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December 05, 2016


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What's the stitch or blanket called on yr home page that's over your legs while on sofa and your feet peeping out ?


can you please tell me which colors of yarn you used for the blanket with the feet wearing socks photo. The blanket yarn color names and yarn please


I love that star! So cool. Wish I could find one in the States.

Mary Aldred

When I was little the tree got decorated on Christmas Eve with carols and mince pies and sausage rolls and hilarity. When I was working as a teacher Christmas at home didn't start till Christmas at school was over - couldn't handle both at once! ( My daughter now gets hers done on 1 December in protest!)
I find that if I have too many external competing demands on my attention I get violent toothache - which magically disappears if I slow down and chill.
Take care of yourself - slow down, have more Baileys, get checked out and make sure you have enough strength to enjoy a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Hello Lucy

I look forward to your lovely little stories of every day life iyour neck of the woods...as well as all your beautiful creations....x


Hello Lucy

I look forward to your lovely little stories of every day life iyour neck of the woods...as well as all your beautiful creations....x


We no longer watch network TV so the Christmas frenzy seems far away and doesn't really touch us. It's lovely! We won't get or decorate our tree until next week but I have brought out a few dibs and dabs for the grandchildren to look at.
On another subject, my planner arrived this week! I haven't had time to really get into it, but at first glance it looks fab! The colors, the packaging, I'm looking forward to an hour or two so I can get started. I've not been successful with planners in the past but this looks perfect. Thank you for blogging about your planner and how you use it.


Hi Lucy... such a cozy atmosphere at your place, such a blessing. I am glad you are enjoying the days of December... I am pretty much into winter mood now, but can experience it properly only once I go home to Kazakhstan soon... snow and more snow there now! yey!
have a happy day ahead!

Debbie, Essex

Just reading your blog calms me down!

I must try Baileys in my next coffee!!! We had Amaretto in hot chocolate last week at Bath Christmas market which was VERRRRRRRY good! (In fact, i don't think I can drink hot choc without it now!!!!)

Look after yourself! (But maybe a visit to the doctor is in order?)

Debbie x

Lynne Gill

Absolutely agree with you an a late start to Christmas. I hate all this getting the decs up in NOvember… do the people who do this celebrate their birthdays weeks early too? And with little people in the house the anticipation is enough to provide sufficient pre-Christmas excitement!

We are now retired, but we found ourselves enjoying slowing down even more now the cold days are here, and have no shame at all in having days where we just potter gently and snuggle!

And BTW - how can you even THINK that cushion is going to be a disaster??? I am drooling at the colours, I want to make it myself!! I'm going to be doing one while I start your Moorland blanket, I can see the cushion in bright shades will be a nice contrast to work on . (I like to have a couple of things on the go, to give my eyes and heart a bit of a holiday from one thing!)

Enjoy the downtime with your family Lucy!

Sarah lauwerijssen

Hi Lucy,

Trying to get into Christmas spirt. My teenagers decided this year to decorate very early this , at the end of November.
But even with the lights with the dark it's not helping.
They are growing up way to fast. Or I'm getting older way to fast.?

But I am going to try the baileys in coffee, sounds nice.
Have a happy day

Rose | Happy Ramblings

Dear Lucy, I hope that you get your energy levels back soon. I too frequently go through similar. Blogging helps to keep me motivated as I write about the things that make me happy. Good on you for taking things slowly and being kind to yourself. Maybe a trip to your doctor would also help just to check things out? Have a happy advent. Lots of hugs. Rose x
P.S. I love your blog!


Gentle December days is the perfect approach to Christmas.. Sometimes we get so busy we forget to breathe. My daughter (think she is about your age) has problems with vitamin D and she lives in Florida and is outdoors lots with her children. Some people just do not process Vitamin D properly. Take care and enjoy your slow pace.


Hi Lucy, forgive me if I am being forward, but have you had a blood test recently? Just wondering if you are getting a bit anaemic again?
I'm with you on leaving the whole festive thing till later in December, it feels more Christmassy somehow.

Angela-Southern USA

I've taken a page from your 'slow down' book this year, and must say I'm enjoying December so much more.No long list of must do's and especially make this year. If I make a gift it's just a bonus, like this morning I made my girls some festive holiday earrings to wear about this month. Love the Alpine star! Enjoy!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I love your approach to Christmas - slow and easy! I jumped in with both feet this year, decorating the mantel, hutch, etc. however, the tree won't be going up until the week before. I'll make some cookie dough over the next week or two and pop it in the freezer and start wrapping gifts in about two weeks.
I like to spread it out over the entire month and get the most out of this
glorious season!

Winifred Waite

Love the reflections of the trees in the puddle in the first photo.

Like you I don't do much for Christmas until mid December. Too many birthdays this month too which distract.

Good idea to snuggle. I do the same but in my present to myself last Christmas, a long thick hooded M&S dressing gown. Bliss!
Love the colours of your cushion.


You have so much sun! In my corner of the world , we have snow.. but not so much sun...We live in white! the sky is white, the floor is white... so we need colours!

And I really love to see yours in your blankets or socks! or flowers!!
Rose, xx

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Sounds like a perfect easing into the Christmas season - love gentle days and snuggling on those sofas! 😊❤❤

Erica Field

I love the photo's of your walks, the scenery looks so similar to ours here in Derbyshire. We go out every morning to walk the dogs and I always try to look and appreciate how lovely the area is. Our tree and decorations don't go up until the weekend before Christmas, I am crocheting some Christmas bunting though and I might have to hang those up when they're finished. Take it easy and enjoy the holidays x


Hi Lucy. Anther avid reader of your blog here!! Can I also ask where you got your alpine star from? It's so beautiful and just what I've been after!! Helen xx P.S. I'm also with you on the slow run up to Christmas.....although as a childminder I sometimes feel I need to get going a little bit earlier!!


This is my hectic part of the month and it gets quieter nearer Christmas. Love all my crafty things but looking forward to making your moorland blanket in the New Year.

Brenda Cupryna

love your walk photos. we have a daylight bulb above our bed that comes on at 6.00am. it seems to keep my mood steady. I used to get quite depressed in the winter but this helps me.


Hi Lucy. My vit D was very low earlier this year. After finishing the 3 month course of meds my dr said to have a low dose over the counter vit d during the winter.
Check first as too much vit d can be dangerous but just a thought ☺

Anne at Shintangle Studio

Thank you, Lucy, for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the nesting part of this time of the year. I have had recurrent Christmas nightmares since I was a child, all centred on not having presents for someone or other in my family as Christmas morning dawns. I could do without this anxiety, but it's not going to go away on its own, so I'll have to be mindful about it. I shall knit and read and walk the dogs, when I'm not at work or feeding and watering draft horses in the freezing cold (minus 16 Celsius this morning!). P.S. I wish my house looked like yours. Another thing I can change if I really want to, I believe. Thanks for sharing warmth and colour and loveliness, as always.

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