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January 18, 2017


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Loving the gorgeous blankets, but I have to say the star of the show is Sonja's cocker spaniel. What a beautiful dog!

Jane Wood

Just doing the sample for the Moorland blanket .I have found using a stitch marker for every 10 stitches a great help . Thank you very much. Thank you for all your wonderful patterns. I hope you are feeling better .You inspire us all . Thank you . xxxx


I could be wrong but that looks like the rock used in Calendar Girls - tried to google it - stupidly put in "calendar Girls rock" well that brought up a whole load of a different kind of pictures!!! The grey is oppressive but moody. Hope the anaemia sorts out soon. Battle it myself on and off. Tiring.


Oh my goodness! Your countryside is breathtaking. It must be wonderful to have that practically in your backyard. I have never seen anything like that here in the US. How I would love to see that view even once..........


Wonderful, just wonderful colours of the landscape. Another member if the moss lovers society here too. It is growing abundantly in my garden at the moment and I love the way it creeps across the stone paving slabs.

Peta Cowan

Hi Lucy, lovely spot of English walking here, could feel that damp air on my face.....we are sweltering in a drought here average day temp 35-40C. I have tried to subscribe to your blog........it gives me gobbledygook how can we do it? I get the page of subscribing to typepad etc......is that what we have to do? Please explain if poss, I am not very techie. Can we upload photos to anywhere other than facebook, I don't do facebook but do have Instagram. Thanks for all you do. I am with you on the CAL but lagging as I am doing the 301 stitch version! Hope you are feeling really well very soon, love Peta Cowan!!

Cindy Bee


I think we need to meet up somewhere sunny, bring lots of hooks and yarn and tea and coffee and sit until the sun comes out again in our home towns. It has been Gray with a capital G here too...and foggy as ever. It's very depressing. Time for a cruise or something! The Attic 24 and Bee Lady crochet cruise! Who's IN!

Cindy Bee

Jennie Craine

I love moss too - but then, I live in Wales, so we have plenty of it. I always think the big cushions of it look like fairy forests - which is what I told my children when they were small.

That looked a lovely walk and you had just the right sort of lunch by the sound of things. Chocolate HAD to be included after a tough climb!


Fellow moss lover, here! I live in Washington state in the US, and our weather is almost exactly like yours! Moss everywhere, it is so pretty! I love these blog posts.

Winwick Mum

Nothing wrong with a bit of weirdness, in fact I think it's quite necessary at times! I'm glad the clouds lifted for you and I quite agree, they've been around for far too long now with their damp, dank, squashiness. It's time for some brighter weather! xx


I just wanted to let you know how you inspired me to take up crochet & experience the benefits of it. Self taught through YouTube mainly my journey into crochet has generally been quite slow but with steady progress. I am now joining in with the moorland cal & loving it. My joy has been compounded further by your 'like' of a couple of my photos on my instagram page. Your acknowledgement of my efforts means the the world to me. Your blog & other social media posts have helped me through probably the darkest year last year when I lost my lovely dad to cancer. Crochet has been a distraction, therapy & general joy so thank you Lucy for showing me the light!!

Angela-Southern USA

I love moss too! So if you are weird than so am I ; ) As a child whenever out playing in the woods and we came upon a big patch of moss it would become our favorite place to rest, dream and play, like a magic carpet. Those pies sound amazing! A beautiful walk. Grey skies here as well.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hilary Newman

Can I join the Weird Moss-Lovers Club too? Amazing plants that thrive in dark, damp conditions that so many other plants shun. That truly is the Lime Green in your blanket! Thanks for your lovely blogs x


The weather is the same in Gloucestershire, and you have described it perfectly. As soon as the clouds lift, my mood lifts. I am sure you know this, but you need vitamin C to absorb iron, so if you are taking tablet, take them with orange juice...


thanks for taking us along on your walking adventure--
beautiful pictures..I can see how these vistas inspired you...can't wait for my yarn to arrive...hugs, Julierose

Anita walters

Beautiful walk in beautiful countryside, don't worry I love moss too 😀


Thank you for another lovely post♡. I always appreciate your walks and thoughts. I've been enjoying 'walking on the moors' while working on my Moorland blanket ♡ Good health and love from the states!


Not weird at all. I even did an embroidery of moss!

Rowena Corlett

Hi Lucy - we live in Pembrokeshire on the coast with the moors (Preseli hills) behind, so lucky! I am going to steal your picnic idea next time we go walking as it sounds so scrummy!I think there is beauty in this landscape all year round. Love the comment above about moss representing mother love. Really enjoying making your moorland blanket although I am quite behind partly because I am doing 350 stitches!

Sarah. Hampshire, UK

Thank you so much Lucy for sharing this walk and for your blanket CAL which I'm absolutely loving. PLEASE take care of yourself and make sure that you have the time you need to get things balanced again. Love and hugs from Hampshire,UK xox


I love to walk as well but your views are stunning. I see flocks of over wintering birds which I try to identify.


Thank you Lucy, I always enjoy your blog about your walks....the way you write and the words you use puts one right there as if one is walking with you. Please don't stop.

Patti K

Thank you, Lucy... I enjoyed the walk and the amazing scenery! It is the simple things that bring such pleasure. And funny, I also relate all things of color to crochet ideas. I love moss too! I have it in my back yard. Hope you get your strength back.. and take care of yourself! This is my secret little world where I visit your fabulous colorful world.


I'm an ex Yorkshire girl living in Perth, Australia and love being renminded of the moors, there's nothing quite like it here. Coming back over in June just can't wait heading for Harlow Carr, Harrogate to imerse myself in the gardens.

Pam Wilson

Loved the pictures. It was like going on an adventure with friends. Thanks for the opportunity to join you,take care and be gentle with yourself hope you feel better soon.

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