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January 16, 2017


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So Beautiful review,as usual.
I love everything, many thankx for all this stunning projects!
Love xx

Postcard from Gibraltar

What a wonderful write up of a marvelously creative year. Thank you so much for your inspiring blog. Getting to meet you at Yarndale was one of my highlights of 2016. I look forward to seeing yet more wonderful crochet creations and beautiful photos of the English countryside in 2017. X

Fiona Barton

Happy new year Lucy and thank you for the feast of colour. Please share the baby bunting pattern soon. I feel the need to get ahead nof to be ready for Easter. xxx

Sandy B (Australia)

Well, what a year you have had dear Lucy. I am grateful to you for sharing your delightful insights to life, family and doing what you really love. Thank you so much. I wish you and your family a safe and happy 2017.
I have made a granny square blanket (first one ever) and used your cosy blanket edge to finish it off. I love it. I am also hooking your cosy stripe blanket using varigated wool...such fun. Your pattern is brilliant. Thank you.
I am delighted you like hydrangas now..they are beautiful.
Oh and one last thing... your little sheep....perhaps Nancy?


I've been reading your blog from the US for a couple of years now. I am a knitter...crochet has ever been a mystery to me. However, one look at the Moorland blanket and I decided to learn. Last week I purchased an on-line class and learned the basic stitches. I still need to work on improving my technique (and figuring out how to avoid wrist pain!) but I am determined to make that blanket in 2017! Thanks for this blog! I look forward to reading it every time it pops up in my feed!


Love seeing what you have done luck.
That sheep is sweet.
I'm doing my own cal on my blog but I love yours too -I'm more new to crochet and kept mine basic in techniques
I love those bags you made especially. I'm at www.whimsyandcosy.wordpress.com


Beautiful year in review!! Love these even though I read every post I forget all the wonderful things you make. Can't wait to meet you in September at Yarndale!! Looking forward to making whatever your project is for Yarndale.

I think that Petunia would be a good name for your sheep!!

Crafty Cath

Wow! What an inspiration. I love your creations. Please do a hooky book....not that I want to add to the pressure!! Looking forward to Yarndale 2017.


What a feast for the eyes! You accomplished so much last year.


Oh what a wondrous feast for the senses is your blog ALWAYS.

Thank you


Laura Gabriela Martin Del Campo Sescosse

Happy new year Lucy!!!

Patricia Lydon

Hi Lucy,
I found your blog in 2011 when I was looking for instructions on how to join up granny squares!! I was delighted to find someone that loved colour as much as I do. I started crocheting like a demon for months, made a few blankets and throws and then stopped until now.... found you on FB and ordered the moorland pack, love the colours and your interpretation of the scenery around you. I'm trying to knit a cardigan using your colours and instructions, watch this space!! You're so inspirational and how you find the time.... as we Irish say "fair play to ya". Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing so much of what you obviously love.
Patricia, Luachra Lodge BnB, Killarney.

Lynne Gill

fabulous, colourful feast for the eyes, icy, and I am not surprised IN THE LEAST that you have been feeling under the weather. It was only seeing all these projects en mass that I realised what a task you set for yourself. Steady on old girl! Though of course, we love the results. ! xx


Love it, so much yummy colourful goodness. I think the yarndale 2017 sheep looks like a Molly to me.


Lovely post, how inspiring to see a whole years work in one place.
I love your sheep in her patchwork coat, how about calling her Gladys ( in her gladrags!)

Angela-Southern USA

Patsy the patchwork gem maybe?... A color-fest indeed! A very creative year, all beautiful projects, and some I did as well. I have two huge mandalas hanging in my house now, along with two hooky wreaths (one in my craft room and one on the front door)along with a cushion made with the granny stripe re-make in shades of grey. I'm currently working on a couple pairs of knitted socks. A lot of inspiration found on your blog, thank you and here's to many more inspiring years!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Lovely post, Lucy! Truly a visual feast, and I look forward to even more inspiration!


It's amazing Lucy, what you make in one year. It's beautiful, colourful and just a feast for the eyes. Thank you for sharing!

And a name for the Yarndale sheep: she looks like a Molly to me. So maybe Granny Molly?


Happy 2017 to you Lucy!
Such a delight to visit your blog during the past year and just as delightful to wallow in those gorgeous yarny images looking back! Looking forward to what's ahead x


Grazing Grace or Granny Baaaaaa..arndale.
What an amazing collection of work - fabulous - it leaves me just a little breathless! I will come back to read all the links later.


Oh Lucy those hydrangea colours are enchanting - so looking forward to seeing your ideas for those. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity so generously. Your blog is a must for crocheters! With love from Leicestershire.

Ann S

What a delightful post, so many beautiful things all in one place. Well done to you.

Margaret Simpson

Lucy you are a Wonder Woman. Fantastic blogger, brilliant photographer, colour queen, Wife, Mother and a very generous person. Thank you for all your time and effort you so freely give to us. 💕🦋🇦🇺


Hi Lucy,
You made a lot of beautiful projects in 2016. I love all your blankets and your sheep looks adorable. My wish is to once go to Yarndale, but I don't know if my mom would be up for it. We live in the Netherlands so we would probably have to go by airplane and my mom doesn't like that so. But one day I'll go, I hope.
Have a lovely 2017 Lucy and I'm looking forward to all your projects.

Sweet greetings from Holland,

Debbie, Essex

I am in awe!!! You always make SO many pieces in 12 months, while I struggle to finish one!!! Well done!

Mabel was the name that came to me.

Many thanks for your wonderful inspiration and sharing.

love Debbie x

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