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November 24, 2016


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Love the idea of planning I do it to keep my wip's in check. I have a simular planner from a Swedish company called personal-planner, it ships to UK cheaply so no customs ( yay more money for wool lol). love the bumble bee design its so cute really clever idea to use it as a cover... I think your wave cal blanket is going in the planner as a must do next.. ;)


So disappointed. I ordered one of these planners and a matching phone cover and have been waiting patiently for it. They were sent in 2 packages, and UPS have charged me £21 per package for "custom fees". This makes this the most expensive diary I have ever bought and completely negates the happiness I might feel in owning one :-(

Andrea Smedley

The planner is brilliant. Do you have to pay customs charges with it coming from the USA?


Hi Lucy :)
I have been following your blog for years & have just started to crochet again after having years off. For now I am crocheting cotton dishcloths for Christmas gifts. I cant wait until those are finished so I can move on to making some wonderful blankets & other bits & pieces. I am wondering if you can share how you swap colours in your crocheting please? I would be eternally grateful :)

Andrea Smedley

I love how you've personalised your planner! I may need to look into this idea!


I am extremely tempted by an EC planner but I think I am too wedded to my Bullet Journal now, which is keep in a pretty Azure Leuchtturm1917. I think I may have found planner peace. But OH I am still so tempted...
Must not buy another planner. (Not quite yet, anyway :D )


Annette you have a great blog so you deserve comments! Some are not more equal than others surely? Why is there held to be a hierarchy in blogging, it seems very divisive and unfair? I hardly ever read comments from a24 on other blogs either, they occasionally jump out as being as rare as hens teeth. Sad that there is inequality and that there are cliques even in the world of blogging. One of the things I don't enjoy about it.

Annette My Rose Valley

HI Lucy
Such a cute idea. Love how your cover came out. It has a great 3D effect, feels almost like you can touch the flowers lying on top of that stripe happy background. Well done girl.
I've done postcards from some of my photos before and struggle with the quality of the picture sometimes. It is because my pictures are saved in RGB colors (white gets greyish...) instead of CMYK. For printing it needs to be CMYK to keep the clarity and preferable 250-300dpi in quality. Just a tip if you didn't already know. The problem that I bump into is that I don't have photoshop so I can't change the RGB to CMYK in an easy process... Might be worth sending pictures off to a graphic designer to make them tip top for the process.

Also wanted to say thank you for popping in the other day. I was thrilled to see you had taken the time to comment. Keep up the good work you do and you are probably the most generous crochet lady I know. I hope we can get together one day, that would be a great moment. Maybe Yarndale next year. I'm planning to make my virgin trip over there.
Happy Fort Of Advent. I'm off to a big market in France with some girlfriends this early Saturday morning. Sooo looking forward to it.

Teresa Kasner

I love your planner, Lucy! I'm retired now and don't have much to keep track of, but back when I was working and raising 3 kids that would have come in very handy. Enjoy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Your planner is beautiful Lucy and thank you for the flower patterns, you are so inspiring. I have been thinking about trimming up a boring plain jumper and a few crocheted flowers would be just perfect.


Hi Lucy, your second photo actually made my mouth water when I saw the tin you keep your pens in. When I was a child my parents would by that syrup (Mum was from Liverpool) I have not had it since, nor have I seen it anywhere as we are in Canada... oh memories!


Dear Lucy, I want to send you a big thank you for your great wonderful heartful inspiration, I finished my first blanket with your help, my coulors and your yarn, and messure , and passion to explain the way to get a lovely blanket with a nice border. My tadaah after 7 month of hooking (paused in the summerheat)
Big hug and kisses from bavaria

Patricia Ponte

Hi Lucy, I realised that I wrote this comment in your April post so I copied it and ported again in case you don't see the original. :-) My niece is crazy about planning. She is studying and it helps her be organized.She also uses Erin Condren planners and she loves it. I am debating getting one because I don't know if I would use it. What do you think. Any words of wisdom for a non planner???
Love your blog Lucy and all your colorful blankets. I also love your yarn packs at the Wool warehouse and I have to tell you they are amazing, never had a problem on my orders. Have a great Christmas!!!!

Angela-Southern USA

It's fab! Thanks for the links. On a different note, I've been crocheting big mandalas (2 feet across) and attaching them to hoops to hang. As always thanks for the inspiration.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Maria João Machado

Such a gorgeous planner! have a nice planning all the year long


Several years ago, when the older Bears were very small, and my life revolved around appointments for them, a filofax was my life! Then it became a fridge planner, and then smartphones made an appearance and everything got put on there. The trouble is, I get all these appt alerts, then I forget about them! I've been thinking for a while, that maybe a planner of sorts might be a good idea again, if nothing else just to help me sort my head out for the week with one glance. I do like the idea of being able to customise with your own images, that makes it so much fun..........and stickers.......oh be still my beating heart! I was thinking the other day to a time back in the 80s when stickers and scented erasers were the big thing. I had an American penpal who used to send me scratch'n'sniff stickers. we used to do rubbish ones here in the UK but they did a vast array of cool ones over there and she used to send them to me. I wonder if anywhere still does them. Oh my, a planner, and smelly stickers........I'd be transported to being eight again. I'd LOVE it!!!!!!!

I also wanted to say how awesome your latest blanket is. Urgh i've so lost my crochet mojo this past year. Goodness knows why, so you are giving me inspiration to get going again!

I hope the sun is shining for you today Lucy.

Take care



Lucy, love you sense of whimsy. I too use a planner but not quite happy with the store bought one I have. I will look into making my own and decorate the cover with my ornaments. Thank you for all your inspiration.


It's brilliant Lucy, I love the new cover. It must be great to see it your crochet turned into print. It hadn't occurred to me until I read your post that my planner is almost at an end. Good job you reminded me. The children had me focusing on other seasonal requirements! I love the Yarndale calendar as well, really beautifully photographed, and great to see plenty of your makes there. CJ xx


On which website can I buy it? thanks

Rose McIntire

Dear Lucy,

Thanks for the EDIT to add. Please, please I was not implying hidden agenda, I was talking more about which filter to put on when reading a product review. If it is advertising, I want to know.
You are very influential in my life and I purchase products you recommend and sell. If you were sponsored by Life Planner it would be great. I am sure you would do it because you love the product, but I would still love to know. I am not being capricious on this issue, it is important.

I am a long time reader and customer. I have politely and carefully commented on this topic twice over the past three years. You receive copious amounts of deserved praise, why would my one comment deserve this irritated response? You might be signalling that only praise is welcome on this page.

At this stage, I politely and respectfully bow out of the conversation and the blog.

Rose McIntire

Good morning Lucy,

you sell/recommend/link to so many products that it is difficult to know if you are selling something for a profit or simply recommending it. These distinctions are very important, not only for ethical reasons.

Michele Morris

Love it! Thanks to you I turned into a planner and sticker nutter too this year. Much fun.

Kelly P.

I just bought my own life planner thanks to you! Can't wait to get it in the mail!


Love the spotty crochet hook, where did you get it from please?
The planner looks fab, very personal

Rachel @ EBDUK

Love it! Might just have a cover on the way to me too...😊
Also amused by how my slip of the tongue between 'sticker' and 'decorate' is now A normal word! Next step-get 'stickerate' into the dictionary....

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