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February 10, 2017


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Lorna Wilson

Can this blanket be knitted? My daughter in law bought me the wool but I don’t crochet.

Vicki B.

I just found your blog through Pinterest. I absolutely love the picture of your unfinished project keeping your baby warm. So lovely!


Hi, I just found your blog when I was browsing on the internet and found your blog is very inspiring. I really like your colorful design. I like crochet and knitting too, but crochet does me my wrist hurt sometime. Does it ever happened to you too? Wish you have a nice day!


Is anyone making a cushion from the left over yarn? Maybe 2. ? Just wondering whether to do the wave both sides????? The colours have been a joy to work with Lucy, it was/ is a great idea, thanks SO much.

Annemiek Ruwhof

This blanket is so beautiful. I'm only at row 25, I love the colours.
Lucy, may I ask you a question? Why don't you use magic knots when changing colours?
Sorry for my English, I'm Dutch.

Joy Prince

Absolutely love this blanket. I'm making it for my daughter's birthday. Her name is Heather and I made a "Heather hills" themed quilt for her many years ago. I love the stitch and the colours are stunning....even the lime!! Bit behind as I can only do it when Heather isn't around (she's nearly caught me a couple of times) can't wait to get to the blue sky.


I've been reading your blog for five years. I've crocheted since I was 7 years old. My granny taught me. I have ordered your Attic24 Cosy colors and simply can't wait to start a blanket using this pattern. My order is coming all the way to Tennessee, in the good ole USA! Thanks for the INSPIRATION!!! and putting these lovely colors together...


The moorland cal looks like it's coming along well- I love the colours lucy .
WhimsyandCosy blog CAL is coming along well, and it is THE most popular section of my blog WhimsyandCosy.

I love hearing YOUR tales as well Lucy.

Here's my CAL update article in case you have time to read.


Rowena Corlett

So enjoying this pattern Lucy! I am way behind mainly because I am working on other WIPS at the same time but I am not in a hurry as when it's finished I will miss working on it! Also wanted to say that I am getting neater edges by doing ch1 and dc into the first stitch and a standing treble on the other row that starts in the middle of the pattern repeat. Do 350 stitches so it's going to be gorgeously huge!!




Just watched Country file and moors reminded me of your blanket.... no specs of white though for the herdwicks 😀

TOSI Nathalie


Merci beaucoup pour ce CAL tres agréable à crocheter, je viens de terminer la partie 4 et j'ai fait le premier rang il y a juste une semaine, vous etes fantastique, une vraie artiste.
Bonne journée


I laughed to myself as I read the first line of this post. I'm in the middle of an Australian summer and I came to your blog to get my virtual dose of winter! Not that our winter (I'm in North Queensland) gets even remotely close to anything you would experience in a winter, but I can dream!


I'm usually quite relieved when autumn and winter arrive as I'm working pretty hard in the garden all spring and summer, no time for crafty things. So winter is a time to make all those things that I've been designing in my head while I'm digging and weeding and planting. Dogs to walk too so that gets me out in the cold and rain quite enough.
Somebody remembers Rosedale chimney! I walked there with my Dad from our holiday cottage near Hutton-le- Hole in 1952. I was really upset to see it had gone several years later.

Making the neat wave blanket from all my left overs. Then I can buy some more.
Love your blog Lucy and all your project.

Johanne Kotze

Haven't started yet and can't wait to begin. So many projects to do - almost impossible to keep up with all the CAL's and still do my own colour schemes. Love it all !


Just about to start the week 6 stripes. What dimensions should the finished blanket be? (It is perhaps written somewhere but I cant find it) Thanks Lucy I love how my blanket looks and its been great to be part of a CAL group.


Am on stripe 67 now, trailing a bit but still enjoying it. Really looking forward to getting to the blues..my favourite colour. It covers my lap nicely now which is why I always crochet a big blanket in winter. This old farmhouse can get rather cold.


Besides a lovely blanket, THANK YOU for sharing the skylark song- how beautiful. I've never heard such a long-winded lovely song!

linda schiffer

I have to tell you ... I just started my Moorland afghan (I dislike the word 'blanket' as demeaning to the process:) yesterday - at last! It was the oddest thing ... as I sat and read my way through the ripple stitch tutorial, suddenly I felt as if you were sitting right beside me, telling me what to do next.

Was a cozy and surprising feeling. Am enjoying the process - really like the idea that I will have a bit of authentic blooming heather in my American home.

:) Linda


Don't know where I went wrong as the width is right but the length is far too long. I have finished after row 91 so will have lots of blues left to use for another project.
I have recently been given a Clover Amour hook and love it. It is so easy to hold and use.


Dear Lucy, I am excited about your combination of colours, and I appreciate so much your sharing of all your talent and knowledge! The coast ripple blanket was the very first blanket I ever did. Now I enjoy working on the Moorland blanket. What I would like is a few sheep to apply on the Moorland. I wonder if you would enjoy to create a little tutorial for such?? Thank you very much for all the pleasure your blog has brought to me thus far.


How do I send a picture?


And extra week... what a super idea! I may just catch up yay and yay! This working full time is getting in the way of my hooktime.


I'm running about 3 weeks behind. My yarn didn't arrive until the day before part 2. Then I wasn't enjoying the wave pattern so it took me a couple weeks to find what worked for me. I'm doing your raindrops pattern and it's lovely!


Good grief these blues make me happy! Combing Moorland and Harmony remnants is going to make one gorgeous dilly of a blanket! xx

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