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November 10, 2016


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Very clever - your son has inherited your artistic gifts!


Excellent! Lino cutting tool! Aaaaah! I'm definitely investing in a couple of those for next year!

L'Empreinte de l'Ange

Sorry, wonderful !

L'Empreinte de l'Ange

Wonderfull !

gabriella adano

Compliments really creative pumpkins!!!

Brenda Cupryna

love those designs. have you thought of free machine quilting? they would make good designs,


Wow, your pumpkins are gorgeous! I can see why you received so many compliments, it's an impressive display.

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams

It's so satisfying isn't it when the night draws in and the candles go on to see the carvings at their best. We have been dressing up the outside of our house for the last 14 years and it caught on in our village. We now have other villages dropping off their children because they know they are in an area where we are happy to participate. I think it is the most community orientated event of the year now. Gorgeous carvings!

Robin W.

Cool! Looks like that was a lot of fun!

Teresa Kasner

Simply fabulous, Lucy! All of yours are great! I think it's neat you enjoy that fun part of the holiday. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Well done to the Attic24 team - very impressive stuff - I wonder where the talent comes from?!
When my children were young we used to carve a swede (no pumpkins available then)- with a great deal of difficulty - and play duck apple! I can remember my mother relating the story of singing around the village on All Souls' Eve for charity when she was young. 'Souling night has come at last and we are souling here. All that we are souling for is apples and good cheer. Soul, soul sole (sp?)in my shoe, if you've no apples, pears will do if you've no pears then God bless you.' Not exactly trick or treat but happy days.

Jenny Young

I love Little B's pumpkin best! Your family is so very creative.

I am 50 yrs old & I have never carved a pumpkin but in the past few yrs I've noticed it's become such a beautiful art. I may need to learn something new!

Annette in Burlington, ON, Canada

Lucy - you keep on surprising us with all your talents! England is lucky to have you! And - I guess us we in other countries, too - halleluja for the internet!


Your pumpkin carvings look amazing, the best display I have seen! Sarah x


Brilliant carving Lucy. Love them all and well done Little Lady.


Your pumpkins were awesome!!!
xo Kris

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Fabulous pumpkins! They must have looked amazing leading up the steps to your front door. Brilliant! 🎃😊❤ 💕


Great pumpkin carving by all. I have NO talent for this but love to see the kids dressed up in their special costumes.


Wow Lucy, they're phenomenal, clever you. You are very talented at all the artsy crafty stuff I think. I had no idea they would light up even if they weren't cut all the way through, they've worked brilliantly. I shall refer back to this post next October. My attempt this year was utterly appalling, I am ashamed! Have you ever made your own stamps with the lino-cutting thing? I have an inkling you would be fab at it. CJ xx

Maggie, Ohio, USA

Those pumpkins look amazing!!!! In the US a lot of the kids use pillow cases to collect their candy on trick-or-treat night because the plastic pumpkins don't hold nearly as much.

Ali Dufty

Oh goodness , your pumpkin pics are amazing . You have a lot of patience ! You put me to shame !!! My little grandson grew one in our garden this year, so I felt like we HAD to carve it AND eat it too . I managed a mediocre effort of a moon and two bats!! ( and used fake tealights ) ha ! oh, and made some soup of course . I keep feeling it deserved more :/ I certainly couldn't have coped with six !!! Are you still eating soup ??.. or muffins?... or pie ...........??


They look great. We are lucky enough to get pumpkin all year round in Oz, though we just use them for eating. Take care.

Angela-Southern USA

Love'em all! They sell pumpkin carving tools here in the States and they do a fairly good job of it. I will try my lino tool next year. My girls prefer cleaning the 'guts' out as to carving it.lol


I carved bats on my pumpkin this year as we have them living in our roof. I put a tea light in it and put it on the picnic bench outside and realized that I had managed to get a reflection of a bat on the house. As the flame flickered it looked as if the bat was moving - we live in the middle of nowhere so I don't think I terrified too many passing motorists.


Wow, just wow. I just eat them.

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