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January 06, 2017


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Can't wait ( and a little nervous ) to begin this . The colours remind me of the Long Mynd in Shropshire and therefore my much missed Nana who was from the area. Am hoping that it will be something that is treasured for years ( and not absorb the possible odd curse at dropped stitches ). Wool pack arrives this week :-)))))).


Still on part One, but cracked it by writing out rows/ colours and if on row 1/2/3/4 of pattern ( tip- read the pattern for the end stitches do not guess ) also get a stitch marker in the ch3 or ch2 that you start with, so you end in the right stitch ( found that crucial.) So - Row 5 meadow is Row 1 pattern, Row 6 Meadow is row 2 pattern, row 7 Pistachio is row 3 pattern and row 8 Pistachio is row 4. Continue writing out colours and row numbers if you have trouble like I did. Hope it helps as I think it is either end of the row that really matters. Count 180 for the row if you want to check too, Good luck xxx


Good afternoon, I am totally loving the CAL on another note I am wondering where you got your yarn basket from? I am on the hunt for one that can hold this number of balls of yarn?



Trying to finish a WIP afghan for new baby gift. Have the yarn a really wishing I could join you all. Soon very soon.☺

roberta clancy

Hello my name is Roberta Clancy
I live in Australia NSW
I am real interested in your moors blanket I dont crochet but I do no how to do chains

I was born in Glasgow Scotland
Thankyou R Roberta

Diana Nieves

Dear Lucy,

I have been following your blog for quite a while now and have fallen in love all your projects. The Moorland blanket is not only as beautiful as the rest but also the one most compatible with the type of color way I surround myself with. So, I finally went to your shop and got a pack. I discovered the CAL only at the end of December and ordered immediately, but I live in the Caribbean, so my yarn did not arrive until today (Yay!), so already i'm nearly two weeks behind. I already practiced the stitch pattern with some other yarn and can't wait to start the real thing. Many, many thanks for your beautiful patterns and your kind generosity.

DeAun Nelson

My best friend bought me the kit for Christmas (she knows I would rather make the blanket myself rather than receive a finished one most of the time!). I had to mail it from where I was visiting for the holidays and it just got here. I'm looking forward to catching up!

Lin Kimenhour

Lucy, please check the colors and row structure shown on the Neat Wave Pattern. It shows row 19 and 20 as Lime. I am confused. Please help.

Jenny Turner

Yay, at last part 2 day has arrived. My day off work and rotten weather - cold, windy and raining but no snow here in the Channel Islands - so I'll be checking the blog hourly looking for part 2 instructions. Can't wait to get going again.


Lynne^ there's 20 stripes of color. Two rows per color.


Can I ask, why it states there are 20 stripes per part but the first part gives the colourways for 34 stripes?


Hello :)
Love the colours in this blanket. Even though I did testers and decided that I needed a 4mm hook, my work is coming up a bit narrow and short. I'm not going to undo as I don't want the blanket for a bed but for a bench in my hall ;) Thank you for such clear instructions, Lucy. This may be my first CAL but I don't think it'll be my last!!

Catherine DuCharme

Still waiting on my yarn. Forgot to fill in box for USA.

Mary Z

Hello Lucy. I just ordered my yarn pack today, so I will be behind all the others participating in the CAL. I am really looking forward to getting started on my blanket. The colors are beautiful.


I'm loving the neat wave pattern, now I've mastered it. It was so exciting to do the grape stripe after all those greens, so I'm really looking forward to part 2. I thought I'd fall behind as I'm on holiday in February (no space to take all the yarn with me), but I've checked the schedule, and I'm away for the catch up week - result! Thank you for a lovely pattern, Lucy


Hi Lucy, it is looking beautiful and I'm tempted to do my own after I've finished using all my scraps of wool on granny squares. I've been following your blog for a few months now and realised you are a local and your face is familiar. Been racking my brains as to how I know you and wondered if you ever went to Christine's on Otley street? Keep on crocheting and inspiring. x

Tamar Dalton

I finished the first 20 rows in record time; waiting for the next 20 is testing my patience! I'm making a minecraft-inspired blanket for my son at the same time to keep my mind off the wait... So very please with the colours and tutorial; great work, Lucy!

Gee H

I am very impressed by your clear tutorial, Lucy. I was concerned about the long rows and possibility of mistakes meaning ripping back and/or sloping edges but am now on my tenth stripe, accurate and with neat edges despite being my first attempt.

Your suggestion to do one less turning chain, and making sure that the trebles line up, I'm sure has done the trick. Darning in the ends as I go along also means a tight neat edge.

I have now succeeded in my first resolution for 2017, my retirement year, to try something new and testing in my yarn craft.

Thank you so much

Julie Letton

Loving this Lucy, thank you. It's my first CAL. I seem to be having an issue at row ends though... now and then I seem to run out of stitches at the end and as a consequence I have a slant forming on each side. I'm going to undo approx half of my work (I'm doing the double bed size) and see what happens. It's so lovely though, and will form the basis of redecorating our living room :-)

Pauline (Clark) Stevens

Sorry I could not manage to get the Moorland blanket started this week, but I would love to join it and hopefully catch up..


Awesome colour palette! Stitch choice brilliant! Tutorials really are fantastic! My first CAL- am even ahead of schedule- you're a marvel, THANK YOU!!!

Elizabeth Hill

I'm using stitch markers every 30 stitches. I'm fed up having to rip out rows, so this is making it easier to keep count.


have never crocheted anything but granny squares before and that was 40 years ago. I was inspired as colours are exactly right for my sister's living room that has a big moorland picture over the fireplace.After practising and tension samples on Saturday it now takes about an hour per stripe - this will be a labour of love!


Is it just me or does it look like there will be loads of yarn left over? I have done the 20 rows which looks like about half of the greens, and have hardly used any of the green balls. Might have enough for a cushion cover left over!
Twiddling my thumbs now till Friday...


My third blanket but my first CAL, so i'm very excited - even doing tension squares (x3) which i've never been bothered to do before - need a 5 hook. Wool pack arrived today, so looking forward to getting started later this evening. xx

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