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December 15, 2016


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I love your landscape pictures so much!!! Thank you for sharing the magic!


Hi Lucy, my comment will seem a little out of context but I wanted to make sure you read it. I wanted to thank you - I bought your Coastal Ripple pack to work on and leave in our (coastal) holiday house, and I've lost the pattern sheets, so I was so happy to find the suggested colour stripe orders on your blog from 2014. I know I could make up my own order but I sometimes like not having to think! Now I just have to remember which size hook I was using. Anyway thankyou so much for making so much of your work available free on your blog 😊
Jill from emeraldcottage xxx

Anne R

Thank you for another wonderful year of blogging.Have a wonderful, safe and healthy Christmas. Anne in Perth

Cathy B

Thanks for the inspiration. I've made loads of things this year! Happy Christmas and have a bright & woolly 2017!!xx

nadine G

Joyeux NOËL et Bonne Année pour vous et votre famille. Bravo pour ton blog. Bises.


What a lovely walk in comparison to all the snow I have in Michigan, US right now. Thanks so much for sharing all the sights there and your wonderful, colorful creations. You brighten so many days for us all.

mrs. smythe

Funny - one of the first things I thought when I saw those photos was how much color was in them. The leaves and the mosses are really vibrant, and I think the gray brings that out. Sounds like a gorgeous walk - a nice contrast to the shine and glare of the city.


It sounds like a totally lovely time. Hope your weekend is as nice. ♥


Oh how lovely... just the way the weather and countryside ought to look in the lead up to Christmas! A time for gum boots (wellies) and big coats whilst ambling along through the countryside. Australia does have comfortable temperatures, but this years' beginning to Summer it is so hot I'm parked on the couch in front of a 70cm stainless steel fan, lest I dehydrate on the spot and become the same in molecular structure as a sundried tomato. So, needless to say, I feel somewhat refreshed by your blog!


Sunday morning in Melbourne, scrambled eggs, brewed coffee and reading Lucy's post. Heaven! Perfect therapy in the run up to Christmas...

gabriella adano

Lovely autumn view waiting Christmas!!!Happy week end


Love seeing the pictures from your country walk. Was in England and Scotland in October and loved all of our walks exploring both cities and countryside. I plan to join in the CAL in January! Am excited to get started. My yarn pack from Wool Warehouse arrived this morning, and the colors are beautiful!


Another wee gem! have a lovely weekend....x


Ah, such a sweet day and one to cherish forever. Denny and I love doing the same quite often. My motto is to always "Give your feet equal time." It's good to look up (and OUT) once in a while too. LOL Hugs and holiday cheer from Kimmy


How lovely to have a relaxed walk in the country. I am so yearning for some peaceful country walks at the moment. X von x


Gorgeous winter scenery.

Paula bluck

Yay all my fave places!!! Don't ever stop sharing your pics Lucy, sitting in my little Norfolk house I love seeing your beautiful county xxxxxxxx

Little Quiltsong

This would be my favorite too. Though I worked in a Mall for years (Bank) and it was like home - since moving to the country - I love this best!! When I do venture to the city for a day or so to shop, I'm always so glad to get home again and breathe such a happy sigh, that I live away from all that hustle and bustle :)! You have such wonderful long trails - I'm always in awe of all of those footpaths and country scenery along the way.

Louise  Ballantine

I'm finding a bit of happiness today but definately not calm because my moorland blanket wool pack has just arrived in the post.
Don't think I've ever bought so much wool in one go , I can't wait to start making it !xxx

Jane Wood

Thank you Lucy for your lovely Patterns and your most beautiful photographs. With all good wishes to you and your family for Xmas and the new year. Regards Jane W. UK xxxx


Have so enjoyed these last three posts of yours. I recently went to England to stay with my sister, and had a hectic time in Cambridge and London with lights and shops and museums and busses and trains, it was lovely, but on the plane on the way back I was enjoying earwigging the conversation of an English couple and their friend, and the woman said 'I am looking forward to a walk. Not straight away, or anywhere special, just to feel space around me again', which is just how I feel about getting back to Brittany; it's quiet and rural and muddy and rather empty, but I'm enjoying breathing and feeling the space round me.

Your blog is always a tonic, whatever you're posting about.


Can I ask please, what camera you use? Your photos are always so clear and I'm looking to upgrade. Thanks, and Merry Christmas.


How peaceful and tranquil.


This is my first time posting, but umteenth time visiting your site. I just love stepping into your world every chance I can get. Your descriptive language and lovely photographs call to me. Someday I too will walk your paths and view your sites - and I can't wait!!! There just seems to be something huge, wet, and very deep in my way! Until then, I will keep reading, and enjoying...
Thank you for sharing your world!

Angela-Southern USA

It is a challenge this time of year, thanks for the reminder.

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