards and forwards to Yorkshire (trains and buses, for me) from Scotland, I understand where you are coming from regards family dramas, and how much better I feel on the trip home. I hope all settles for you and your craftiness continues.

Love and stuff, Gill


I agree, the beach in winter is quite lovely. I also nominated your blog for the Blogger Recognition Award, here is the link: https://tinyhorsetalk.wordpress.com/2017/03/04/blogger-recognition-award/ Congratulations! :)


Families are funny things aren't they? You are not alone Lucy! I love my family, but I've had enough family drama to last a lifetime, and I'm hoping this year will be a calm one on that front.

I'm soooooooo looking forward to milder, brighter days. Fragrant candles, lamps and an endless supply of supermarket flowers seem to have got me through Jan and Feb. I always feel like a butterfly. You know how they have to expose their wings to the sunshine to warm them up to fly about and do their thing, well, I always feel like that too. I need a bit of warmth and sunshine to kickstart me into action. Seriously, if I wake up to bright skies, I feel like I can conquer the world! Well, maybe after a coffee or two! Ha ha! Jan and Feb are like walking in treacle. A good excuse though for hunkering and crochet!!!!!!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxx

Angel Jem

Me again! Here's the link to your interview... thanks for doing that. It's a real pleasure to have you on my blog!

Karen B.

Like Lisa from Washington, I'm on season 2 of "Broadchurch" and that beach does look familiar! I'm still waiting to receive my Little Box of Crochet which I also purchased because you were the designer! I know it will be worth the wait! Thanks Lucy!
Karen in Virginia


My husband has one of those cars and boy I know what you mean. I feel like I am in mario cart in it sometimes!

Sorry your trip wasn't as relaxing as hoped. Families are complicated beasts aren't they. Though that breakfast looks like it alone was worth the trip (and scary car ride).

If that glimpse is anything to go by I am very much looking forward to the new blanket.

Angel Jem

I've just finished writing your post for "A Weekend With"! Do you ever read through your old posts? I was having a browse (because, duh, research) and I realised again how lovely your home is. And how much hygge you have in it!
I'm glad you had a good week away, and that you're back in the studio again. My to do list just keeps getting longer, but that might be because I never knuckle down to the doing, just the planning!
Your post goes up on https://howtohyggethebritishway.com/ tomorrow (3rd March). I'll drop by with the specific link.


Especially love your posts about your studio. I know you work hard, but to me it all seems so cheerful and relaxing. I sometimes think that those of us who do not exactly have harmonious family backgrounds appreciate the joys of cosy and peaceful surroundings most, and have a lot to give to the world because of that.


Like you I adore fresh Daffs, currently getting a new bunch each week, but my job is moving to a new building soon and I plan on making a bunch of daffs the first thing on my desk!


Dear Lucy, I am French and I love your blog, it is very pleasant to read your texts. I like your stories and your photos and everything you make. I wish I could crochet as much and as fast and good as you. I have promised myself I will buy a pack from your shop to crochet one of your blankets one day. For a start, I bought my first Little Box of Crochet because you were the designer and I am so so happy with it! thank you for everything you do and thank you for sharing. Anne

Teresa Kasner

Lucy, that is so neat that you flew to see your family and got picked up by your brother.. I'd have loved to see a photo of his Mini Cooper.. I think they are so cute. Your studio really is lovely.. I can see how you would be inspired to work there. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Glad you managed to find some sunshine despite Storm Doris, it was certainly wild out there! Did you know that your favourite cafe company have bought West Bexington cafe it will be more up market than the others! Sarah x


I so appreciate your blog, Lucy. Thank you for sharing...

Claire Westoby

Hi Lucy, I love reading your Blog and share your love of daffodils, I always have a jug of them on my kitchen table, I am on the last few rows of one of your crochet blankets pattern. Loved seeing your pictures of Dorset as I live in Bournemouth and have been to West Bay several times.


I'm loving your tale of your brother's Mini. My first driving experiences aged 17 are of the original Mini and if I see the odd one about these days it looks so small, yet my memory thinks it was quite big. All families can be so complicated at times, so don't worry, just work your way through and what will be will be as my Grandmother always told me and she was so right. West Bay is looking fantastic and I promise myself I'm going for that breakfast one of these days...maybe this summer ..fingers crossed. Rae x

Lesley Cross

What a lovely inspirational post Lucy. I really enjoyed reading it. It's a vast difference from Yorkshire to Dorset is it not? I have moved up here from the south and I just love it. Every time I drive down there now, I begin to get the heeby jeebies as soon as I near the M25 and the heavy traffic and road rage, etc., etc. Very, very stressful. Returning back up here, I just feel I heave a heavy sigh of relief and can breathe. I am about to embark on a baby blanket using your cosy blanket pattern. I really love your work. Your latest blanket is really beautiful and the colours you have used really echo the local landscape.😀

Cherie Chudyk

Thanks for sharing ... delightful blog again. I quite like the cosy indoors of winter months at the start but by February can't wait for spring. So good to see snowdrops and daffodils emerging and promising spring. x


Lovely pictures!!! You take such beautiful photos!!!
Dorset is beautiful but you can never beat home.

March is here and the days are noticeably longer, so enjoy!

Tuula Maaria

I love love love flying too :) Especially love a plane taking off. And in your photos today I especially love the bright and colourful notebook cover!

Susan Smith

Love the story about your brother & his car. It did make laugh. I think we all have family problems to deal with at times. Don't overwork yourself on those deadlines & make sure you breathe slowly & smell the roses occasionally. Take care & huggles from Oz.

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