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January 13, 2017


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Eva Sánchez

Thanks a lot, Lucy. Now I'm ready for the second part! :)

Lynne Gill

LOVING those photos of the work completed by other hookers! (!) I guess I am going to take my hook in hand and finally get down to it - I've been putting it off after being so disappointed by the r=terrible starts and finishes of each row on my tension swatches. It has disheartened me. I can do the pattern but just cannot get the ends to work. A friend of mine has told me I shouldn't be afraid of failing - dive in and be prepared to frog. So I will. Perhaps this evening. Or tomorrow.. I promise.

PJ Showe

Lucy! all these are beautiful! I think a great deal has to do with the beautiful colors you've put together--as we can see all the versions of colors are very lovely. I have appreciated your beautiful patterns for quite a while and I love seeing the progress. I'm doing mine in the cosy pattern like Yvonne (when I receive the yarn). I'm in the US and ordered late so I'll be starting later. I love your color sense and the reason for the Moorland collection is so enjoyable to read about and see. I like your giving us the opportunity to expand our talents with different patterns.

Vicky Jarvis

Thank you Lucy for designing such a gorgeous blanket. I have just finished Part 1 and now about to start Part 2 which i must say looks lush!! I'm currently in sunny Norfolk but being transported to the Yorkshire Moors!


Lucy - I love the concept that you came up with here, and the colours work just beautifully. I'm already wondering how the colours of our Little Karoo or Fynbos would work out, since I've done a tiny stool cover in it some time ago! I might just have to play around with it!

mrs. smythe

Hi Lucy! I really enjoyed seeing the different ways people have used your colorway. Thanks for sharing. .


Hi Lucy, just wanted to say thank you I'm really enjoying this. It's my first CAL and it's going well thanks to your fabulously clear instructions. I've only done 10 wave stripes so far as I can only really do an hour or so in the evening. We had a family holiday last summer walking on the Yorkshire Moors and Dales so the colours are bringing back lots of happy memories.


After constantly pulling back rows because they didn't work out I decided that at my age I didn't need the stress, life's too short and all that, so I too,am doing an eyelet chevron version and it looks just fine.

Brenda Cupryna

some lovely work on view. thanks for sharing


I was trying to resist getting involved with this one but......I've just bought the yarn :-) Love the colours, love the moors and eternally grateful that there are lovely people like you Lucy out there to inspire and create community through crochet! Looking forwards to catching up!


Is there a pattern for the eyelet Ripple by Naomi?


Can't wait to get my color pack in the mail so I can start working on this. I love, love the colors.


Thank you for the next week's homework! This week has been dominated by this project every day my spare time has been devoted to it. It has been a challenge and lots of sighing and undoing has been the order of some days but at last it is beginning to sink in and become slightly automatic now. Having said that it has also been rewarding to see how lovely it looks and an achievement to have not let it beat me! Just finished stripe 19 so hoping to catch up next week.


Wow it's my first CAL and am loving the community feel already. Everyone seems to be working through the same problems- why couldn't I see the pattern well initially? I needed to count the 10 stitches and now I don't need to count. I am still making mistakes but i see it at the next wave so am not pulling back so much. thanks Lucy!

Tamar Dalton

I'm loving being part of this CAL & reading everyone's comments from around the world. There are some amazingly talented people out there!
Very excited to be taking week 2 colours to the beach for the week (you may be freezing Lucy, but we are sweltering here in NE Victoria, Aus).
I agree with Madhurya - the Universe blanket may be my next project ...gorgeousness!

Susan Smith

Lucie, it is looking scrumptious. I loved seeing how others were using the colours too. I'm thinking about a pack, but have so much else to do, I can see it sitting about forever & a day before I get to it. Just have the borders to start on the cupcake cosy stripe rug & soon that will be finished & I'm just about to do a QAL type tutorial to start using up my gigantic fabric stash. THANK YOU for all the inspiration so that I now enjoy crocheting again, as it is my go to after tea to relax. Take care & hope the weather is not too bleak at the moment.

Liz Barraclough

Am making less mistakes as the rows go by. Haven't had to pull any back on the last two rows so definitely progress. It's looking good! Only thing I've been thinking is that I should have gone up a hook size for my initial chain. The edge looks a little tight compared to the rest. Do you think this will be unnoticeable when the border goes on or is there a way of correcting? Definitely not going back to the beginning at this stage!


I needed something that I don't have to concentrate on too much, so opted to make the ripple pattern. I made a coastal ripple two years ago as a gift, so I am glad to make a new one and I think it will be moorland like enough for me. I shall follow the colour sequence just the same.


I love reading your blog lucy- don't like to miss updates...I have my CAL as well starting😊


I love your ripple blanket and ordered the yarns already before Christmas and started working on the blanket.


Well, being a knitter, I am going to make myself a lap blanket by using a similar pattern (waves) for this lovely lovely yarn pack which I just ordered. hugs, Julierose

Angela-Southern USA

I love seeing everyone's different take on the blanket as well as the pattern you've chosen! It's been awhile since I've done that sort of pattern, may have to whip up a cushion or two. ; )xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Although this first week has been a lot of ripping out rows and trying desperately to finish before today (which I didn't manage to do) I think I now have it down and I am looking forward to catching up to the rest of you. I think tomorrow (Sat) will be an all crochet day.

I am actually loving all the greens and browns.

Thanks Lucy


I loved seeing the different blankets people have started with the moorland colours. They are all so beautiful.


Thank you for saying it should be 60 cm after the first two parts. after my first 20 colours, mine falls short by 3 cms, so I am going to add in the rows you have suggested in part two for the bigger blanket, plus one extra before I start for 21, and hopefully the size will catch up!
Really getting into the rhythm of the pattern now and thank you so much for sharing all your lovely patterns with us.

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