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February 24, 2017


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Diane McNabb

Is there a colorwash version of the moorland blanket?


I’ve completed the moorland blanket ( to those people requesting a printed pattern, it is there very clearly underneath the pictures in the page. Just copy the text and paste it into Word). Anyway, I’m just about to start the border- I could not for the life of me keep the edges straight so it ended up tapering and I lost about an inch and a half on each side. I’d spent too much time on it to start again so it is what it is!

Carol Addems

I was given the Moorland Blanket Kit as a Xmas present this year. I am thrilled with the colours and can’t wait to start it but, unlike the hydrangea kit (which I have recently completed) it doesn’t contain a pattern.
Could you please show me where I can get a pattern to print please? I see all the links but I would like to have a simple printed version
Many Thanks

Belinda Grimes

I ended up with new full lime skein and not enough grape to do the border. Realize I can choose another color than grape but I really liked that combination. I have two very small balls of grape and no way to weigh it. Really disappointed.

Marla Gunderson

I ordered and made the Moorland afghan earlier this year. I have now ordered both the Hydrangea Stipe Blanket and the Coast Ripple Blanket. Included in the later two, are very nice several page instructions, which DIDN'T come with Moorland. IS there now, I hope a printed plan sheet like these ones for other afghans? IF so, may I order it or can it be sent to me?

Susan Toscano

Don't I feel stupid! I completed part 1 and then, mistakenly, went on to part 3. When I finished 3, I realized that I had skipped part 2! So I am doing 2 now after 3! Do you think it will matter too much?


Hi Lucy I wanted to make a baby blanket in this pattern using the moorland colours. How many stitches should I chain for the foundation row?
I'm doing my sample it's a little longer than it should be.
Thank you

Rosemary Probst)

Hi Lucy!
I just got my yarn for the Moorland afghan. I am looking for the complete written pattern. Can you direct me to it?
Thanks so much!

Maureen Butterfield

Thank you so much for filling the cold winter nights. Just the border to finish now .I shall be sad and happy to reach the end but I'm looking forward to my next project.x


just started Moorlands- reminds me of where I was born and of a deep love I haver of heather covered moors. Am loving the play of the green colours - combinations I would never have thought of. Thank you Lucy


Hi Lucy
Do you have a recommended way of washing the finished blanket? I have read somewhere to use conditioner. Do you block the edges or steam the whole blanket?


Love the colors!!!


Have finished my blanket today not sure how to send a photo. It looks great and just like the North York Moors where I live Thank you for really enjoyable crochet project.

Kathryn Ashe

Finished! The Moorland blanket is just wonderful. I have been full of gratitude throughout the making of this project. For a thousand things.


I have loved making this blanket, have sent for more wool in other colour ways to start another. I am addicted! Thank you so much.

Michelle Watters

I'm finished! And I loved it. Thank you so much for your time and creativity Lucy.

Now what are we all doing with out leftovers?? 😎


Although I don't crochet I enjoy stopping by to see what lovely work is done and I can't resist the latest addition to your family - the furry one with four legs.

Bonnie Habel

It's all done. Yay and boo hoo at the same time. It was a lot of fun. This was my first experience with a CAL. I was a bit worried that keeping up might be a problem with my busy schedule, but I stayed on top of it and there were actually a few weeks where I was anxiously waiting for the next installment to post. I am very happy with my finished project and the experience was very pleasant. I am in the USA and I am sure anyone who isn't living completely off-the-grid knows that we are in a bit of a mess in our country right now. It was so nice to sit down with my blanket, work away "along side" people from all over the world doing the same thing and take a break from all of the dissent and anger for a little while. Thank you again for the nice project.


Thank you for this pattern, Lucy It was my first CAL and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I'm wondering how I can justify another blanket - I'm sure I'll think of something


Thank you for this CAL. I love the border. So I finished my blanket after three weeks crocheting yesterday evening. It was real fun.


Thank you Lucy ! I am still working on my blanket but have ordered more from woolwarehouse. Love the product and service. Do hope that you are enjoying your visit and will have the refreshed feeling that you need.


Hello Lucy from Sunny California...
I received my first order of yarn today, and I was most excited!!!! There are so many different ways to use the yarns, but I love the patterns you have shared and look forward to following your patterns as well. Thank you for sharing your talents and love of crochet.

Diane McFarlin


Hi Lucy, I just finished my blanket in ripple. It's the largest piece I've ever crocheted and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Peta-Ann Cowan

That is so good, I am in my own colour way and behind because as am making a huge double blanket. I love the edging but not sure I don't prefer your linen stitch, I will have a play when it comes time to do it!!With the edging have you ever tried doing the last row of slip stitch going backwards. You keep the work facing you but do the slip stiches from left to right......it takes a bit of getting used to but it makes the most lovely firm edge that looks like a whipped cord!!!!! I will have to wait for my little box of crochet for months until I get back to Europe. Saludos from Bolivia, Peta Cowan!!

Rowena Corlett

Sorry to bother you but you seem to have used a 5.5mm hook (going by the colour) and I know you used a 5mm for the actual blanket. Some people on the FB page are going down a hook size not up! Could you advise please. Many thanks x

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