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December 14, 2016


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Winifred Waite

What a great building. It's modern but has such character. I love the arcades too nice they have been retained as so many disappeared.

Haven't been to Leeds for about 15 years. Maybe time for a trip! Thanks for the post, really enjoyed it.


Oh it's been SO LONG since I was in Leeds. I need to go back!!


I used to live in Leeds and love the city. These photos bring back many memories. Thank you for posting them. I now live in a much smaller city in the North West of England. I miss the buzz of city life

Ali Whale

I also love the John Lewis dept store and can't believe it has taken so long to come to Leeds. When I walked down that shiny floor I was glad I wasn't wearing a skirt. It was so shiny I felt it could reflect your knickers!!
From that hotel bar you can see the fan lights of Temple Mill. It is a brilliant and distinctive building and worth picking out in the landscape xx


Oh I love your blog, I love your blog! I am an expat living in Australia for almost 11 years now and being able to see all those wonderful buildings is such a treat! There's not that much like that in regional Australia. And to see it all so festive and cheerful! I still find Christmas in Summer hard to get my head around...


I love old shopping arcades too, so striking. Cities are really hard work and draining aren't they. But as you say, lovely to have the occasional visit. I like to see EVERYTHING in John Lewis as well. The cushions! The kitchen stuff! The china! And all of that tempting stuff they put out just inside the doors. Happy sigh. That gin was very well deserved I think. There's something about city walking that is more exhausting than country walking. That sit down at the end is utterly blissful. CJ xx

Sue Plant

I was in exactly the same place yesterday. The buildings old and new are truly beautiful, and I, like you , looked around in awe at them. The only difference was it was raining whilst I was there. Loved shopping with my mum though, It's something we don't do often so it's a treat for us both.


What GORGEOUS photos! I am a very focused shopper... I know how what I want, and how much I am willing to pay... and if I don't see what I want at about my price... I leave. :-)

Winwick Mum

I'm generally a missile shopper too (I call it SAS shopping - get in, get it, get out) but every now and again it is nice to have a look around. I spent a bit of time in a bookshop today and it made me realise just how good it is to see things in real life rather than online - and how much more money you spend when you browse! :-) xx

Lorraine lloyd

We have a couple of old arcades in Sydney Australia too, they are a delight to wander in but like you I look up more than where I am going. I like a city trip but always glad to get on the train home to the peace and quiet.

Warsash wife

What stunning shopping centres! It's such a treat to have a day out just the two of you, hardly happens in our household but I'm sure it'll come! I too love to dip my feet in the city now and again, but love to come back home to the coast and breathe in the sea air! I often wonder how people cope living in the centre of London, as exciting and alive as it is, I wouldn't last more than a day! Home sweet home ❤️

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