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February 02, 2017


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Ena Dimelow

Hello, Many friends enjoy your blog......and the crafts....
Thank you.....And I am enjoying getting to know you


Great post Lucy here in Cornwall we get long grey misty days that can suddenly just before sunset blaze
out and then slip into darkness ! Love Jenny xx

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

What a comforting post, full of comforting pleasures which we all need at this time of year in the northern hemisphere! 😊❤😊❤❤

gabriella adano

Beautiful views and colors from your english winter!!


Lovely photos full of beauty & colour as always & love the tales of your naughty kitty! Please don't feel guilty about letting the days slip away.... "winter never lasts forever, spring never misses its turn." And as the days get longer, so your energy levels will come back xx

Margaret Simpson

Thank you Lucy for your wonderful blog and beautiful photo's. You always manage to cheer me up! Have had a lot of very hot weather, so because it is so hot I get up early to do whatever needs to be done before it gets too hot!! Hope you get an early spring.


Squidgy body bits are par for the course this time of year he he. It has been my first ever year where the January weather has made me glum and sad. I think its going on too long this grey and I am also hankering after spring and colour, tho I am trying not too. I am thinking of buying your moorland kit as I need a project as nothing I am doing is making me feel satisfied like a blanket does he he. This time last year was doing the kit log cabin blanket I received for Christmas and I so so loved it. xx


Oh I often have those periods of low energy, I completely get what you mean. I feel I should be DOING stuff, I really should, if only I could find the oomph. Don't worry, it will pass, it always passes. And a madly busy phase will come along in a few months to make up for it (think Yarndale!). I think it's good to have some slower times, the mind needs to cogitate and the body needs to hibernate. I didn't start thinking about my New Year's resolutions (ha ha) until only a few days ago. Just wasn't ready. I feel a little more up to it now. Hope you have a good weekend and that there is a little more sunshine, wasn't it glorious. CJ xx


Just in the same situation , lazy , evenings with a candle , some hooking , just staring in the flame , quiet , spring flowers to give colour in the room.
watching a movie , all lazy and lazy and if I see the sun , I want to feel it on my face.

Henriet Ferguson

When I saw your daffodil picture, I smelled them! Truly! That is impossible. Must be a case of really really hard wishing.
My C.A.L. blanket is growing. I mixed up your colours some, maybe I'll send a picture of the finished product. In April somewhere I fear....


Thank you for posting this. New York City winters make it difficult for me to exercise or want to exercise.

My "squidgy, overhanging body bits" are also growing, but before work it's cold, dark and gloomy and after work it is the same, so I have no desire to push myself to go the gym.

Last night I stayed home and started working on a ripple blanket, and that cheered me up immensely!

It's winter! I'm accepting the lazys. :)

When I left work yesterday it was still light outside. Slowly but surely, spring is on it's way!

THANK YOU for sharing, so much of the time I think I'm the only one who feels a certain way! Reading this post and the responses I see I'm not, and it makes me very glad.


Got my wool :-))))). Too nervous to even start the blanket yet but even admiring the colour combination is shifting some of the winter grumps so thankyou .

Kristin Sigurmundsdottir

Love your blog....
Greetings from Iceland
Kristin S.


Hi lucy- nice to see colourful pictures - my latest crochet blog piece is coming out- I think my crochet posts are the most read on my blog.
I love cooking too but try not to make sweet things generally now
I'm at https://whimsyandcosy.wordpress.com/category/crochet/


Hi Lucy,

Love your blog! :) I am finishing a ripple soon and want to start the Moorland. I just love it! I would like to use cotton yarn and would love some help choosing colors. I don't want to be disrespectful as I know you have an agreement with Wool Warehouse (which I think is terrific!). Would you be willing to help with color or perhaps I can ask on Ravelry....Again, I ask this very humbly and not wanting to step on any toes. Thank you so much. xx

Teresa Kasner

I so enjoy your honesty and frankness.. but don't have too much guilt of your cozy time inside with a roll and coffee.. I think humans are part bear and need to hibernate in the deep winter. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Love your describing your "squidgy, overhanging body bits" I have a few of those myself and have to make myself get out and move around on these cold, winter days I love, love knitting socks, thanks to you and Christine and am on my fourth pair of the year. We have sun today, too. Yay! Indiana weather has been so gray Oh, well, it's February and Spring cannot be too far away. Have a wonderful day in your lovely land.


I have Hashimoto, slow working thyroid. I recognize all this. Lack of sun and warmth wants me to take comfort food and snuggle away and leave the outside world outside.And for the overhanging bodyparts, I look like a little round ball, no hanging there XD Crochet is my life saver, it calms me and gives the feeling I make art for pleasure. One of the things that belong to Hashi (name I give my syndrome) is muscle pain. I knit on a pillow with my elbows leaning on it to rest my neck and shoulders. Big blankets are crocheted om my table with a bit higher chair then usual. Just some tricks I hope will help you. We can't miss your designs! And those lovely blogs that brings a little sunshine.Big hug.


I'm doing the same here in Washington state Lucy....just trying to get through the Winter. I think we are of similar age...i am 47...48 next month!....and in the middle of menopause. Do you think maybe you are in that season of life too? I am finding that it affects so many areas of my life.
Hang in there Spring will be here soon!


Love your post and your beautiful blog. I have a quick question. So often, my granny squares unravel from the middle point - where I started the chain to make a loop. Do you have any suggestions for starting a granny square so that doesn't happen?
Thanks so much and warm wishes,


We're having some gray days here but it's due to smog. The air is so unhealthy that people are urged to stay indoors. Maybe a bit of baking would cheer us up. I agree with others that urge you to listen to your body. As I recall, last winter was particularly bad for you. A little coddling (3 or 4 months worth?) can be beneficial. April will be here before you know it!
On another subject, washi tape is addicting! I justify my purchases by telling myself I'll share them with my grandchildren.
I love reading about your life, thank you for posting today!


Which yarn are you using? It is gorgeous! I may need to get some to cheer myself up. I love your blog- it provides such cheer and colour to my days.


Lucy, you inspire me... with your blog, colors, and crochet creations. The bunting in your house, which I guess is an English thing, inspired me to make Valentine bunting for my daughter's house. I hung it on her fireplace and she and my granddaughter love it. Does it still count as bunting if the pieces are heart shapes instead of triangles?
Patiently waiting for Spring on this side of the Atlantic.


I have what is needed now to start knitting socks! As I am behind with the cal I need to catch that up first (on stripe 48). It is cold and grey in Normandy just now but signs of spring are there. Even my bees have been venturing out when the sun shines! I greatly dislike winter here, dark and lonely. I miss seeing the cows in the fields around me and watching the crops grow. It is always now that I have thoughts about moving back to England.
Am sat in front of the wood burner with a blanket over me and will now get on with the moorland blanket.
Thank you for a good read!

Paula Kizzee

I do love your little corner of the Internet so much!!! I look forward to every post!! Wishing you an early Spring!!!!!

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