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January 06, 2017


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Louise george

Hi Lucy, Im about to order moorland kit but im not keen on the blues is there anything I can swap them with love part one and how the green, purples and browns are. Thank you

Jan Carwardine

I have the yarn for the moorland blanket. But I need to have the pattern. … please can you help as I have messaged before but not had a response. Many thanks

Jan Carwardine

Could you please provide a copy of the pattern? I have bought the yarn from you, but need the pattern for the moorland. Maybe email it to me??

Elaine Rowan

Can you please tell me where I can get a paper copy of this pattern. The wool arrived without a pattern and I know I'll never be able to follow it online. Many thanks


Hi Lucy,
Wondering if you have the actual tutorial from the Moorland CAL that can be watched now? I have the yarn and the instructions. But since it was a CAL I thought maybe there was a copy somewhere on the internet - YouTube maybe.

Jacqueline Rey

Hi please help me. my sister Juliette Rey Roeber has Purchased many of your Blanket kits for me.
I need the patterns for the Moorland Blanket & the Sweet Pea Blanket.I have the wool from you but I cannot find the patterns on line. please direct me or email them to me..
many thanks


Hi LUCY. Thank you for this gorgeous feast of colour. This is my first proper crochet project, so I appreciate the nearly idiot proof tutorials. I am making this for my wilderness obsessed eldest son.

Georgie Owen

Hi Lucy
When I follow the ten stitch pattern for the moorland blanket do I do dc four times or just twice ? I’m a little confused
Thanks in advance

Amanda Jones

I am having difficulty finding the pattern could you please direct me to the correct place. I would like the whole pattern if possible. Can’t wait to get started! Love the colours of the yarn
Many thanks
Amanda Jones

Heather Tretiak

Is there a place to print out the entire pattern so I can take the wool and crochet anywhere?
Thank you.

Nic Macaulay-Smith

Can I find the entire pattern in one place somewhere please?

I am going to be incapcitated for several months after a hospital op so am looking forward to making this to pass my time.
Many thanks!

Vicki Macfarlane

Hi, I started the Moorland blanket and its going pretty good but have a devil of a time at the end were you have to hook into the ch 2. I am using a 5 mm hook. Sometimes I can't get it in there seems hooks to big, so I end up going under it. Hope this won't be a problem later with the border. If I am missing something could you advise. Also silly question but how do you see the answers from this feed. Clicked to follow but doesn't work. I have admired your blankets for some time and finally got the nerve to try one, your colours are so beautiful I could not resist.


Hi Lucy, All of you crocketiers have already finished the Cal blankets by now, but I've just decided to start making the blanket! Never ever did I crocket something, but one time for everything ;) I've looked around here on this site and through the blog and I adore all the work you've made Lucy! I can't wait to receive the box that I ordered on Carosatelier (a Dutch webshop) and to start off the first week.


Hi Lucy - just bought the Moorland Yarn Pack and wanted to sort out the order of colours of the different CALs. I only seem to be able to see CAL 1 notes, CAL Part 2 etc give me a blank page? Any thoughts? Links maybe broken?
Best regards

Mrs Annette Houlden

Hello Lucy, I'm new to crochet but love the moorland blanket so much that I've bought the wool pack. I've figured out the stitches but would like to ask when I've stitched dc dc her htr tr tr htr htr dc dc do I then go straight to htr htr or do I do dc dc in other words should I have dc x 4 or dc x2 .

Can't wait for your reply as I'm dying to start but can't face pulling it down if I've got it wrong

Many thanks

Delyse Richards

Hi Lucy - I have loved making your Moorland blanket and it looks stunning. I am confused as to the number of stitches one should start with for a double bed size - in the instructions, you say to start with a chain of 181 for the single size and later in RED you also say 181 chains - surely the double should be much bigger?
Thanks Delyse

Marlene Harvis

Am still working on the blanket, I have a problem with one edge of my blanket not being straight, any suggestions?

Carol Ingham

Hia Lucy, I absolutely love your Moorland Blanket and I've put a few (!?) unfinished projects on hold to have a go at this. I completed the sample first to get familiar with the pattern with a more manageable number of stitches. So far, so good. I've now had about 10 attempts at the blanket, but I just can't get the rows lined up. Do you have any advice on keeping the correct number of stitches? I keep losing count across 180 stitches. The result is that my ripples don't flow properly. I hope you can advise me. Keep up your beautiful, inspiring creations! xxx

Wendy O'Connor

Please forgive me but I am too terrified to start the wave so I am using all my moorland wool mix to make granny square blanket so at least I will enjoy the colours without panicking about my wonky wave!

Susan Toscano

Lucy, as an avid crocheter who is not even a tiny bit creative, I thank you and truly appreciate your inventiveness. I am always searching for projects that have beauty and meaning and I am fortunate to have found you. Working on the Moorland blanket is soothing and puts me in a beautiful place!

Eileen Gardiner

Hi Lucy friend has just put me on to this moorland design, but I chose rainbow colours, £27 one, original style-craft, do you have pattern for that, or must I just follow moorland pattern with colours I selected, please help, thanks

Anne Montgomery

In part 1, I read that rows 19 & 20 are in mocha. But on the list I think it says Lime. Which is correct?


Good Morning Lucy,
Is there a way that I can just print the pattern and colour sequence per CAL issue without having all the pictures (which are lovely, please don't get me wrong). Just a tad superflous for a pattern I would like to carry around as I hook away?
Your guidance would be most appreciated
Thank You,


I have been eyeing this pattern for a while now, but had other projects going. I love the colors of this, but was curious about trying a beach landscape. Any suggestions on how to intermingle the colors for that?

jane farthing

I have just started the cal - better late than never. And after a few very frustrating rows on my tension square and 3 proper rows of the blanket - I have had my Eureka moment. I know what I am doing! Long may it last.

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