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February 10, 2017


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Lucy--I'm 1/2 way through part 4, and doing the extra rows and the 301 stitch size. I think my blanket is gonna come out a little shorter than I'd like, even though my gauge is on. Can you suggest where/how/what color I might slip in a few more stripes? I know you worked long and hard on the beautiful order of it all, and I don't want to mess up the perfection. But I really know that Mr Tall Husband is going to have toes stick out if I don't lengthen it. Thanks.


I have noticed that you leave your ends to darn in later. I have crocheted them in as I go; I hope that this doesn't cause a problem later on!!

Little Quiltsong

Thank you for sharing all the lovely blankets everyone has been making! Thank you also for letting us listen to the skylark bird sounds - I found my favorite - white-throated sparrow sound - oh that brings back memories of mornings when we lived in the country - he/she was my absolute favorite :)!!


It's not the lime I don't like so much but all that blue which makes me feel quite chilly. Were I to make the blanket I would stick to the middle block of colours which I think are lovely.

Jenny Turner

Wish I could have the border instructions next Friday, it's half term the following week so I won't be working and could have spent the time finishing my double blanket. Can't wait to show it off. Think I might be giving this one to my son so I want to start another one for myself, but maybe in a different colourscape. Oh well, will have to finish some of those WIPs in my basket instead over half term!


Aargh no! We have to wait two weeks for the final part! I don't think I can cope with that.


Those blues would make a lovely blanket on their own. I am still back in week 4 so very glad of the catch-up week. Your colours are Yorkshire Moors, mine are Dorset summer hedgerows and after a suggestion from a blog follower, my next will be Pembrokeshire Banks with touches of gorse and honeysuckle and a glimpse of the sea - still using your Moorland colour stripe sequence as a guide. I am thinking of making the Pembrokeshire blanket in the Cosy Stripe pattern - I did so love making that one.
Thank you as always for the inspiration Lucy. <3


I bought the yarn pack for this when the project was first posted but haven't started it yet because I need to finish a few other obligations first.
Am really looking forward to getting around to this beautifully colored afghan and follow the posts weekly.


Yay! Can't wait to finish - so I can start another one! I have decided to give blanket no. 1 to a friend as a birthday present, so am going to make another one for myself, with a couple of tweaks. The colours are gorgeous and I love the lime and grape section. The first sage just jumps out at me too much so I am going to have a little rejig around that area. Thank you Lucy for this project.

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