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February 14, 2017


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Rowena Corlett

Hi Lucy - you probably won't remember but I posted about having major surgery and having to put my Moorland down until I have recovered! I am now 3 weeks post op and all is going well but as I can't crochet I am occupying myself finding everything I can about knitting socks with the intention of taking the plunge fairly soon!! I am interested to know why you choose to use a short circular needle as opposed to the magic loop as I am trying to decide on which needles to buy in the first instance - any advice gratefully received. I love your socks xxxx

Lord Ganesan Wallpaper

Nice Post,Keep Updating Like This.



I love cosy socks - I've not MADE any though.
I think socks are underated and had a fun chat about them on my blog



Argh, the 'attic 24' effect strikes again. I've been wanting to have a go at knitting some socks for a while and I love the Head Over Heels yarn you've used in this post so I popped over to Wool Warehouse to buy some. They're all sold out...!

Love your socks though. Hope I one day manage to produce something so neat.


Those cable socks are beautiful! <3 You should definitely be proud of them! I am still trying to perfect my ribbing stitch and so I am very impressed! Operation sock drawer sounds like a brilliant plan!


Love those socks...just ordered some yarn


Wow I could have written this post - well not really but I totally agree about knitting Continental style and purling using the English method. I was taught the Norwegian Purl method but I did not get it and gave up. You have inspired me to try again!

I thought I would never knit socks but now I am addicted!

I love your blog!

Angela-Southern USA

Fantastic! Lovely cables you should be proud! I'm working on pair number five now for this year. I'm a continental knitter as well and my yarn travels around my pinkie and over my index finger as I hold the left needle with the rest of my fingers, then when I purl after inserting the right needle into the stitch I use my middle finger to push the yarn behind the right needle and finish the stitch, my middle finger goes back to holding the needle in-between time. On instagram checkout #howiknit and #howipurl loads of short videos on how others knit, great resource.Hope it's a sunny day there today!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Angel Jem

Woo! Get you!
Sock knitting is all pure voodoo as far as I'm concerned... God Bless Christine, I even got the book, but I am no nearer casting on than I was before. I can, however, do cables in knitting already.

Flora Lam

Hi lucy
You may like this video.


Those colors are so beautiful. :)


WONDERFUL socks! I love seeing them all stacked up like that. I love knitting socks and i have a little drawer in my dresser set aside for them - I feel proud looking at them all folded up in there together!


I love everything you post, seriously!! I just bought needles and yarn from loveknitting. You are so inspiring and such a wonderful person to share. Thank you for the time you put into posting and letting us into your world. From the US, I love reading about you from the across the pond!!


Your socks are beautiful and your perseverance is inspiring! I don't know how to knit but I believe I can learn (hello youtube!) and then....hello sock making.


Wow, they are all gorgeous and some Head over Heels and Regenwald will probably be joining my wish list. Christine has got many of us addicted - thank goodness.


Try again with the continental purl stitch. It is a bit trickier than the continental knit but not nearly as troubling as that Norwegian one-Yikes!. Lots of youtube videos of continental stitch. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your collection of handknit socks! I knit on 4 double point needles but I will have to try that tiny circular needle. Congrats on trying and succeeding on doing new things-I have never been able to get the hang of English knitting. I originally learned Russian style but you can't (I can't) knit that in the round without twisting stitches.


The socks look amazing! Once I am ready for a change from crocheting blankets I will have to give them a try.

Hayley McLoughlin

As if you haven't inspired me enough!
Thanks to you I am now on to my second sock (crochet though, not knitted) and I can't wait to finish and show them off.
I feel a purge of You Tube-ing coming on to learn all the random magic / voodoo needed for knitted socks, Norwegian purls and cables :)

Rachel B

Sooooooo lovely! It seemed a natural step (!) to go from crocheting snuggly blankets to trying socks... I too struggle with the pointy sticks - but I'm proud of my one sock so far!



oh yes! I am MORE than suitably impressed! they are all gorgeous & the cables are amazing! you go girl!


I have only managed one pair and I am so proud of them might try some more soon he he
Thankyou for another lovely blog swoon those socks


I love the socks! I have some wool and a circular needle waiting for me to start. I promised myself I would finish the moorland blanket first! Then I have your cottage one to do and have just ordered cupcake! I am in wool heaven just now!

Amy Marcoux

Your socks are stellar!!! Have you ever checked out Hand Dyed by Kate yarns? I think her self striping sock yarn is totally up your alley, based on your blankets.


Oh Lucy! This purl thing is heartbreaking. I'm a German knitter and have knit (and crocheted)for the past 40 years (continental way of course). Try this: Holding your knitting in your hands, wool is coming from your right needle, going to your left forefinger. Lift the yarn over the left needle so it is in front of the left needle. Stick your right-hand needle from right to left through the next stitch on the left needle, move it under your wool, lift the tip of your right-hand needle upward, thus picking up the wool and simply lift it through your stitch - purl stitch done. Note: Do not move your needle over the wool and pull it through the stitch downward, the stitch would be twisted! Let me know if it worked for you. Happy knitting!


Oooh your sock posts sing to me! I adore knitting socks, and they feel sooo good on the feet, as you point out. You have the most colourful collection going there, love it!

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