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December 12, 2016


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Mary ^..^  ^..^

Thank-you for sharing a very special moment. We all have much to be grateful for....

Patti Cahl

How VERY SPECIAL Lucy. Well done that is what makes life worthwhile 😀😀🍭

Anne at Shintangle Studio

Clever you, knowing exactly what you needed. Fresh air, the scent and sound and sight of ocean, and a day with one's best beloved: what could be better, or more restorative?



Eleonora from coastal crochet

How delightful! I live very near to the sea and reading your blog posts about your love of the sea always reminds me that I should never take it for granted. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy some seaside time :) :)


That sounds utterly blissful Lucy, I'm so glad you managed to squeeze in a few hours away. Good for the soul I think! I know exactly what you mean about all that fresh air, I'm the same by the sea, breathing so deeply, it's wonderful isn't it. Hope you have a good week. CJ xx


Lovely, Lucy, thanks so much for sharing! xx


wonderful, life enhancing days like this are a gift. we love to be by the sea as well, and often say our holidays will be spent looking at the sea from a different beach, loving it.

jenn in kansas

so, so lovely! Congrats on making you "some day" TODAY! Thanks for the reminder to spend special time with a loved one this holiday madness. (regardless of the weather!)


Uplifting post. I breath with you. Every word. Making time to spend with loved ones is precious time indeed. Making memories. Love it. Thanks for reminding us.

Jools Morgan-Jones

There's a very real probability that I will have driven past you at some point today 😊 My job is to take vulnerable people home from hospital, and I took three home to St Anne's at different times today! Glad you had a lovely day, that beach is beautiful, I had my annual birthday treat of fish and chips sat on the front in St Anne's back in October xx


What a special, perfect day!!!


Love the Rob Ryan stuff but at £84.00 for the cheapest version of this paper cut I think I will have to save up.

Margaret Simpson

What a wonderful way to spend some time together. The fresh air and the exercise is good for the soul. Bless you both. ❤️🇦🇺


Sweetest post ever.xo susie

Linda W

Lovely post, and I love the Rob Ryan paper cut. not seen it before, but I'm definitely pinning that one.
Have a coffee on me

Debbie, Essex

My husband gave me a copy of that paper cut!!!
But whenever I ask him to run away to the seaside with me for a day, he says he can't (he runs his own business) :(

I'm glad you managed it!!!!


Susan Smith

My sort of day and sentiments exactly. Our children are grown up, but we still enjoy days like that, at the seaside or out in the countryside. The papercut is beautiful with lovely words. Take care.


So immensely good for the two of you!


Treating us to a special beach time very soon thank you Lucy love Jenny .

Jeanette Renting

This sounds like a perfect day! Lucky you.


It's moments like you have shared together that make memories. I remember when my 2 children were young one would be at guides and the other at scouts on the same night and my late husband and I would go out for a couple of hours knowing they were safe and enjoying themselves. Enjoy yourselves when you can.
Hazel c uk


This made me smile, we used to very occasionally sneak off for a day when the childen were small. Those moments are precious in amongst a busy family life. Sarah x


Ooo thank you Lucy for reminding me of Rob Ryan. Clothkits do a skirt with one of his designs that I have coveted for years. I think that is what I will use my Christmas money for xx


A magical day - hubby and I love to spend a few hours together drinking in the atmosphere of a bit of 'us' time xx

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