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December 24, 2016


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I am refreshing and refreshing the page... cannot wait for the CAL to start! How wonderful how you can inspire people you haven't even met in real life. I really enjoy that you let us share in your enthousiasm! Thank you for your generosity :-)


Dang! I have those same polka dot Christmas ornaments and love all your colors. Another blogger alerted me to your blog and I will become a follower. Color rules! Liked your wavy cushion.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Love all the photos. The antics of the kitten have been a lot of fun to follow. <3 from Minnesota.

jenn in kansas

just grabbed 2 packs of your "moorland blanket" pack on wool warehouse for a fellow hooker & myself. YA! Gorgeous. We'll be a little behind you since it's shipping to USA but can't wait to get started. Happy, happy 2017 Lucy!

Jaime B

Your sweet kitty looks just like my Dea! Nothing like a tortie. :) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Katherine Ellam

I have a lovely tortoise shell cat as well, they make lovely pets... Always wondering what she will get up to next


Oh no! SO sorry to hear you had another cold! Still it should have passed by now I'm guessing. Miss your blog and can't wait to have you back with your sparkliness x Hope you had a fabulous Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Karen Umbrello

Hello Lucy,
Happy new year to you and yours!
I can't wait to get started on the Mooreland CAL! I have my yarn, and I'm ready!
I do have a slight problem that I am unable to subscribe to your posts via email! I've been trying for years, but always end up on a page with Web page mumbo-jumbo (not a readable Web page) I would love if you can subscribe me! I only worry about getting carried away with daily things and forgetting to check back in a timely manner!
I've made several of your blankets now and have requests for about 5 or 6 more in various patterns and sizes! I just love your sense of color and pattern and even though the brights aren't initially what I am drawn to, I have made a few for our own selves and we love them all!


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!! I love your colourful decorations!!

Debbie, Essex

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! And that you are feeling well again!

It's the first time I've had to look at my computer! Busy - but WONDERFUL family time! (We WERE expecting the day on our own but NumberOne's plans fell through on Christmas Eve and so they came to us!)NumberTwo arrived on Boxing Day and left today.
It's been full on but very cosy!
Now trying to recharge for the new year!

love Debbie x

catherine maudsley

Hi Lucy, we too have had horrendous head colds since the 21st Dec, which increased tenfold on Christmas morn........ just sat through 84 Charing Cross Road and Ladies in Lavender whilst starting a new Cosy Blanket. Much blowing of nose from tears and necessity! Hope 2017 is good for you and yours. Your Cosy Blanker I made (3rd one)was well received as an Xmas present this year.


I have two 10-month-old, mostly grown, young kitties, and this was their first Christmas. They are indoor-outdoor cats and they LOVE to climb trees, bookcases, ladders, pianos, refrigerators, and basically anything they can, so I was very worried about the Christmas tree. But...I successfully kept them out of it. I am so proud. 1.) I anchored the tree stand to the floor with huge wood screws (turned out not to need this, but I wasn't taking any chances) 2.) Used a roll of foil as a tree skirt and covered it with about 20 pinecones (It was ugly, but I took it away about a week later and no problem) 3.) MOST IMPORTANT - Made a spray of Witch Hazel with 40 drops lemon oil, 50 drops lavender, and 10 drops peppermint, and misted the tree (not the cats!) liberally and frequently. 4.) Decorated the tree with dried orange peel flowers and peppermint candy canes. My cats made wide circles around the tree. No interest in it at all!


Lucy, I stumbled upon a March 2013 post of yours when I was surfing the web for ideas for Drops Paris. You had 34 lovely skeins of it on your table. What did you decide to do with them? I don't know which of your projects you might have used them for. I have some smaller skeins in verying colors and it doesn't seem like cotton that is meant to be kitchen cotton. It seems too nice for dishcloths.

Diana Glasspool

So looking forward to the CAL, I have bought your wool pack and intend to take some of it on holiday so wonder if you could tell me the first few colours I will need. I'm away from Jan 2nd for six weeks and will have no way of buying more yarn. Hubby will have a fit if I take it all!
Happy New year. [email protected]


Merry Christmas. Your house looks beautiful. We, too, have cats. Might as well decorate the tree on the floor.


The cat in the tree picture is so funny.


A belated happy Christmas from me, and I hope you are feeling much better now. I have also been feeing drained and buffeted by the busy season! Very excited for the Moorland CAL soon though...


I have to agree with you, whomever is the daft person that decided to name our storms has almost given them more power on purpose!!


Happy New Year from North Dakota. Looking forward to the crochet- a -long . I have my colors all picked. What a pretty cat you have.


Long time that I've been to your blog. Ohh, how I missed it. Love how you manage to keep your own pace although during crazy Christmas time :-))
I tend to be swept away by pre-christmas activities and then end up totally exhausted on Christmas Day :-)


Merry Xmas Lucy.Hope that cold disappears as quickly as mine did.Just wanted to tell you that my lovely husband bought me a sunny log cabin kit for Xmas which was a wonderful surprise.Cant wait to get started on my first real blanket the wool looks amazing.😊

Jennifer Goodman

I know this is rather early to be asking questions about the CAL,but the yarn I want to use comes in 56g skeins. Was just wondering if I can buy just 1 skein and have enough to do the blanket? I'm retired and am on a fixed income so money is a bit tight. ❤ all the wonderful patterns. Hope you have a wonderful New Year and hope you get to feeling better.


Hope you were over the worse of the cold on Christmas Day. Hope you had a gentle relaxing day with your family. Best wishes. Sarah x


I hope you're feeling better today. Merry Christmas a day late! It's your Boxing Day? Right? I hope your Christmas was wonderful and enjoyed to the fullest. Our Christmas was spent with Friends and Family and was wonderful. Lots of baking and cooking and enjoying.
I'm waiting for my moorland yarn pack to arrive - one of my lovely presents. I can't wait to lose myself in the soothing waves of crochet and yarn. It will be my first CAL! I'm very excited about it too!


Cold not cod. Haha

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