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November 26, 2016


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Christine Holloway

can you send me a link to the whole printable pattern please. like others I will go on holiday to a place that has no internet connection and i want to take this project with me. Thanks

Margaret Rose

Hi Lucy,

Love your website and have made 3 of your blankets so far. I am going to make the Moorland and I have started the practice piece. I did the first chain with hook 5, then the next 2 rows with 4 but it only measures 18 instead of 19cm. I was wondering if I should do the chain 5 and keep going with that number. I find the beginning chain and rows I usually crochet tighter than when I am relaxed as I go along.
Fremantle WA.

Heather Rutherford

Where is a list of the sequence of colors?

Also what is CAL

Heather H Rutherford

I love the moorland colors. I would like to make a wrap instead of a blanket so I can really show it off. Is all of your yarn natural fibers? I would like synthetic as my skin doesn't like wool. Also where do I buy the pattern?

Alison Cook

Hi Lucy,
I still have my Moorland blanket to do as have been busy with other treasures but now cannot access pattern giving starting chain count and specific order of colours.
Does the link expire?
I am just about to commence the Meadow CAL but still wish to make a large Moorland later this year.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Alison, Western Australia 😊


Hi Lucy
I'm new to crochet but have worked a sample for the Moorland blanket. Looks ok but does it matter if the ups and downs don't quite align as long as you end up with the right number of stitches. Sometimes have to pop in an extra dc or leave one out but its nice and wavy.

Sharyl Allison

I got moorland. Stylecraft. Special DK in 2017. Was going to make temperature blanket or weatherghan. I can't find my pattern. I had the waves pattern but my laptop computer doesn't work that it was saved on. I may need to order more yarn if I make bed size blanket. Do you have a temperature chart with those. Colors on? Or pattern using those moorland colors? Respectfully, sharyl

Mel Wallage

Hello Lucy! A good friend wants me to make her a baby blanket in the moorland colours. Please would it be possible to have the starting chain length for a 70cm width and a suitable length ?
Best wishes
Mel W


Dear Lucy,

My name is Elles and I live in the Netherlands. I follow your blogs on Attic24 and have made a few of your wunderful blankets.

Now I have a question:
My son is studying at Stirling University in Scotland. For the next university year he become an appartment for himself.
I would like to give him a personal blanket. He loves the Moorland Blanket, just likes his mom.

I plan to make a Scottish Border blanket just like the Moorland Blanket. From row 81 I would like to add the colors of the Scottish Highlands.

Can you help me find the right colors for this so that there is beautiful Scottish blanket and I can give my son a nice personal blanket for his new appartment.

I would like to thank you for your answer.


Elles van der Loo
The Netherlands


Hi Lucy
I have just ordered the yarn pack for your Neat Wave blanket. I am new to crocheting but willing to give it a try I managed your coat hanger last night. I have done a couple of samples of neat wave, I plan to doo a couple more before I start on the blanket... I will let you know how I get on I hope to go to Yarndale in couple of weeks the last time I went I could not crochet.

Itchy fingers?

Jane rushworth

Just started the moorland, and seem to be getting along well, but after 15 rows in, the wiggles seem to be getting less wiggly?? I think I have got slightly out of sync with the patterns? Is there a simple way I can get back on track without unpicking? Trying to work out the ups and downs logically, by looking at how the waves fit together, but a bit mathematical and baffling me quite a bit? Any advice appreciated 😊 can send a picture if that helps?

Nest Jones

I would like to make a baby blanket in the wave stitch. Could you suggest a mixture to make a colourful one and what size should it be?


Hi Lucy,
I've just received my yarn pack today and I love it. I love the yarn, I love the colours, I love the design. I was happily surprised to reach the recommended gauge without changing my style of crocheting and I'm using 5 mm hook, like you suggested.
I've had a look on your other projects and I can say you're a danger to my wallet. They are so beautiful and I want to make many of them!
@Wendy: if you go to the Neat Wave Pattern (the link is in on the left of this page), there are links to next stripes' colours at the bottom of the post.

Wendy Luff

I have come late to this wonderful Morland blanket and can only find the colour sequence for rows 1-20. Can you please tell me how I can find the rest of the colour sequence for your Morland blanket? I have already bought the two packs and would like to be able to make a blanket for our bed before next winter if possible.
Regards Wendy

Lorraine Graham

Hi Lucy
I absolutely love this blanket! I have a friend who has asked me to make one for her Mum's 70th and she has asked for the colours similar to those that Ellie used. I guess you'll know what's coming next..... any chance you could spill on the yarn and colours? Thanks You in advance.
Lorraine Graham

(Ellie has chosen to mix shades of purple and mauve with some lovely subtle, natural colours..)


will you be doing a copy of the basic pattern and colour list without the tutorial as I want to finish my coast blanket before I start a new one, I have the moorland pack ready to go now, don't want to print 42 pages to get started, thanks


I am going to order the pack for the moorland neat wave as I am going on holiday , will do so when get back but I did try to get a copy of the pattern. and it was spitting out 42 pages, all the comments. could you possibly e mail me the pattern .I am experience in crochet done a few of your blankets.and would love to have a go at this one. I missed out on your blog owing to be away regards Margaret ,

Yvonne O Sullivan

My blanket is coming out at 110 cms wide. Should I shorten the finished length?

Bev. Crawford

Would it be possible to get a hard copy of pattern for the Moorland blanket I was given the wool as a Christmas gift
My address is
Bev Crawford
3/9 Leyton Street
Speers Point. 2284. Nsw Aust

Thank you
I have made two of your blankets in the past and was very happy

Barbara Bryden.

I am following your tutorial but wonder if you are going to eventually print a copy of instruction. My neighbour has made several of your blankets but hasn't got the internet so won't be able to make this one.
Thanks for all your lovely ideas and blog about the area I was brought up in.

Liz gibson

Happy to have started this project. On row 10 after a bumpy start. Looking gorgeous. Good luck to everyone taking part

melanie kingswell

OK am sat here with yarn pack and hook at the ready. Where is the CAL please ?????


Hook at the ready, can't wait to start

Marie martin

Hi, also passionately waiting, hook ready to go, I wonder what time

Diana Lindoff

A little to start. Just made my first color Pack order and first time with UK yarn/wool.

Can't wait to start. I originally thought this was my ancestral moors of Scotland. But that's okay. These Moorland Heather's are beautiful.

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