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January 13, 2017


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Hi Lucy, I recently bought the moorland pack and the dalia wool pack from wool warehouse but they didn’t include the patterns. Wool warehouse are asking no one to contact them during lockdown, understandably, but is it possible to get the pattern from you? Is there a complete pattern on you website that I’m missing? Many thanks Jayne

Sara McBain

I have nearly finished part 3 of the Moorland blanket but I am having great trouble finding the rest of The parts ie 4,5 etc

Helen McGowan

Is there anywhere on the Attic 24 pages that I can see the entire pattern for the whole blanket? Perhaps a .pdf version? I need to print it out in hard copy as I am going away with no internet access. I purchased the kit from Wool Warehouse last Christmas but didn't have time to do the CAL.

Julie Farmer

I would really like to have a go at the eyelet ripple blanket using the moorland colours as shown by Naomi, can you advise on this pattern please Lucy? 😉

Mary Z

Hi Lucy.
I received my yarn pack, and I'm ready to start my tension samples. Will I have enough yarn for my blanket if I use the yarn in the yarn pack for the samples?
Thank you!!

K. Olson

Hi Lucy,
I'm having so much fun with this CAL - thank you! Wanted to share with you my recent Wuthering Heights review since in it I talk about your CAL. Now listening to Middlemarch as I continue to Crochet Along in your beautiful Moors. :)



I just received my yarn but cannot find the pattern or the tutorial. Where are they?

Sarah Doty

Thank you so much for the tips about keeping track of the pattern. I started and frogged the first 4-5 rows so many times, I almost dumped this pattern. It was great to start one more time and be successful. It looks so great and I'm having fun now!! My mother loves these colors so I'm going to give it to her. She is in assisted living and is always cold. Thanks for the pattern! SarahinHouston (RAV ID)

Petra Huebne

Hi Lucy, thank you for everything: the work you have done to make this CAL possible, the great colours you have chosen and the tutorials. I am looking forward to part III, can't wait to grab my hook... I love the idea of so many people all around the work making this wonderful blanket. Happy crocheting to all of you out there, Petra (Germany)


I'm enjoying being part of this wonderful crochet community. Using slightly different colours, I think mine will be a Hedgerow colour palette when finished: https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2017/01/19/yarn-along-attic24-cal/


Have got into a good rhythm now, really learning a lot with this CAL (my first), the 10 stitches count really helps with accuracy - fewer ripping back, as well as tidying ends as i go each day and thinking about keeping ends of rows as neat/straight as possible. And i LOVE THE LIME, wondering what else i can do in this colour. Much crochet love, Thanks Lucy


The greens with splash of purple are delicious! On to the second set of stripes now, after deciding re-start with an extra 10 stitches of width.. wish I hadn't darned all those ends in so well...! The first Sage-Plum combo is a real smack in the eye!

Is that most of the greens done now? I am going to start on a matching cushion cover to keep me busy till Friday.


I would like to subscribe to the comment feed and all I get is jumbled run on text. Ant help would be much appreciated. Thanks! Peggy

Lesley O'Donohue

I just wanted to say that I LOVE the lime!! There you go, I've said it!!

Thanks Lucy for a great design and pattern and for facilitating this community.

Ilse Beulens

hey Lucy, I just LOVE this blanket! It's always exciting when I can add a new color.
I'm getting the flow with this pattern now, I still make some mistakes but I spot them quicker.
It's the 4th blanket that I make from your blog. I'm loving all of them. Especially when they are all piled up. Everyone coming to my house complement me on them.
So thank u very much for all your lovely ideas

Peta Cowan

Hi Lucy, this is my first CAL. I decided to do different colours to suit the room I am making the blanket for. I decided to do the double size so am lagging behind but it's a lovely feeling to think so many out there are having a good time doing this. I am really motivated to keep up!
Happy crocheting everyone.
Peta Cowan (in Bolivia)

Hil Clayton

My Moorland Blanket is coming along nicely now. I had a few problems getting the pattern to line up at first, but fine now. Thank you Lucy, I love it!

Jennifer Keast

Have started and am just loving it.! Colours are perfect and pattern is really quite easy after the first 4 rows.


Love your new pattern. Lovely colours <3


Yay, just got to the sage row. First new colour of this week - very exciting. And no more lime. 😁

Judith Diani

I have been following on FB and would like to subscribe to your blog, but when I click on subscribe on the blog, lines of typing comes up????
I am crocheting the CAL and love the waves. Not to the 2nd part yet, but the rhythm is coming along.
Please advise. Thanks.


Don't confuse rows with stripes. Each stripe has two rows of the same color

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams

I've still to start the blanket, but those colours are really calling me now, especially with the wet and windy weather reminding me of the brisk walks amongst the heather. Working one colour for a while makes it so satisfying when another colour is added :)

Jennifer Keast

Hi Lucy. I had put my yarn away for when I had more time but these posts have made me envious so have started and should catch up by week 4 I reckon!!


Hi Lucy, when joining with a new yarn colour does it matter which end you start your next yarn colour on. Could you alternate so that all the loose ends aren't worked in on the same side. Love working on this blanket Lucy and seeing all the colours blending together, I'm from Lancashire so plenty of moors round here.

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