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January 20, 2017


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Wow...they are all so pretty.

Rowena Corlett

I am way behind on stripe number 9 but that's fine as I am really enjoying the process (I am doing 350 stitches ) and seeing everyone else's work. I do also have another blanket and some other WIPS on the go too - variety is the spice of life!

Jenny Tribout

Since my blanket width is only 3 1/2 feet, I might skip this set of colors, since I don't want it to be too long. Any thoughts on this, Lucy?

Bex Crowell

Dearest Lucy, You have gone from a total stranger into someone I consider a friend and educator. Your talents seem endless. The Yarndale is so interesting that you write about, but this Moorland Blanket is quite inspirational to me. I have another bag of yarn from the Warehouse, too, for your Jolly Bulky Bag (?) that I want to get started on after I finish another blanket I'm making for hubby. The Moorland yarns seem to last me forever, making smaller items as I wasn't experienced enough when I started my blanket to continue with the wave pattern. Now I could do it, and it's all because of You. Much love to you and to my beloved Yorkshire where I always yearn to be!


Just a quick note to say the reason I am loving this CAL is first that it is so relaxing to stitch due to its simplicity and second I love that instead of playing with all kinds of crazy stitches (Which can be fun also) you are being artistic with the use of beautiful colors. Thank you so much for this. I'm a little behind but really enjoying the journey

Sarah Davies

I'm thoroughly enjoying this pattern, I am a wannabe but incapable artist, but I can crochet, this is like doing a painting with my hook and yarn, one of my favourite places in the whole world is moorland...this is ticking so many boxes! (It's my Mum's late christmas present too!) I'll have to do another when I'm done, loving the ideas other crafters have had!

Joanna Devoy

I'm so slow... Still only halfway through the first part - goal for the weekend - to get to the second part!! :)


Loving all the other color choices.


Oh how wonderful to see all those different colourways. Thanks so much for putting them all together - and for including my Hedgerow selection! Fun to see it on your blog! :-)
I love being part of this group of crocheters - a snuggly warm feeling!


Jackie Farrow, don't give up! There is a Facebook cal group you can join, if you post a picture of your work, someone will look at it and try to help you!

Loving the new colours. Felt quite lost when I had finished row 40 and had to wait!


Wow! I really love how there's a real sense of *landscape* emerging from each of these different colour combinations - I think it's to do with the texture. I'm lagging behind as finishing a neat ripple blanket but can't wait to start!


Dear Lucy, thanks for this beautiful compilation of lovely moorland pictures and inspirational pictures of different colourways. I'm also crocheting the moorland blanket, but I think the "oceanside blanket" is a better name, since I'm trying to capture the colours of the beach, sea and sky into it, just like Petra is doing. This blanket is going to be for my son, and he told me he dislikes purple, so the moorland colours were not an option ;) I absolutely LOVE crocheting these calming waves!!
If you want to take a look at my blanket: I'm on Instagram (@birgithaakt).


I love to see everyone's interpretation. Brilliant how each one reflects the maker's personality and places that they love. Really inspirational. CJ xx

Marilyn Kendra

Good morning Lucy I'm from Haworth originally, so I'm doing the same colours as you, reminds me of the moors and Heather of Haworth, l live in East Yorkshire now but still go back to Haworth where my mums grave is up on the moors. I'm still on the greens at moment but think I've got into the pattern thanks very much x


Love your work Lucy and I agree being linked together, like crochet , is a grand feeling. I love to see others work and see there alternative colours or styles. Very inspirational. I'm making mine as a moving in present for my 24 year eldest daughter and her boyfriend. I'll give it to her after she graduates in July. It's something for them to snuggle under in the cold winter nights!I love crochet - it is soooo addictive. Best wishes, Ally from Somerset.

Jackie Farrow

I have to confess , I'm really having trouble with this pattern. It's not the 10 stitch pattern that's the problem. I seem to be making mistakes some how at the beginning or end of row. I keep losing stitches. I have just messaged a friend who might be able to help me. I really want to finish this blanket, so I won't give up.


Greetings from Cyprus! Dear Lucy, you have inspired me for years and to be able to start 2017 in the Moorlands of the North, with you, has been truly a lovely experience. I started the CAL a week late and managed to catch up due to your fab instructions. Now I am truly enjoying the rhythm of this lovely pattern. But I have a confession to make: Am I the only one thinking of food? I can't stop picturing dark chocolate cake drizzled in raspberry sauce... or salted caramel covered pistachios, chocolate mint ice cream... oh yes! We are supposed to be thinking of Heather! :) Maybe it was PMS, but it has been a delicious experience nonetheless! :) THANK YOU!


Ellie's blanket is just gorgeous!


One pattern but due to the colors all so different. Great to see them in one post.
Thanks for sharing this cal.

Have a nice weekend, Margaret

Lorraine Lowe

Loving this blanket Lucy! The colours and the texture of the pattern make for a beautiful piece of work. I've replaced a few rows of mine with some grey (for limestone) to make it a Derbyshire Dales blanket as that's where I grew up.


Trailing behind a bit as trying to finish a blanket for grandson due soon! Am enjoying the journey and looking forward to getting into brighter colours. Have also ordered some sock wool after seeing yours...am seriously addicted to wool!

Gaby Behrmann

Hi, good morning Lucy! I´m so glad that it goes on. It is so funny! I don´t have no social networks, so I love it I can see other blankets here.
Gaby from Germany


Great to see all the amazingly different colour ways other folk are using,some colour clever people out there. It has given me inspiration, my parents are building a house on the side of my sister's and mum has treated themselves to some rather beautiful new bedding in navy blue with lime greens and yellows on I just need to borrow it and get ordering good house warming present I do think!

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