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February 14, 2017


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Im too scared to try socks...... Yours look very professional indeed..

Susan Smith

I've got sock envy!!!! I've been knitting for a good 63 years & don't think I even want to think about another way, other than the good old English
style, but must get motivated to do some socks. I've even got a ball of sock wool & can use 4 needles, though I've not had much success with circular ones. Send me big push. Happy knitting & take care.

Ethne Illingworth

I'm currently knitting up my 3rd pair of socks - firs ones using sock yarn - the others were DK yarn - I'm using the WYS yarn and it's lovely. I however am using circular needles and knitting from toe up - that way I know I'm not going to run out of yarn and get equal sock leg lengths.


you should look up portugese knitting, thats also supposed to be easier


Well done Lucy! I have had the sock addiction since just before Christmas and it shows no signs of diminishing! Have you tried any of the West Yorkshire Spinners Country birds range? I love the fact the wool is British, it is spun here and the shades are based on our own beautiful wildlife...blue tits, pheasants, kingfisher etc. I intend taking mine to family in Australia later this year. I decided to try a little circular needle but found it too small and wasn't able to whizz along the rows, plus it gave me hand cramps, so I have persevered with 4needles, which I never thought I would like and now its second nature! Keep up the inspiration :)

Sue Halliday

Well done! Christine's sock tutorials are awesome!I love knitting socks but hate wearing them so all of mine go off to a good home somewhere else!

Annette My Rose Valley

Hi Lucy
Cable magic!!! Well done. I so want to get into knitting socks. Looks like so much fun. And I have to say I'm truly amazed by your cables. That must be the greatest feeling ever to accomplish. Keep on knitting, keep on knitting...

Laurie Mowat

I love your socks! I like to use colorful yarn but when it comes to clothes I'm about as neutral as you can get but I think I would wear these. My attempt at knitting didn't get past the garter stitch my hands kept say 'Go back to crochet, go back to crochet'' and so I did. My coordination just
could not handle two hands going at the same time. I 'll just admire your talent from afar.

Teresa Kasner

Bravo on all those socks, Lucy.. and the cable ones are magnificent! I have knitted one pair and have the yarn for my 2nd pair but the right moment has not arisen.. but you do inspire me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Jackie Farrow

I love them. I haven't yet tried knitting socks. Been knitting for many years. Wasn't sure I could do it. But seeing you have done them, makes me think of course I can. I have some of this yarn so I think I will use this when I knit my first pair.

Marcie keem

Socks are great to knit ,I love them I have so many patterns I will need to live to 150 yrs old to use them ,I find them very relaxing to knit


beautiful! I really need to give this a go!!! Thanks for the videos...they will help!

Cary Crowe

I would love to learn to knit socks (or anything at all). I stick to crochet because I think it takes less two handed coordination:) As usual, you are an inspiration.


Lovely colours Lucy. They all look great & considering you're new to knitting, they're absolutely brilliant.

Have to say although I love knitting especially Aran & Estonian lace I really don't like knitting in the round or using 4 needles so I can't bear to knit socks or gloves.


Ohhh I do love a good sock post, thank you! I really like the colourway you are working on at the moment and it's on my list to try when I get my own queue of sock knitting down to a dull roar. I am working in 4 pairs at once... In my defence one pair is for a friend :D


ShazK: I have crocheted some socks, using a pattern from a book. I prefer to crochet too, but was a little disappointed because you don't get the stripes as crochet uses more wool. Also I found the crochet ones less comfortable as they are not as smooth as knitted ones, particularly wearing them with boots all day. They are, however, much easier, quicker,and in my opinion more fun to make than knitted ones. My next pair will be thick and fluffy to wear as bed socks


Hey I am a knitter who has made many pairs of socks but am now very sloooowly crocheting the Moorland blanket. I am the opposite to you Lucy but your blog has been very inspirational and here I am crocheting!!

Debbie Orr

Have you tried knitting two socks at a time? It's a way to avoid Second Sock Syndrome :-)

Carol Phelps

Just learning socks...after blanket crocheting! Love yours.....gorgeous colours!


Thank you so much for the Norwegian purl info, i spotted your mention on your instagram feed yesterday and straight away looked it up! As a continental sock knitter (albeit left handed, so you'd think I was knitting backwards) this has been brilliant! I'm knitting the 'impossible girl' socks in the Everest colourway and this has made a big difference this evening... Will definitely be doing this moving forward. Thank you so much for the inspiration! Claire xx


I'd like to crochet socks. I have a knitting phobia 😳 Any suggestions please?

Winwick Mum

Considering that you've only been knitting socks for just over a year (I have a picture of you on my blog, white-knuckled, as you tackled your first pair in October 2015!), you've really embraced the whole sock knitting thing. 10 pairs is quite an achievement for anybody, never mind a dedicated crochet Blanket Guru like yourself! I think I'm almost as super-proud of your socks as you are, and those cables are perfect, even with the dropped stitch - think of it a design feature that makes the sock uniquely yours :-) xx


Love that and hope to knit socks once too !!


Your socks are all lovely, so pleased you are enjoying knitting them! Cables are a little bit magical and impressive too, aren't they?


Oh my, you're on a sock roll Lucy, they're amazing. I can't believe you're new(ish) to socks, well done you. And the cable, wowzer! They're all absolutely gorgeous. Nice job. CJ xx

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