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November 07, 2016


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Postcard from Gibraltar

Such beautiful photos Lucy, thank you for sharing those gorgeous autumn images. Can't wait to see your new blanket!


Gorgeous photos Lucy, autumn has been phenomenal this year hasn't it. I'm sure it wasn't this stunning last year, I remember more of a damp squib. You live in such a pretty part of the world, how lovely to have all that beauty on your doorstep. I shall look forward to seeing your blanket, and your Dorset photos, glad you had a nice break away. Good luck with your deadlines! CJ xx


So great to read.you after such a long time. Look forward for next weeks post


Another knitter wondering what pattern your shawl is...?


I wish I could take those walks with you!

Rowena Corlett

Oh so good to see you back and very much looking forward to the blanket reveal! Glad you are well and your slight absence just due to business!

Lynn Butler

I love your nature walks. Such beautiful colors and light. So glad to share them with you!

Red hot pink hydrangeas are my favorite. My grandma said the trick to such a deep dark pink was to bury iron nails under the plant. Wikipedia explains it best, but with some species low acidity causes the blues, purples and lavender colors and high acidity causes the pinks and reds. A mood plant!

Looking forward to your Ta-dahs! Can't wait to see the new blanket!

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Autumn has been fabulous this year! I've so enjoyed the colours and inspiration, like those along your long walk home... Beautiful 😊🍂🍄❤


So beautiful and soooooo sensible to take the time to take 'the long way home' and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Looking forward to seeing more of the new blanket. Just seen the weather forecast and it looks like you might get some of the white stuff tomorrow so keep cosy and warm.


Oh what a beautiful place you live in. It reminds me of when we lived in Devon, a different way of life x

carolyn jackson

Lovely colours, have missed you in the attic too.pleased you got to dorset and look fwd to all to be revealed soon. Always enjoy your posts. Carolyn.


Wow your pics are just so gorgeous!!!! Here in the Midwest we have had the warmest fall I remember and it's been wonderful to be out as much as possible in the woods walking. Such a good way to re-charge!!!


Hi Lucy, I love that bag- looks fun .I so love the outdoors - the colours are amazing at this time of year - more with the trees taking centre stage... I have a section on my site now for nature which has my blog posts you would love with outdoor pics
In case you want to look about - love the post

Jackie Farrow

Great photos, it has been a lovely Autumn. I fly back to Perth Australis on Friday, looking forward to going home back will miss this time I've had here. Still think about Yarndale and what a great event it was. Thank you Lucy for this and for talking to me, made my day. The woolly sheep I bought will be coming with me. Regards Jackie

Donna Thompson

Love your knit shawl! (It is knit, yes?) I'm a sucker for blue hydrangeas, have 2 plants and hope to keep them going. Great post, Lucy. These photos are just wonderful. Thank you!


Oh gorgeous photos & to think I was there in September and went on s short canal ride right there in your town. Now, I'm missing it so much(sob). I am looking forward to seeing this new rug & have missed your chatty posts & great photos. You are such an inspiration. BTW, I'm now 2/3 way down my Cupcake rug & it's about all I've picked up in the way of craft since we got back to Oz. Must get myself into gear as Xmas is just around the corner. Hmmmm! Take care Lucy.


Have you finally been converted into a a hydrangea lover then Lucy?!!!!!!! I find them fascinating. The blues are my favourite, turning shades of lilac and ice blue when they dry out. I have also been loving walking on blustery days, when all the leaves are shaken from the trees and you experience Autumn snow. I love the feeling of nature winding down, yawning a little and preparing to snuggle under its duvet to fall asleep until Spring. At least the thought of using all the blankets, scarves and wrist warmers is keeping the idea of the onset of winter not an awful one!

Cannot wait to see what you are up to. I seriously don't know how you pack it all in! My creativity this year has been tragic! My mojo has escaped me, but it's so lovely to see the creativity alive in others. I just hope it becomes infectious!!!!!!!

Take care Lucy and hear's to a few more walks like this!

Vanessa xxxx

Susan Dowson

Lovely to see your pictures. Hope all is well with you and yours xx


Lovely pics! Like your shawl, which pattern did you use?


Beautiful pictures. Glad all is well with you. Sounds like a busy time.


Gosh, so beautiful, thank you Lucy x

Annie C

Another blog spoke of how people hate pyracantha bushes because they are so thorny. We had a whole fence-full when I was a kid and I loved their happy red berries (like your pic!) So very fall! :-)


Will there really be a new blanket coming up.
I cann't wait , you make me so curious .
What a lovely walk you did.
Really a gift to enjoy the beautiful weather.
I enjoy it too.

June pirie

Wonderful pic and a love the glimpse of that hot tropical bag you are sporting. Looking forward to your next post. Xx

Teresa Kasner

Wow, I sure enjoyed all your autumn scenes.. I especially adore the river boats and dream of seeing one in person.. and possible cruising on one. I'm looking forward to seeing your sea visit photos and your secret things too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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