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January 27, 2017


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he he writing down part 4 colours 1 Oct 2017!! Thought it was the final part and feeling a bit sad but NO!!Thank goodness what would I do?! ;-)


Would it be possible to put the rows on as well as the lines please, as per week 1? I am new to crochet and CAL's so behind, and worried I will mess up the lines as get the wrong row. Thank you.

Carol D

Lucy, I hope you see this....
AGAIN! I see someone posting YOUR Blooming Cushion - this time complete with part of tutorial = posted here: http://www.ilgilibilgili.com/tig-isi-sevimli-yastiklar.html
It would be fine, if they gave you credit - but NO credit given you for all of your work! I can tell your work pretty easily when I see it...and this one I recognize immediately because I MADE one and love it so! But I will never forget where I got the pattern - and who taught me how to make it! That is YOU!
As I've written previously, your site encouraged me to pick up my hooks after over 25 years away from any crocheting. And the Blooming Cushion is the first thing I made! And it still sits proudly on our living room sofa! And I'm still so grateful to you for this pattern!
But it irks me so much to see others post YOUR patterns (or anyone else's for that matter!) and neglect to post where the pattern comes from or who actually designed it.....of course, that's the LAW - but no one pays much attention to that. Perhaps they feel as if it's theirs to claim if they bother to follow YOUR pattern and make one of their own. I didn't see any way to contact whoever posted this; otherwise, I'd have written her (him?) a note insisting they CREDIT LUCY for this pattern.
thank you again, Lucy. For all you've given us of your talents, your time = your smiles. Sometimes, when I've just read your blog, I feel as if I've just sat for tea with a friend! and for that I am grateful! God bless you and your lovely family!

Debbie S.

Hi! I'm new to crochet but it has become my passion! I just started following your blog and I wondered if this blanket pattern and info will be available after the CAL is done? I don't have access to the most used yarns so everything must be ordered online - by the time I receive the yarn, I'm too far behind to catch up. It would be really nice if I can find the info later... :) It's a beautiful blanket, thanks for sharing your talent!

Diana Lindoff

Yippee! I finally got my Wool Warehouse order. First order was Jan 3. Only had email from my credit card company stating the charge was made. The 14th, I started asking WW when to expect my order. They had no record of order. Credit card did not post order to my account (but I have their emal). I went ahead and placed another order and happy, happy, 15 days later, I have my yarn. Now to get going and try to xatch up. This was first attempt at ordering yarn from overseas.


Frustration!! I am itching to start my mooreland blanket. My yarn is all nestled in a basket ready to go. However, it is way too hot!! Sunny Sydney (Australia) reached over 44 degrees celcius yesterday (112 farenheit) and is close to that today. So i just have to admire your blanket yumminess for now, and enjoy your wonderful photos of nice, cold, wintery days. Soon...soon...the days will grow colder...and I can begin!


Just got to Grape in the first week!!! Very very behind but loving it!!!!


Love all the pics! One of my good friends is working on her own Moorland blanket! I'm a little jealous :)


An excerpt from a poem I recently found: There are no colors out today ; only the wind,and the rain, and the clouds; and a thousand shades of gray ". Do you think this describes the winter Moor?

Debbie, Essex

OH! I SO wish I was joining in!!!

Cat's are very fussy creatures so their approval is always a good sign!

Whenever I have laid my work on the floor (patchwork, knitting, my FIRST -and only- crochet blanket, uni work) you can be sure that a cat will arrive to investigate!!!!

Be gentle on yourself, the evenings ARE getting longer, spring IS around the corner xxx

love Debbie

F Mack

God has certainly created a beautiful palette

Anne Fraser

Hello Lucy - I have been following and enjoying your blogs for some months now and have a few of your patterns (including the Moorland blanket) on my to do list.
I was looking for a way to contact you but can't find one other than this - so apologies that this isn't the right place for this. Last autumn I was at my friend Karin's place in France - les-sources.nl - for a detox week - and I spent many lovely hours crocheting - and then I thought wouldn't it be great to have crochet workshops / master classes here - the accommodation is set up for groups (but is also a holiday let).Although Karin hasn't had a group of "hookers" before she has a lot of experience with groups (yoga, art, detox etc). I wont write more here but is this something that would be interesting for you? I hope so - how great would it would be meet you and learn from you! kind regards - Anne Fraser

Diana Nieves

I just have to thank you again. After many years of knitting & crocheting, this is the first time ever I follow anybody's pattern & color way. After my late start (placed order on Dec. 30, yarn arrived on Jan. 18), I'm finally at the end of part 2, and can't wait to get to part 3. I really LOOOOVE how the colors shift ever so gradually; your design is genius! I just hope I can keep up the pace, before the Caribbean gets too hot to work with anything but lace weight cotton... Meanwhile, enjoying this journey and loving the fact that so many of us are taking it together. Thanks again!

Brenda Cupryna



What a sweet cat ! - and I love the crochet
My Blog CAL is coming along well Lucy.

Jennifer Keast

Oooh I've just done the sage/pistachio/mocha rows - gorgeous!! Can't wait for pistachio to pop up again in stripe 77!!!


Love the colours so much and Tilly is very cute x

Judy W

I would love to see you crochet a sweater or two. Have you ever considered this?


kathy b

I've been feeling the same way. Bloggers have a gift for sharing the honest feelings we have. The weather folk have been telling us how we have had the littlest amount of sunshine this month, in years.
I get frightened when I get the least bit blue, thanks for sharing that its just the season and our yarny work can transport us

Bonnie Habel

I am on the road showing horses in Ft. Worth, Texas. I brought my project with me so I wouldn't fall behind. I am really enjoying the colors and the landscape images that inspired the colors. Right now things are so upset and nasty in America. Millions of people seem to hate our new president while millions seem to love him. Social media and the news is full of people arguing with one another. It is SO NICE to make a cup of tea, turn off the noise and work on my project at the same time others around the world do the same. Maybe all the politicians need to learn to crochet!


Hi Lucy,thank you for sharing such a beautiful pattern and all the photos - they're amazing!
The ladies group looks great fun!
Looking forward to seeing the next part.
Tina ☺

Susan Smith

Lovely Lucy & thank you for sharing a great bunch of the photos from other crocheters around the world. Take care.


It. Is a beautiful blanket and we around the world are enjoying it very much. Do hope that you are feeling better. My daughter suffers from anemia and vitamin D deffiecent. It is an on going problem. It is wonderful to feel like you are part of the whole world. Have never had a opportunity to visit your part of the world but because of your pictures I think that I have been there.

Karen Lloyd

Love all the cute kitties and puppies. We are petless, but love to have the childrens' stuffed animals play with my crafty creations!

I'm so anxious to receive my yarn shipment so I begin this blanket! If only it was easier to get the yarn in America. Hopefully, customs won't hold it up too long. These colors remind me so much of our Scotland honeymoon in 2001. I considered subbing another yarn easily available here but decided to treat myself this time to the true yarn this gorgeous blanket was created to show off!

Best wishes from San Francisco!!


OMG all those beautiful kitties on blankets! Tilly is gorgeous!

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