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November 21, 2016


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Angela-Southern USA

Yes, don't be surprised if one day you find Tilly perched in the Christmas tree. A friend had a pet squirrel once and she woke to find said squirrel had made a nest in hers from all the lights and garland! Love the bulbs, must look for some myself. Have a great day! x


I'm thinking puppy + Christmas tree = disaster
Hope you leg heals quickly
Your home looks so cosy with the roaring fire I think I may come back to this happy things post a lot so thanks for sharing

Debbie, Essex

Oh Lucy, such lovely images and cosiness (sorry about your injury but glad you managed to take advantage of it ;) )

Your blog is the cosiest place on the internet and i LOVE visiting!!!!

Have just printed off the Little Lady's recipe - thank you for sharing x



Can't wait to try rummy looking bun😊


I showed DH the photos and recipe for the Finnish plait, immediately he said, ooh, I want to make that. Recipe printed out, on fridge, think it will be done today whilst I continue with knitting and crochet projects.

Katja Alt

Dear Lucy,
do you have a tutorial for that beautiful bunting you made which is above your fire place?

I am really looking forward the new cal in January.
Enjoy your week.


So sorry to hear of your fall! But delighted to hear how you made it to feel cosy and comfortable healing process.

I am so proud that a Finnish receipe has ended up to your kitchen and into the Attic24 blog. Actually the spice that we most often use there is cardamom.

My CAL package is on it´s way. Love looking forward to the CAL!


Feel positive about the cat and the Christmas tree and be thankful you haven't a very small child as well!!!! Love the fruit plait.


We will have to try the fruit plait, too.
So much warmth and light in this post.


I really enjoyed looking at your favourite/happy things and with your permission I am going to do the same but things to be thankful for.
Sorry you have taken a tumble.
You can train your kitty not to touch the tree I have two cats and they remember each year they are not allowed to touch it so just sit under it.

Anne at Shintangle Studio

I never thought there was anything missing from your cosy blanket photos until I saw the one of Tilly on your daughter's lap: of course, I thought, the cat is the perfect finishing touch. Your photo of leaves gave me a pang: my dad died on Saturday but a week ago I got him outside in his wheelchair and we gathered and admired gorgeous autumnal leaves as we walked along the street. They really are worth stopping and gaping at, those beautiful leaves. I took some comfort from your cheerful, colourful cosiness today. Thanks.


Christmas trees and kitties can be a problem -- but so can open fireplaces and kitties. You may want to get a grate.


Thank you Lucy for a lovely blog do hope you feel better soon xx message for Leah hot water bottles are so comforting warm and squishy and dressed in a lovely cover so cuddly ! Love Jenny xx

Teresa Kasner

First I'm sorry you took a fall and hope you're all better very fast. Maybe fate wanted you to slow down and spend a day by the fire with your darlings, a kitty and a glossy mag. We had cats and xmas trees and never had much of a problem.. hopefully she won't try to mess with your hyacinth. She's a doll. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Winwick Mum

It's probably safer not to go out at all if you're falling about the place! Glad you're OK - kitty cats, toastie loaves and snuggly blankets are always just what the doctor ordered xx


Bread looks yummy, We have 3 children, 7 grandchildren and the only Christmas tree that was turned over was when the cat tried to climb it. Good luck with the cat. Love your fireplace, it looks so cosey and warm. Still working on my king size coast blanket. Have 3 packs of yarns from Woolwarehouse. I was afraid that I would run out. So very sorry about your fall.

Ellen D.

your blankets are beautiful! Love the many colors! What a talent you have! Take good care of yourself as you recover!


We'll Lucy great minds think alike! I took a tumble Saturday night as well! Bungled knees pulled muscles and I am back on the walker! I am so relieved bot of us managed to get by with relatively minor injuries. I am really enjoying your posts and I am looking forward to the CAL. Not sure if I can manage to order the yarn but maybe able to get some at the thrift store. As always your positivity is refreshing. I have a question tho. Is there a reason that people on your side of the pond use hot water bottles instead of heating pads? Inquiring minds want to know!

Paula Keeney

I love, Love, LOVE your blog posts and patterns and photos! You are such an inspiration to me, and I just wanted to say "thank you" so much for keeping me wanting to crochet more and more. Am jealous of the fact that you live in the lovely country of England, since I live in the States. My husband was born in England, and we're hoping ever so much to travel there someday. Again, thank you for your time and creativity and love of all things Colorful!! - Paula Keeney, Dayton, Ohio, USA

Anne Dearle

Lovely post Lucy. Nothing like the smell of bread/fruit loaf cooking in the oven. Cherish the time with your children - it doesn't take long and they are on their own way. I love your blog and enjoy your adventures, except when you fell. Hope your knees recover soon.

Annie C

Wow!!! This blog post is simply everything wonderful!! Thanks for the lovely distraction, Lucy!

Lonormi Manuel

Thank you for sharing these "favorite things". I needed a dose of happy today!

Jackie Farrow

Sorry about the mistakes in the last comments, iPad changing my words since I did a up grade.

Jackie Farrow

I feel for you falling over. Before having our holiday in UK where I still remember and will always meeting you I fell over landing on both knees. All I could think of was this is not stopping me getting on that plane. Towards the end of the holiday we were in Coenwall and I believe to this day one of those Cirnish Pixies tripped me up (true be known I didn't see the pothole) down I went just one knew this time. So at the moment back home in Australia can't wear shorts as I don't have nice looking knees. I would much rather be wrapped in one of your lovely blankets.

Karen (Comfy Marmalade)

Beautiful colours, lovely and warming as I sit here with the wind howling and the rain pelting at our living room window, thanks Lucy! Might have to make that plait tomorrow, it looks so tasty. And I too am a porridge fan at this time of the year - sultanas, almond milk and honey in mine, I love it. Stay warm and cosy! Xx

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