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January 09, 2017


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Well I remember the years my eldest would no longer be seen with us! It caused quite some frustration, but we discovered he could tolerate us in smaller doses. Movies with his Pa and walks with me, to protect me from the wildlife became the way we stayed in touch! I break my normal lurking ways to suggest you try something similar...I was so worried I would lose the precious connection I had with my son, no doubt a fear many have. Happy New Year from snowy Vermont.


Oh Lucy, A very Happy New Year and Thank-you soo much for your stories and pictures! An absolute JOY, it is easy to put aside one's "worries" and change one's mind set to being "grateful" while spending time immersed in your blog...^..^ ^..^


The story of Litte B is so funny! How wonderful. :D


Hope you feel better now Lucy- enjoyed your blog. ..nice pictures. ..I love getting into the great outdoors
Loving my crochet



Happy New Year, Lucy. I'm giggling about your Naughty Word story. May your 2017 be filled with health, laughter and lots of colour.


Oh my goodness the naughty words has had me in stitches!


Hope this finds you feeling much better. Ah, the teen years are upon you. I know exactly how it feels the first time your child refuses to go someplace with you. Then you have to remember that you were exactly the same when you became a teen! You do live in a beautiful part of England. When I see your pictures I feel a little jealous that I don't have places to walk as lovely as you do. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.

Teresa Kasner

I also had the same cold as you.. amazing how it can be spread around the entire world. I'm glad you had fun over Christmas and glad you're better. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Gorgeous photos, especially the ones by the water. Sorry you've been so under the weather. Good that it was at a time when you were able to take it a bit easier in a way. I hope you are completely better now. Love the waterfall anecdote, I think Little B will remember that for a long time to come. CJ xx

Susan Smith

Lucky Lucy, to live in the lovely Yorkshire Dales, which I love too and miss so much. Thanks for the ongoing pics on your blog, which remind me of so many places we have visited. Hope the cold is much better now & glad to hear that you enjoyed Xmas. Tilly is cute & probably a similar age to our DD's 2 kittens and she tells me stories about them, which make me laugh. Take care.


Your teen will realise in a few years just how lucky he is and will 'come back' to you and appreciate the great start in life you are giving them. You just have to trust in the way you have brought them up while they get the terrible teens out of the way! Love your blog, and hope you are feeling better again.

Jools Morgan-Jones

Paddling?! In a lake in Yorkshire in December?! With a chest infection?! Really?!!!


My goodness, has it been 9 years already? I often pop in on your blog here and there, but don't always have time to sit and make replies, but it's just amazing how that time has gone by and all the wonderful crochet you have done since arriving at number 24. I think you had been there just a year or two when I first stumbled upon your blog. Thanks Lucy for all the sharing over those years xo


Loved this post so much - the beautiful pictures and the joy you get in going out for your strolls. And I just loved the story about Little B - so funny and something he will certainly remember. What's the harm? As long as he knows when NOT to say those things! ; )
Hope you are feeling better. I'm so enjoying the CAL so far.


So many people ill this year. Ours was quiet as him indoors did his back in and crawled from the car on the Friday and hardly moved til boxing day when mega painkillers kicked in, we had a reasonable boxing day then all plans etc for rest of the week were tossed aside and he rested ready to go back to work on the Monday.
Normal service has now resumed and his back is nearly better.
Well Happy New Year and can wait to enjoy your new projects............moorland blanket etc

Winwick Mum

I remember my eldest shouting "B*gg*r, Mummy, b*gg*r!" in the back of the car when she was about two years old which made me realise that I probably said it rather more than I should. "Oh you silly man" just doesn't have the same ring to it when they've cut you up at a roundabout :-) xx


Love the cat in the tree - why didn't it topple over? Love the naughty words too.


Lucy, you made me laugh with the naughty words! Fab blog as ever x


Happy New Year Lucy for you and your loved ones. Lots and lots of people are under the weather with "the snotty thing".Hope it gives enough antibodies for the next ten years or so xxx


It sounds like a wonderful Christmas! 😊 Hope you feel much better now.

Anne Cormack

So sorry you were one of the millions of people with the persistent hacking cough now being referred to in the media. It has affected so many around me, staff included, and our elderly patients have been particularly badly affected.
Hopefully you can now look forward,and enjoy the beginnings of many a moorland blanket to be posted on FB. I'm torn between that and a willow afghan, but I think I know which one will win ! Only problem....I've only got one of the colours, so WWH here I come again !

Jayne Owens

Hi Lucy, reading your wonderful blog in bed where I have been since last Thursday. Really hoping this awful cold bug will ease off soon. It's so lovely to see your photos and hear all about your walks. Just makes me want to be there. I am making a ripple blanket for my granddaughter using your pattern and my own colours. Second ripple blanket. Must try some of your other projects. Love the cal you are doing at the moment and am seriously thinking of asking for the pack for my birthday as my husband really doesn't want to buy me the chain saw that I have asked for 😂. Hope you feel a lot better soon and keep warm with your lovely family and kitten of course.


Sounds like a familiar Christmas Lucy. Don't worry too much about the sulky teen. I have 4 children with the youngest being 18, oldest 24 with 21 year old twins in the middle. The youngest planned way before Christmas that we should all go out for a walk that we did around 10 years ago with the comment 'we're all old enough now not to grumble at being made to go out for a walk'. It was a sparkling frosty day between Christmas and new year and we had the best time and even recreated my 10 year old Facebook profile pic taken in the same place all that time ago. Taking them out to enjoy nature and their surroundings while they're young pays off and creates great memories that they may not appreciate at the time but will as they get older. X


I so want to go to England to see my heritage. Dad's family is from Northumberland, around Morpeth (Litle Harle Castle area, then later near Caton, Lancashire and Mom's from Hastings/London.

Your photos and writings meanwhile, take me there... and I feel a strong wistfulness in my heart. Thank you Lucy!


Being brought up very strictly, I remember aged 7 and taking great delight in saying "damn bloody hell!" when no one was listening. It was as naughty as I could imagine. I hope you are much better now Lucky.

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