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November 28, 2016


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Debbie, Essex

So lovely! (EVERYTHING!!!!)

Thank you!
Debbie x


Lovely watery light, so delicate
Clare x


Lovely photos and post . I felt as if I was there too, walking along the canal and taking in all the beauty of the scenery .
Thank you for the beauty you share with us.
Tina x


Some of the best and brightest of my days are spent watching the ever changing scenery on my little Isle. And at day''s end I'm rewarded with the glorious posts you share about your lovely spot on our Earth home!!!! Thank you for caring so much about your environment and for sharing it with us!!!!!

Angela-Southern USA

One on one time is so precious, they grow so fast.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Walking with you, Lucy. I love that you appreciate all the beauty around you. I do that too. So many people just don't take time to even look upward let alone "soak it in." You live in such a beautiful place, and I love seeing that part of the world through your eyes. Hugs, Kimmy


Precious memories.


oh such a sweet time eh

Winwick Mum

What a lovely expression, smiling right down to your toes. As good as hot tea and treacle tart! xx


And wasn't it a wonderful sunset too last night. I love the image of you smiling to your toes. A really golden moment with your son, a second page and the canal. I think you will remember this moment forever.


I also love the golden quality of the light at this time of year. It gives me a real lift. My mid-twenties son often comments that I take such pleasure in little things. I tell him that''s not a bad thing. At least you and I Lucy will be happy so much more of the time!

Brenda Cupryna

lovely post. Drove through Skipton on Friday due to having to divert as the A66 was blocked due to an accident. unfortunately , no time to stop. loved the views


Wonderful pictures


I'm counting those days until the sun comes back again and the days turn longer.I'm not made for the cold and dark period of this time of the year. Wanted to work in the garden because of the sun. The frost turned my nose bright red in seconds. Hot tea was needed.I loved that time with my sons. So precious. Full of stories and chatter. Things to remember with fondness.


Bless him! That's really lovely.


Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Laurie Mowat

I've never minded the bare trees in winter. You get
to see them in a brand new perspective. They are so intricate and when the days are windy they seem to move in an entirely new way. My favorite part of all...you get the chance to see where all the squirrel's nests are! I'm always amazed how they seem to pick the tiniest limbs to call home. I wish I could crochet all of them some little blankets for the winter.

Teresa Kasner

How neat to see your hills so close.. maybe someday you can buy one of those stone houses at the base. :-) . You're lucky LB still tells you about his day.. one day all you will get are yeh..nah..whatever. :-) . ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

lyn lewis

The journey is sometimes more valuable to us than the destination : )


Oh that winter light is glorious isn't it. I miss the green leaves as well, but I tell myself that I appreciate them all the more for only being around for half of the year. My littlest boy had to do a cartoon at school the other day and had to have more than the allocated eight boxes. I was happy about that too. CJ xx

Melody A.

such a beautiful post, as they always are. Enjoy!


Every time I feel a little down or discouraged when I see the dark side of the world, I remember that there is a place I can go and enjoy beauty and innocence, so I come to the net and read your wonderful blog. ❤️


Keep on writing, little man! Sounds like he might take after his mama :)


Adorable. Love your posts. X X


Aww, sweet little writer you have there. :) I love the golden light too, but like you I am counting down the days to the solstice! xxx

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