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December 14, 2016


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Karen Green

Your arcades are so much more beautiful than our malls. They are very utilitarian...perhaps that is the mark of being American. I don't know, but I'd rather shop in yours! Thank you for the lovely photos.

Postcard from Gibraltar

Ooh I love the old arcades in Leeds - so pretty! I haven't been for years sadly but I would have been with you, stopping to have a look around at the beautiful architecture 😊


I love your photos of the ornate details in the arcade. When people paws through daily, they take it for granted and don't notice the artistic designs any more. It's amazing how many interesting things you can find if only one takes the time to stop and observe. When I see those artistic flourishes I remember that they were deliberately placed there by someone who found them meaningful and important, from an era where the ornamentation was just as important as the structural elements. I could look at those photos for ages.


goodmorning Lucy (sorry for my bad english) I live with my husband near Leeds (for a job) but I am french. I put on my website a link of your blog for the french lady
thank you so much and congratulations for your blog

Jane B.

I think it's the whole evolutionary "hunter/gatherer" genetics playing out over millennia. The males were the hunters of game, so they developed the missile technique of acquisition. The females gathered the roots and berries, so they had to be able to slowly look around and find the hidden treasures. We modern humans aren't as evolved as we like to think! Agree totally on the old fashioned arcades, being in a modern shopping mall is dazzling but makes me a bit breathless and itchy to leave again. Hendricks well deserved!

Diane Burns

I smiled as I read your blog. Bill and J are similar shoppers. Now he waits in the vehicle for me but it used to be you have 15 min. to shop.

Leeds looks like an awesome place. I have passed through it a couple of times on the train but never have visited the city.

Thanks so much for a great blog.

Diane (from Ohio)


I loved the look of that shopping place- looks fun! - maybe not at peak busy time

Susan Smith

How amazing! You sound just like Hubby and I with how you shop. Wow, that new shopping centre is just too much. The floor would make me feel ill and the lighting these days makes more eyes funny and disoriented. Give me the old arcades and a street full of shops and I'm happy. I've been in that arcade a couple of times over the years we've visited, but I still love the Markets best. Take care and thanks for a great post that brings back memories.

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Thanks for that little tour of the city - I've never visited Leeds before. Makes me want to go! But there really is no place like home 😊❤


Oh I was so so excited to visit Leeds for the first time in ages and see the new arcade. I''m not sure what it was but the the whole experience left me feeling oddly deflated and sad. The desperate stark opposition between the expensive shops and the pawn brokers and bettting shops that line the street directly next to the new arcade made me feel ill, and I left town empty handed. Though I agree there is much beauty and in the architecture of much of the town Leeds feels like it's loosing itself and trying a bit to hard... all fur coat and no knickers as my Nan would say! She's become a bit of a corporate whore. Give me the independents of Ilkley and Skipton and even Harrogate these days

lyn lewis

Wonderful arcade pictures, we so often don't look around us or up above our heads when we trot rund the cities.
And you clearly have great taste Hendricks gin is excellent : )


Loved your latest blog..seeing all the gorgeous photographs and it has put the idea of visiting Leeds one day...so thank you!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours, and many more to come...

Nora x

Anne at Shintangle Studio

I live two hours from the nearest shopping centre, and that's fine with me: North American malls generally lack any charm at all. If I'm lucky I'll make it through the gift marathon without setting foot in one. I remember being in Burlington Arcade in London at Christmas decades ago and thinking it was visual magic (couldn't have afforded so much as a thumb tack from there, but that didn't matter). I've never been to Leeds but you make it look lovely.


Such beautiful photos Lucy. Always love hearing about your experiences. I'm probably a bit more like J and my other half is a bit more like you. However both of us have extremely limited energy for shopping in person, preferring the online experience these days. We do most in-person shopping together, and the actual "being together" is much more fun that the shopping itself. And like you, we enjoy the eating/drinking/relaxing parts the most. I rather enjoy the people watching too. If not for the insane road traffic, we might do more in-person shopping. I rarely drive anymore, preferring to take public transportation and walk as you do. Happy holidays to you and your entire family! The best gifts are family experiences rather than material things.


Leeds city centre how I miss it my daughter used to live there and twice a yearI used to spend the day in the shops I could spend hours in the covered markt. She now lives in Newcastle and it is not the same, I envy you.


I love the buildings in Leeds too, the market is an amazing structure if you remember to look up. Found your blog a few weeks ago and recognised the photo you had put on, don't we live in a beautiful part of the world? Happy crafting x

mrs. smythe

I love department stores too! Especially during the holidays.

Irene Boothroyd

I'm a country girl at heart too......but!! I love the old part of Leeds, that arcade is a very special place.

Lynne Gill

I can totally understand your feelings about shiny, brand new malls - they do nothing for me and I feel almost claustrophobic if I'm in one for any length of time. I dpont' fine I do anything efficient there and am always glad to get outside. Arcades, on the other hand, are lovely : visually interesting and pleasing to the eye, quieter, usually open to the outside, and the shops are usually much more individual.

After leaving my home town of Liverpool at 18 I no longer feel comfortable in cities for very long - I've been a country bumpkin for so many years! Nice to visit for a spell, but lovely to get home to peace and quiet and a slower pace of life! (But I do love an occasional wander round a good departmental store!)


"shop like a missile"... you really made my day! It´s a new phrase to me and hits the point. Many years I´m following your blog and I love it. I love it for the colors, for the liveliness, for the presence of your inner child. Thank you.


I have somehow managed to have a missile shopper daughter, even though ( or perhaps because ) I am a toucher looker take it all inner. So we always compromise like you and stop for nice refreshments. I feel the need to visit Leeds now.


What a great travelogue for Leeds. I have never been. Many years ago I lived in London, but found that I was a country girl at heart and left.


Shopping in expensive places brimming over with luxury items tends to make me a bit frustrated and depressed even though I love it. Missed feelings indeed.


Great trip enjoyed the lovely photos love Jenny xx

Elsie Pop

Ah Leeds! I lived there for 5 years - but it's changed so much! I miss it! Xx

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