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January 18, 2017


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Jenny M

Stunning scenery ~ thanks for sharing your part of the world. That moss is so beautiful ~ Pantone Colour of the year for 2017 is Greenery, so the colour of the moss is on trend.
Do take care of yourself ~ it sounds like you have a few saying the same thing...but your health is important.

Lynne Gill

Beautiful photographs, Lucy and a very calming post today! A bit concerned about al the pressure you put yourself under… and the anaemia - look after yourself sweetie! Lx

Jean Stein

Beautiful beautiful beautiful -- it's so green, even on a gray day. We are coming in September for Yarndale, all the way from New Orleans and Michigan, and I'm looking for a recommendation for a place to stay. Can you suggest something? Thanks! Jean


Here's another moss/lichen lover. Fascinating plants. Your walk up the Crag and the view of the Moors sent me back to the days of reading Jane Eyre and Withering Heights when I was a young girl. The Moors always sounded like a place of wonderment and appealed to my Celtic heart (Irish)

I'd never heard of Pork and apple pie! Sounds very savory and a good meal on a wintery day. I'll have to do some Google searching to see how it's made up.

Do get that anemia under control, not something to take lightly.

Wishing you a splendid healthy and prosperous New Year.

Patricia Holmes

Lucy, I must add that I love mosses, too. In our back garden there is a lot of moss growing naturally. I am actually buying other mosses to go with it to fill in all the bare spots. The native people (First Nations/American Indians) of this country appreciated the mosses and cultivated them as well as putting them to many clever uses. We are in good company. Like you, those original people from this part of our country loved creating bright colorful blankets and clothing.

Patricia Holmes

Lucy, Your photos, sharing of your nature walks, times by the sea, all of it, inspire me. Getting to see each of your beautiful projects as they are progressing, then the finished item and your sharing your patterns...all are truly enjoyed. I live in the state of New Jersey in the USA. So much about your home area, as well as most of the UK, reminds me of so many areas of New Jersey. Don't let the dreary parts of winter get you down and be sure to have that chronic anemia taken care of. Thanks for all you do. Patricia


I've loved mosses since I was a child, and I am known to photograph different examples when on woodland walks. Maybe my Yorkshire ancestors are to blame!

Andrea S.

Thank you for sharing your walk! As a long-time fan of James Herriott's books, it is a dream of mine to someday cross the pond and visit your beautiful country. Until then, your pictures are my next best thing.

Janette Surtees

hey Lucy - don't ever think of yourself as weird re the admiration of plants e.g. the mosses you photographed. Plants are simply wonderful creations, there are so many of them in different colours, shapes, sizes, forms etc. Without them life would not exist on this planet, and our souls would not be filled with the wonderment of them.

Cathy Frye

Love talking walks with you!!

Teresa Kasner

Well.. thank you so much for taking us with you on this wonderful hike.. and we could enjoy it from our easy chairs! LOL! I loved how companionable you and your husband are.. makes me pleased. My favorite shot was of the moss.. I also adore it.. so if that makes us weird then you have company.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Lucy did you know (you probably do) that in Victorian times flower names had specific meanings. Moss...'a mother's love' Moss grows anywhere, it doesn't need soil. I always think this is a beautiful analogy and that is why I am fascinated with moss too. Glad you enjoyed some tome together. It is exactly what we are planning to do next Monday. Xx


I love moss too! I even went on a moss hunt to find that tiny spot of reindeer moss (It's a rare species here) my father had encountered on a walk last week. I must've looked very ridiculous on hands and knees trying to reach it with my camera without crushing the plants in front of it. Off course the blue mega pompom on my bulky knit hat sticking out between the heather bushes would have been enough warning for the odd dogwalker in the area.


I love moss too!! 😊❤


Thank you Lucy great blog love moss too ! Love Jenny from Cornwall xx


I too love moss and really really love taking close-up photos of lichens as well.

Leah L.

Thank you so much for sharing your walk! I too am crazy about moss and have been since I was a little kid. I need to find me a good place to walk.


Oh wow, what a fantastic walk. I love climbing up things as well. Walks with a view are my favourite, they really are so good for the soul. Your lunch sounds absolutely delicious, and very well deserved! You've made me crave a good country walk now, it seems ages since we've managed one. CJ xx


Thank you so much! You've made me feel cool and refreshed again, no mean feat during the hottest and most humid Sydney summer I've had the misfortune to experience. And I hate summer here at the best of times.

Susan Smith

Thanks so much Lucy for taking us on your walk. Makes me think back to our holiday in September & walking in the Dales.(boohoo) I want to be back in Yorkshire! Your lunch is not unlike ours, but we don't get proper pork pies here in Oz, so I savour them when we are in UK. Take care.


Thanks for letting us take the walk with you. Enjoyed the beautiful scenery without getting out of breath!

Puppet Lady

Socks looking good! Well done reaching the top despite the mud.


I also love going on a walk that involves climbing high to survey the views, whether it is rural or urban. I can feel how it tops up your soul from your pics.



Bex Crowell

Thank you Lucy! I am across the Pond and haven't had a walk in the Yorkshire moors or dales since 2002! This one has rejuvenated me a lot. I also love mosses and the colours on this walk were just as spectacular as any I've seen. Yorkshire is such a special, special place.

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