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February 03, 2017


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If black off shoulder dress keeps women a sense of mystery.Then midi dresses with sleeves shows the neat and pure of a girl.

Jane Tisell

I am so loving this blanket...have sped through the rows for part 5 and am eagerly anticipating the last segment... you are so clever with colour!


Sorry, still no pictures and I'm only begining week two, but thank you so much for this wonderful design and your lovely blog.


I have gotten caught up in feeling like I am strolling in the Moors, and actually have felt pangs of sadness in putting the Greens and Lavenders away. But the blues are very refreshing! Love this project!

Diana Nieves

Catching up as much as I can; finally up to the 2d half of part three and loving the pattern, the colors, and the emerging blanket. Never thought I'd work with synthetics but just couldn't pass up this beauty.

How do I send my pic?


I love these colors! I was able to very briefly visit the moors while staying with some friends in Yorkshire this past September and you for the colors just right!

Cindy Bee

I love blues too. Pink used to be my favorite color, but in the last few years it has changed to shades of blue...maybe a little pink thrown in. Our crochet group just ordered a whole bunch of blanket kits! I'm so excited to get them!!! We might have ordered a bag kit or two too.

Cindy Bee


Love what others have made - the Mandalas are beautiful. I have only just started but loving it.

Jennifer Keast

I was too excited to start the next colour to weave in the ends but regret it now. So, for part 5 I am weaving each colour in as I go plus 2 previous rows, so hopefully will catch it all up by the end of Part 5 or 6.
Loving it and can't wait for the hydrangea blanket next!!


My apologies not sure what this sentence means ... my iPhone has s mind of its own sometimes "like be your blanket g too ..,"


Hi Lucy - I'm in BC Canada and I've bought three of your patterns and yarn packs - I'm currently working the stripey blanket and I love it my next is the moorland blanket ... I love the colours you use and the wool packs are terrific ... it's so great to have your blog for crocheting with patterns they are hard to get here ... I like be your blanket g too .., I saw the recent pattern for the skinny Minnie scarf is there anyway I can get the pattern in Canada - thanks a bunch from Susan in Canada

Ali Dufty

Wow ! your blankie is coming along beautifully . Very calming . It's lovely to see other interpretations of it too :))

Bonnie Habel

I love the way my project feels--it's really becoming substantial now. I am making myself weave in the ends as I go, and it looks so pretty. Are you weaving as you go or facing the misery of doing it all at the end? This project is a lot like a really good book--I am excited for each new chapter to see what happens, but as I get closer to the end a little sorry for the journey to come to an end.

Angela-Southern USA

It's wonderful seeing all the different ideas that these colors have inspired! Have a great weekend Lucy!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Melanie Hunt

I am back on track after a some moorland tragedy this week, one of the boys in my daycare cut into my blanket with scissors. This weeks stripes we ruined so I had to start again and ended up crocheting a little patch for another hole near the middle. I was horrified obviously but my blanket is on the mend and I am happy that it is not completely ruined. (so much can happen in two minutes) it will be my perfectly imperfect blanket with the patch...life happens!

Anne Kennerley

I'm really looking forward to the blues !

Diane Haithwaite

I love my Friday evenings with a new block of colours to start. I've got the pattern now so I can even allow myself a glass of wine as I hook! Really looking forward to the blues.


Beautiful. I love those sky colours as well, all the more lovely for the greens beneath them. Gorgeous colour choices Lucy. CJ xx


Beautiful, beautiful colours. So true to the moorland, can't wait to start the blues! Lovely mandalas l am going to save up for another wool pack!

Rowena Corlett

Only just finishing part one! It's not a problem for me though as I am loving the process and in no hurry to finish. I have several other WIPS on the go and like to move from one to the other. My blanket is 350 stitches and each row I crochet is a relaxing joy. I just know it is going to look absolutely brilliant spread on our bed and reflecting the view of the hills from the window - perfect!! Thanks Lucy x

Diana Glasspool

I am so loving making this blanket, even with all the excitement at the start. Travelling a hundred miles just to buy wool I already have at home!
DianasHappyRoom.blogspot.com blogs the story

Sue Plant

Help please! I can't get the dyes to this blanket straight so I'm obviously doing something wrong. Will have to frog it all for the second time. 😟


Gosh I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this journey! Thank you so much for sharing the works of others using the Moorland Colours. Those mandalas are supremely inspiring - I might have to buy a Moorland Pack for mandalas alone. I completely trust your way with colour and design Lucy and am totally enjoying the anticipation of wandering the hills to flying high - I'm with you on those walks!

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